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Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. has been pioneers in this revolutionary concept of Franchisee Model having achieved resounding success in the middle tier steel segment on regional front.

After studying the market trends and identifying the companies manufacturing steel products, Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. offers them its’ brand name and assists in technology, quality consistency and marketing of Kamdhenu brand of products.

This mode of concept serves dual purpose. The franchisee units benefit a lot by availing Kamdhenu’s brand premium and strong marketing network. While Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. benefits from the royalty that gets from these franchisees for using its brand name.

The model also gives a unique identity to the franchisee units and helps them in leveraging their level of operations and quality to sustain well amidst rising competition in the steel sector.
And ultimately it also benefits the customer, who gains the most by getting top quality products at the most effective prices.
The new Franchisee Model adopted by Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. is really changing the way its’ partners do business regionally. The trusted name of Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. is spelling a new tale of success by leveraging their facilities to perform on a far improved level and thus bringing in more productivity in their day-to-day operations.

This alliance provides the franchisee units with Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. expertise and experience for an efficient business.

A ready platform in the niche market giving a facelift to this unorganised sector/new enterprises.

Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. brand leverage to the franchisee units is also immense.

It also gives them access to Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. nationwide marketing network.

They can avail Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd quality assurance and technological expertise.

They also get assistance of Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. centralised promotion support.

Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. wider presence helps them an easy & fast availability of bank funding.

While the Franchisees gain a lot from the Franchisee Model, Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. on the other hand also benefits in terms of increased brand presence, increased income earned from Loyalty and also a wider distribution network that eases stocking at regional centres.

More franchisee units result in increasing of market share and improvement of brand equity without investing in manufacturing activity, for Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd.

The franchisee units also ensure quick delivery of products to the consumers.

Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. is also benefited by efficient handling of large volumes, which ultimately adds to its’ bargaining power.

Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. has a better brand presence due to easy availability of product in all parts of the country.

Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. profitability increases as revenues enhance from royalty earned from franchisee units.

Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. also enjoys more savings on transportation costs and faster product delivery due to decentralised manufacturing network.

The stockyard model adopted by Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. is also a step towards achieving more de-centralization in its’ daily activities. By initiating direct marketing policy of setting up stockyards at various strategic locations, Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. has led to easy availability of goods throughout the country.

Efficient mobility of products between the production units and market is the prime motive of Kamdhenu behind setting up stock yards across the Entire country. Kamdhenu’s strategically placed stockyards help its’ corporate clients/institutions in improving their inventory control due to fast delivery at site in minimum time. Controlled by our centralized marketing mechanism, Kamdhenu’s stockyards have proved beneficial to its’ long list of corporate clients/institutions.


North Zone

1. Jhelum Industries Steel Bars J & K J & K
2. Mahajan Construction Company Homz J & K Jammu
3. Radiant Steels Steel Bars H.P H.P
4. HIM Alloys & Steels (P) Ltd. Steel Bars H.P H.P
5. Vardhman Adarsh Ispat (P) Ltd. Steel Bars Punjab Punjab
6. Aar Kay Industries Steel Bars Punjab Punjab
7. Shri Ambica Alloys Structural Steel Punjab Punjab
8. A.K. Steel, MGG Steel Bars Punjab Punjab
9. Focus Infrastructure Homz Punjab Punjab
10. Shri Bankey Bihari Ispat (P) Ltd. Steel Bars Uttarakhand Uttarakhand
11. Advance Impex (P) Ltd. Steel Bars Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
12. Prahlad Ispat (P) Ltd. Steel Bars Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
13. Radhey Radhey Ispat (P) Ltd. Steel Bars Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
14. Grover Steel Rolling Mills Steel Bars Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
15. Kalandi Building Systems (P) Ltd. UPVC Haryana North India
16. Maruti Nandan Rolling Mills (P) Ltd. Steel Bars Nepal Nepal

East Zone

1. Raika Ispat Udyog (P) Ltd. Wire Bond Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh
2. Lingraj Steel & Power (P) Ltd. Steel Bars Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh & M.P.
3. Dadiji Steel Ltd. Steel Bars Bihar Bihar
4. Banke Bihari Steel Wire Bond Bihar Bihar
5. Bhawani Ferrous (P) Limited Steel Bars Jharkhand Jharkhand
6. Alaknanda Sponge & Iron (P) Limited Steel Bars West Bengal West Bengal
7. Meghalaya Steels Ltd. Steel Bars Assam Northeast
8. Bajrang Ispat (P) Ltd. Steel Bars Assam Northeast
9. Griha Shakti Steel (P) Ltd. Steel Bars Assam Assam

