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kartik July 25th, 2006 05:20 PM

My College Rocks !!
Hi guys,

Get 50 points to tell us about your college.

NO COPY PASTE of stuff from other sites. We will Give (-) points if its COPY PASTE.

The college can be a BMS or a MBA colg. Even Bcom colleges will be considered :)

So what are you waiting for.. Start replying in this thread and good reviews get from 2 - 50 points, depending on the quality of the review.

deya July 25th, 2006 05:50 PM

Re: My College Rocks !!
Ok Kartik let me start......
I am doing my BMS from Rizvi college, Bandra. The college has got 2 buildings:-
1. consisting of 11th,12th-sci,comm, arts., B'com,B.A,Bsc., BMS & BMM.
2. consists of Springfield school, Hotel management, MMS, ENgg, fasion designing, etc.

Since I am doing BMS I will give you some brief about BMS in Rizvi colg:-

1) Facuilty:- The CO-ordinators are Sameer Charaniya, Anand Deshpande & for BMM its Sarah maam. Both Sameer sir n Anand sir are quite helpful to students and generally help us n talk to us.
The profs which come to teach i will honestly rate them B+. Some are really good profs. like Nikhil Rao for SSM(service sector management), Cryus Gonda for HRM(human resouce management), Thakur Sir for FM(financial management) etc are some of the good facuilty members.

2.Students Quality:- Well students quality can be also graded b+. Most students don't have intrest in actually doing something. But then there are always such elements in college. We have a little more.

3.Extra Ciricular Activities:-Sports in our college is the only thing which is played with dedication. Specially FOOTBALL. I am not sure if college gives any facilities for the same for BMS, because all my friends used to plan and practice on their own in some ground in bandra. The college doesnt have any FEST as such, which is a major draw-back. We students have tried everything to convince the co-ordinators about the importance of this FEST, but in vain. We are offcourse allowed to participate in other college FESTS. But always have being deprived of organising 1.
The attendence in such matters are NOT concidered imparially. Only teachers pets get away with attendence.

4.Other Facilities:-The classrooms are medium sized with big windows which over look da sea. Due to this its v airy all the time. There is no A.Cz in the classrooms. The seating arrangements in class is wooden benches used in school. Board n chacks are available. A laptop n LSD is also available for facuilties for teahing n also for us to give presentations but only for 3rd year students. Libraray is also fine, and most common books are available in average stock. All newspapers and some journals are also available. There is 1 computer room too, which 50% times is closed for God knows what reason, if if its open, the PCz are all effected by virus or no internet available most of the times. V patetic condition. The conference room is fully air-conditioned and is generally used for extra guest lectures. Canteen is also fine, with veg n non-veg food available. there was a canteen in the 6th floor and also in ground floor. But these days the 6th floor canteen is closed. N the most major problem is that of toilet, which is in pathetic conditions most of the times.

For the BMM section I can say, they have a v strong faculity, and the college has a record of 100% result till date in BMM.

On the whole the college is an average college, with huge potential. I am saying that because, there is a lot of air for improvment n this in turn can get a gud reputation for the college.
P.S:- The above information is completely on my personal view basis. So if anyone has better knowledge can always correct me.

kartik July 25th, 2006 05:55 PM

Re: My College Rocks !!
Gave 40 points to deya :)

You have set an example for the rest to give reviews

Thanks ...

nehasharmabms July 26th, 2006 03:45 PM

Re: My College Rocks !!
ok my college too rocks
i come from Ghanshyamdas Saraf college
its a vast institute it covers all aspects of education right from nurcery to MBA the school is divided into two sections ENGLISH MEDIUM AND HINDI MEDIUM it has also began with ICSE
Firstly Jounier college
then comming to degree college we have got B.M.S B.M.M B.C.B.I
AND NOW LAST YEAR OUR COLLEGE HAS JOINED UP WITH Skkim manipal institute ogf M.B.A it offers mba degree to students at a very nominal fees and also gurantees 100% placement to students more over we even have in our college with very good faculty so frnds my college takes care of all their students ambition and even opens part time courses like jelwery dezining, fashion dezning etc and some time language cources like(french,german) etc
so u c frnds my coll rocks

kartik July 26th, 2006 06:12 PM

Re: My College Rocks !!
20 points for that review :) ... Guyz make sure you write a detailed review about your college and faculty and how satisfied you are with your college.

POOJA23 July 26th, 2006 07:02 PM

Re: My College Rocks !!
hi guyz i m from ROYAL COLLEGE MIRA college rocks....
i wil offer my views by giving marks n max marks wil b 10 ok...1)discipline---10,
(2)attendence-10,(3)education-10,FEST---10,(4)students--10,(5)Teaching n non teaching staff-10,...........EVERYONE N EVERYTHING OF MY COLLEGE IS "THE BEST"

nehasharmabms July 26th, 2006 09:27 PM

Re: My College Rocks !!
hey pooja i guees u havent understood the concept u need to explain us about royal coll what corses does it provide what kind of faculty do u have nd stuufs like that

MAXDROIT July 26th, 2006 09:27 PM

Re: My College Rocks !!
well thts a very big question :- to describe my college?

ok....well im was from SMT C.H.M COLLEGE located in ULHASNAGAR......IT IS UNDER THE BOARD OF is one of the best college in MUMBAI UNIV.........

smt.C.H.M college.......has the almost all the courses provided by the MUMBAI UNIV. whch ranges frm normal degree courses to various professional couses with also offein master's degree.....

the college has 4 buildings located in vast campus (cant rcall the area , but it is one of the bigest campus in MUMBAI UNIV)......

the main buildin for 11th , 12th, and degree courses, another one for pharmacy, third one for DIPLOMA IN ENGG....and the fourth one thts the new one....for management cours

now abt B.M.S.....

WELL faculty was good upto one extent......thr were som of the best professors teachin us.....but sadly thy hav left the college....

well my batch was the best batch in history of we had a very good co-ordinator Mr.AKHIL MISHRA. he was really a good co-ordinator with excellent leadership skills and very good teacher in FINANCE.....

talkin abt students well 50% of students were sindhis (well as it is a college made for sindhis , the resevaion is jsutified), students were good with all aspect....mean bleand of everythng....

our college gives gr8 importance for sports......while i was in college........our batch had very good team of sportsperson......A VERY GOOD TEAM FOR ALOMOST EACH GAMES LIKE HANDBALL, BALL-BADMINTON, BADMINTON, HOCKEY ......and this goes with proof of our college standins in the UNIV......we were in top three for almost all the events.....

well infrastructure is not upto mark of some other college (but takin into account the 26/7 diluge if last year , and college sufferin loss of around 2 corores) the college has done pretty good with providin us facilities.....

we had one of the best libraies in the MUMBAI UNIV .........but everythng was ruined b'coz of floods......

and last but not least we hav one of the most prolific principle Mr.DINESH PANJWANI..he has chngd the college very much since he took chrge.....

u might thnk im boastin abt my college i mis it very much...i used to ignore it while i wasin college but i now i know wht i hav gained frm i....most importantly i gained very good frnds........


kartik July 26th, 2006 09:32 PM

Re: My College Rocks !!
40 points for Maxy :) ... Put it as much info as you can in the review guys

MAXDROIT July 26th, 2006 10:23 PM

Re: My College Rocks !!

Originally Posted by kartik
40 points for Maxy :) ... Put it as much info as you can in the review guys

arey isse jyda kya likhoo......haath dard karne lag gaye....aur sirf 40 points......aisa karega toh 1000 points kaise honge........:SugarwareZ-254:

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