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Market Potential for Electronic Systems in India

Discuss Market Potential for Electronic Systems in India within the Marketing Management ( RM , IM ) forums, part of the Resolve Your Query - Get Help and discuss Projects category; The market potential for ‘Electronic Security Systems’ in India We strongly believe that there is immense market potential for an ...



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Market Potential for Electronic Systems in India
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Sunanda K. Chavan
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Market Potential for Electronic Systems in India - September 15th, 2010

The market potential for ‘Electronic Security Systems’ in India

We strongly believe that there is immense market potential for an electronic home security system in India; Primarily in Urban India, in the SEC-A households.

Many people living in urban areas, in their own individual houses and bungalows, face a threat from frequent burglaries. Even apartment blocks and complexes are not being spared by burglars. We hear stories of burglaries happening in almost all the upper-class areas of metropolitan cities across India, almost every other day.

The whole nation is experiencing this phenomenon of ‘White Goods, Cash and Jewellery Thefts’. The traditional lock and key systems fail to prevent such thefts. According to a report by a private research agency, it takes just about a minute to break a ‘Godrej Nav-Tal’. Also, most security guards are either ill-equipped or not trained enough to deal with burglaries.

An electronic security system ensures immediate alerts to the police and other concerned agencies, neighbours, etc., when a burglar enters the house. Further a high-end system with cameras, can record the events taking place in the absence of the owners of the house.

These recordings can later be used to track the burglars. Electronic Security systems are the future of the conventional lock and keys. They are not a substitute to security guards. They are just add-ons which will help in making homes more secure and safe.

Why Argus ?

The brand name is derived from Argus (or Argos) which was a monster in Greek mythology. He was famous in legend for having many eyes. With his multiple sets of eyes, he could see nearly everything in his vicinity. And indeed, with his keen vision, Argus was regarded as an almost perfect mythological guard creature.

As a brand Argus aims at providing 100% security and safety to its clientele along with a promise of 100% quality this is its soul. Argus also aims to project its self as a brand that cares for the public welfare. This translates into Argus setting aside a certain percentage of its annual profits and donating them to charitable purposes such as building homes for the deaf etc.

As a brand Argus will always focus on security related products and focus on its core competency on providing 100% safety. This could mean that Argus may shift form its current line of security products in the future and experiment by launching personal safety products in the market such as tasser guns and pepper sprays safes for houses etc.

Argus aims at providing highly sophisticated anti theft technology which is not only easy to use and install but are also easily available. Argus security systems will be available as composite packages which can be bought off the shelf and installed by the home user.

The basic security system packages do not need an in-depth technological background for the home user to set up Argus provides peace of mind to the customer, the security systems guarantee a high degree of efficiency and quality with its proclaimed mission statement of “Nothing gets past us!” Argus also addresses the problem that security systems are usually eyesores and comes out with a range of sleek products.

Argus ensures high quality security systems and is willing to put its money where its mouth is by ensuring 100% security.

The company assures to re -imburse the client if the security system fails to sound when an intruder breaks in. However there are a number of conditions that apply including the fact that the client needs to have total security coverage by the systems sensors.

Argus believes in a small range of security products as the power of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope. We at Argus do not believe that a broad line of products to increase sales in the short run is more viable as it undermines the band name in the long run.

Instead Argus believes in narrowing its focus and aims at catering to the core competency of providing quality safety. This translates into paying more detail into the availability of the product and the services offered combined with the actual physical quality of the product (in terms of getting the job done.)

Argus has two potential target audiences – builders of bungalows and housing complexes and upper class (SEC A) families, couples and single residents of flats and bungalows.

Builders are considered to be a potential target audience as they incorporate these security systems in upcoming high rises and bungalows. This would mean that the design of the flat can be tailored to the range of the security systems thus providing for a flat with the optimum use of the security package and thus an un- penetrate-able house.

Argus plans to build itself as the premier security system brand in India. This will be achieved by giving the public a user friendly, fool proof security system.

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