West Zone

1. Ashiana Ispat Ltd. Steel Bars Rajasthan Haryana, Rajasthan
2. Raghuveer Metal &Industries Ltd. Steel Bars Rajasthan Rajasthan
3. Aashiana Rolling Mills Ltd. Steel Bars Gujarat Gujarat
4. Saran Ispat (P) Ltd. Steel Bars Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh
5. Khatushyamji Re-rolling (Nanded) Pvt. Ltd. Steel Bars Maharashtra Maharashtra
6. Venus Rolling Mills (P) Ltd. Structural Steel Maharashtra Maharashtra
7. Kunal Ispat & Allied Industries Ltd. Steel Bars Maharashtra Maharashtra
8. Suraj Polymers PVC Pipes Maharashtra Maharashtra

South Zone

1. Binju Metals & Alloys Industries Pvt. Ltd. Steel Bars Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh
2. Sanjay Alloys (P) Ltd. Steel Bars Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh
3. Kundil Ispat Ltd. Steel Bars Goa Karnataka, South Maharashtra
4. Kundil Rolling Mills (P) Ltd. Steel Bars Goa Karnataka, South Maharashtra
5. DDS Rolling Mills Pvt Ltd. Steel Bars Tamil Naidu Chennai
6. Premiem Ferro Alloys Ltd. Steel Bars Kerala Kerala

Company owned Plant
A-1114, RIICO Industrial Area, Phase-III, Bhiwadi-301019 (Rajasthan)
Ph. : 01493-220913, 221753 Fax : 01493-223162

Kamdhenu Ispat Limited prides in its highly efficient marketing team with innovative and out of the box ideas to think ahead of the time and turn challenges into opportunities.

The company has its centralized marketing office at Gurgaon backed with a committed chain of over 2500 dealers and distributors spread across the entire country.

The company has been consistently creating better brand awareness of its products, which now enjoy a comprehensive reach across the country.

Kamdhenu’s focussed marketing strategies have catapulted it to enjoy a price premium for ‘Kamdhenu’ brand products over non-branded products in the market.
In line with its philosophy to have a well oiled and informed marketing network, the company publishes in-house news journal – ‘Ispat Sandesh’, both in Hindi & English for binding the Kamdhenu fraternity into a family.

The Industry is passing through a phase of optimism and considerable growth in the steel sector globally. This is mainly caused by a steady rise in steel demand due to the boom in construction business across the entire Asian region.
According to research studies, this global demand for steel will continue to rise in the coming decade with Asian countries and especially China leading the way.
The emerging economies around the world are supposed to contribute a major chunk of more than 70 % of the total global steel demand by the year 2020.
While this trend in reversing in developed countries, which have reached a stage of saturation. Hence their share in the global steel demand is expected to be around 40%.
India along with China are seen as the major contributing factors in the growth of construction business and consequently resulting in the rise of steel consumption and demand in the world..

Indian steel industry is passing through a period of boom since 2002 because of steady rise in steel prices caused by boom in construction business across the entire Asian region.
India has also made a marked progress in increasing its’ share in world steel production of Improving its ranking among global steel producers, India has gained its place from 9th to 7th
The domestic sector is also reflecting a stable trend with the steel industry’s operating margins going up in the financial year 2007-08 as compared to that of year 2006-07.
This upward trend was also visible in a double-digit growth in demand for flatted steel products which was 11 Million tonnes last year to that of 21 Million tonnes in 2007-08.
Similarly, the consumption demand for elongated steel products is also expected to grow by 7.6 percent to 19 Million tonnes during 2007-08

Products of kamdhenu steel


1. HSD Bars
3. SS Bars




Kamdhenu Ispat Limited has quality and technology as prime growth parameters.

Along with high-end Franchisee production units Kamdhenu produces HSD Bars such as TMT and CTD.

Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd., Bhiwadi unit has state-of-the-art Tempcore Technology from CRM, Belgium to produce high quality Kamdhenu TMT bars.

With high ductility Kamdhenu TMT bars are best equipped to resist earthquakes of high impact.

Kamdhenu brand HSD bars are being manufactured by most advanced German technology.

