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Divinity, Dharmic Leadership, Holistic approach to personality

Discuss Divinity, Dharmic Leadership, Holistic approach to personality within the Indian Management Thoughts and Practices forums, part of the Resolve Your Query - Get Help and discuss Projects category; Holistic approach to Personality Ancient Greek and Indian wisdom and insight considered the human individual, a unique living entity having ...



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Divinity, Dharmic Leadership, Holistic approach to personality
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Sunanda K. Chavan
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Divinity, Dharmic Leadership, Holistic approach to personality - September 3rd, 2010

Holistic approach to Personality

Ancient Greek and Indian wisdom and insight considered the human individual, a unique living entity having self-consciousness and human self a complex of body, mind, heart, intellect and spirit or soul. We have to pay equal attention to all the aspects of human personality and consider him as a whole or complete being, having practically unlimited potential energy and power to develop himself and acquire perfection so that he can enjoy all round internal and external harmony and progress. This is called holistic approach in self management and management of any enterprise as well.

Dharmic Leadership

Dharmic Leadership at Work

In business organisation Dharmic Leadership means the torchbearers as to the ethical practices to be followed by the subordinate. Dharmic leadership involves placing the satisfaction of employees as a key goal and developing company policies and processes around it. It involves creating an opportunity for employees to excel by taking the time to place the best people for the job.

Based on love and a desire to uplift the quality of life for all, such leadership fully empowers individuals. Employees have an opportunity to not merely pursue economic gain, but to also contribute meaningfully from the depths of their being to the organization’s success.

The new generations of leaders are not satisfied with wealth creation alone. The new leader is wealthy, balanced and wise. She is not a slave to technology but masters it to enhance the quality of life. She practices the fundamental formula:

The new leader seeks and promotes balance as a practical weapon to improve the bottom line, enhance material prosperity and increase the speed of innovation over the long haul. Creating an environment that promotes balance will result in more productive, fulfilling, loyal employees.

Our industry has several inspiring examples of leaders (and entrepreneurs) who have created great wealth and opportunity, but we do not have many visible examples of leaders who have done this with balance at a personal and organizational level. This doesn’t mean, however, there can’t or won’t be, soon. Already, there are many such visionaries in some not-yet-visible companies. For many long-suffering employees, it cannot be soon enough.


This Awareness wishes to promote the spherical concept of Divinity in which the entire sphere is filled with the Mind of God, the Consciousness of God, and It Is everywhere; that entities need only to open themselves to be One with God through surrendering to that vibration of frequency of the highest, and this Awareness sees this as being a much easier concept to grasp, eliminating much of the extreme struggle of climbing a pyramid, of climbing through the Ascended Masters, trying to work your way up to be One with God.

This Awareness indicates that many entities in the world do not have a clear understanding of their relationship with God, and many of these entities want to be helped by someone whom they feel is closer to God than they are, and they see these hierarchical beings as being above them, able to lift them, able to help them rise above their own status or stature to become a little better than they are, and this, for these entities, gives them hope, and they feel that they can improve, even if they cannot be One with God. They feel that this improvement is possible, and this is the extent of their belief.
Some entities cannot conceive of moving fast on the spiritual path.

They are very grateful to have a priest or someone, a higher being, an Ascended Master that they can reach for to help them become better persons, and this Awareness indicates in this way, yes, they can benefit from this, but this Awareness also suggests that the Ascended Masters approach can become a burden and a hindrance compared to retraining the entity to think in a different way; not to think of climbing a ladder or climbing the rungs of spiritual development so much as giving oneself totally to the Divine Consciousness that is everywhere present.

If one can learn to surrender self to God, all the climbing, all the Ascended Masters, all the work of becoming a better person through your effort and struggle becomes meaningless. The total surrender itself is a single act that can be of great significance in reaching higher levels of spiritual energy and evolution.

This Awareness indicates that once one has totally surrendered to God, it is then only a matter of continuing your surrender so that you live in a state of surrendering to the Divine from moment to moment. You are constantly surrendered to the Divine.

This Awareness indicates there are some entities that cannot perceive of this action, and for them, the struggle is more real, and they may take the path of the hierarchical approach.
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