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Commercialization of culture

Commercialization of culture

Discuss Commercialization of culture within the Introduction to Culture Studies forums, part of the BMM Paradise for Bachelors in Mass Media category; Commercialization of culture Commercialization, as a process can be defined as introducing a new product in the market which has ...



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Commercialization of culture
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Sunanda K. Chavan
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Commercialization of culture - September 14th, 2010

Commercialization of culture

Commercialization, as a process can be defined as introducing a new product in the market which has previously been protested. Commercialization is the actual

launch of the new product which is the final stage of the new product development process.

Advertisements, mass production, sacrificing quality for time and quantity, the desire for bigger and better, these are the problems of commercialism.

Commercialism has been advancing nearly unnoticed by most consumers even since Babylonian times. But, what makes it harmful enough to be explained in a paper?

Every day we sit in our homes desiring goods and services that we do not need or may not even want, and discussing issues that have little or no importance to

our lives other than to make small talk. Every day we work hard to buy stuff that is better or at least equal to what society considers normal. We are fashioning

ourselves to be boringly equal cogs in one giant corporate machine, and in turn, are losing our culture to business and propaganda. When a new "hipper" culture

appears, commercialists explode the culture across our country like a plague. What average adult would not know what a skateboard is, what reggae music is, or

what Middle East tension is? We have all been commercialized by the news.
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