Estimate Weight or Number of Pcs per Bundle
Bar Diameter (mm) Bundle Length (ft) *No of pcs. Weight/Meter (Kgs) * Weight of Bundle(Kgs) Permissible Tolerance(kgs) Bending Diameter
8 36/40 20-18 0.375-0.405 86/86 +2
10 36/40 15-13 0.585-0.620 99/95 +2 3D
12 36/40 10-9 0.860-0.910 97/97 +2 3D
16 40/42 05 1.530-1.600 95/100 +2 3D
20 40/44 03 2.420-2.500 90/99 +1 3D
25 40/44 01 3.775-3.855 47/51 +1 4D
* Number of Pcs & weight of bundles may be differ from state to state

High Strength Deformed Bars (HSD) have high tensile and proof stress, and are being produced by high speed rolling and precision cold twisting.

Features of Kamdhenu HSD Bars

ISO 9001:2000 certified Steel bars manufucturing company with quality norms conforming to international standards.

Production involves world-class high-speed fully automated plants (Rolling time 18 seconds)

Tensile strength of the Kamdhenu Reinforcement bars is 20 percent more than ISI Standards.

Weight per meter is less, compared to other brands (for consumer benefit).

Billets/High quality raw material use for quality product.

Regular distribution and timely supply throughout the year.

Excellent network across India

Strict quality control at each stage of production by the technical staff. Kamdhenu Stamp on each meter length & Kamdhenu strip on each bundle (for security).

Strength of the bars are carefully controlled by optimizing the water pressure for their pearlitic core and tough surface of tempered martensite, thereby providing an optimum strength, ductility and toughness. TMT bars are widely used in general purpose concrete reinforcement structures, bridges and flyovers, dams, thermal and hydel power plants, industrial structures, high-rise buildings, underground platforms in metro railway and rapid transport system. TMT Bars are thermo-mechanically-treated through leading world temp core based technology for high yield strength. The process involves rapid quenching of the hot bars through a series of water jets after they roll out of the last mill stand. The bars are cooled, allowing the core and surface temperatures to equalize. The bar core cools down slowly to turn into a ferrlite-pearlite aggregate. Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd., Bhiwadi unit has been authorized by CRM, Belgium to manufacture Tempcore TMT under licence agreement.
Features of TMT Tempcore Bars
• Enhanced strength combined with high ductility
• Excellent weldability without loss of strength at welded joints
• Better ductility and malleability
• Earthquake resistant
• High thermal resistance
• Significant savings in cost of steel

Kamdhenu TMT
TMT (Thermo Mechanicallly Treated Bars) are the most popular reinforcement bars in the world. Kamdhenu Ispat Group is the largest reinforcement bars manufacturing group in India. The group is manufucturing international quality TMT Fe - 415, 500, 550 bars with best features for construction industry. High speed Latest Technology TMT Grade Fe - 415, 500, 550 has the best strength with better mildness, better corrosion resistance, better bond strength with cement Resistance to fire hazard excellent ductility, higher fatigue strength, easy work ability at site, better results than BIS standards, savings of 14-19% steel, reduction in construction costs.

- Product Specification -
Grades Kamdhenu TMT Grade Fe- 415, Fe - 500, Fe - 550*
Diameter 8,10,12,16,20,25 MM (28 and 32 min. On bulk demand)
Standard Length 5.5 mtrs. To 13 mtrs.

- Certification - Against IS : 1786/85 Grade Fe- 415, Fe -500, Fe- 550 for chemical composition, mechanical properties & dimensional Tolerances, Material can be supplied also as per international standard like DIN 488 - Bst 500. BS 444 Gr. 450 ASTM 615 etc. Or any special requirement of customers.

Steel reinforcement bars

Steel reinforcement bars in RCC are subject to corrosion, especially in coastal areas with high humidity. Stainless Steel bars offer a solution to corrosion in reinforced concrete structures which help achieve a design life of 80 to 120 years. R&D for the manufacture of stainless steel bars has yielded the desired technical parameters.

Features of SS Bars
• Good high and low temperature tensile/ yield strengths to match/ exceed those of carbon steel
• Inherently good corrosion resistance, especially from chlorides in marine environment
• No cathodic protection needed
• High thermal resistance
• Better ductility and bendability
• Significant savings in cost of steel


Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. manufactures structural steel under franchisee arrangement

The company has begun the production of a multitude of special contours such as angles, channels, beams and flats

The product has high strength, high ductility, superior bend-ability, weld-ability and straightness for better fabrication

With lower sectional weight and higher strength technique, these products are highly cost-effective and save steel

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