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My College Rocks !!

My College Rocks !!

Discuss My College Rocks !! within the Indian B schools, College Zone and Campus Talks forums, part of the Management Students Voices ( MBA,BMS,MMS,BMM,BBA) category; hi well i supose 50 pts will b too short to state my college i m in sybms in singh ...



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Re: My College Rocks !!
Ayush Jaiswal
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Re: My College Rocks !! - July 31st, 2008

well i supose 50 pts will b too short to state my college
i m in sybms in singh bandra (e)
last yr in only 6mths i saw remarkable change in me
where i could not speak a word now i m the one every1 knows all thanks 2 my teachers co-ordinator samrudhi mam ,sandeep sir & all other teacher
infra is not all i want ,its the teacher
we have our own commity 4 college
we hve jr college than there is IT,BMS,BMM,,special course of tax &last but not least Tourism .
our teacher trust on us that y we hve give respo. organise event,seminar,special talk
our college keeps on inventing new thing like food fair in which eyer one can enter,then there is a small business which has 2 b started in group investing a little money & take all the profit good for bms, we also hve yoga class for mental relax,the best part of the college is my cafe. it is totaly in a open ground i luv it it kool 2 see in morning.
we have a university activity call extension work
all thanx 2 our prience mam who was principal of our college

k now my hands will start paining cause there is still so much
this waas just a drop of ocean "picture abhi baki hai mere dost"
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Re: My College Rocks !!
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Re: My College Rocks !! - August 26th, 2008

hey maxy m too from chm college ...n i absolutely agree wid u whatever u said ...

n i also want to add up at our college always ranks first or second in international ball badminton ... n many students actively participate in sports and extra cirricular activities
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Re: My College Rocks !!
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Re: My College Rocks !! - August 30th, 2008

Keiser University. Fort lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A
I am a student of this university for my M.B.A. Great facility and well qualified faculty from the real experience in their own fields. All rich and posh
of America every where. My friends are very nice. More information
write to me

email id not allowed

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Re: My College Rocks !!
avi_jainism is an unknown quantity at this point
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Re: My College Rocks !! - September 11th, 2008

hi i m in sies it rocks bcoz of its campus, students and faculty...... its the best in mumbai
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Re: My College Rocks !!
panikal is on a distinguished road
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Re: My College Rocks !! - September 13th, 2008

hey i am from royal college miraroad
i am doin my bachelors of mgmt coure from royal college
our college deals with teachin science commerce and arts
now fromlast 8 years it has started management also as one of its main subjects of teaching
our department head is miss renu kandelwal
i miss rima puri who left us last year due to some reasons
all good teachers leave our faculty i donno why may be because college facility or pressure from others
lot of politics affecting quality of work

swot analysis of royal college
1.the college is a well known institute and has good reputation in terms of discipline
2. its give a lot of importance to attendance and takes strict actions against defaulters
there fore u can see that most classes are full when teachers are there
that is bunkin lecture rate is quite less or almost absent
3.teachers are very dedicated to their profession that is teachin the come regularly and give good notes to their students.
4.royal has a dress code in which it boosts indian culture
5. its give a ot of problem to academics and competitions related to academics like debates and extempores and all even on an intercollegiate level
6. teachers are willin to help students whenevr they have doubts
7. students spend a lot of time after college for recreational purposes associations are great especially the english literary associaton ,nature club,maths club.
8. college gets almost 100 percent pass rate in graduation board exams and lots of students score in distinctions and merit list.

1. it has bad infrastructure from outside the college looks clean and good but when u visit some class rooms u will know why i am sayin this
walls are not painted chuna comes off it , water marks on wall , fans dont work well
2. the av room is always busy and the 106 room for college presentation has a computer system which always backfires and gives us dhoka.
3. demotivated students
i say this becoz i have seen my freinds attendence is compulsory so some students attend lecture just for the attendence, teachers focus to much on discipline, very little freedom of expression, if students have any problem wid college stuff a lot of time is wasted in the chain of command, students cant wear modern outfits,.
the majordemotivator is one unique system in which if in the mornin u come later than te prayer at 7.15am then the vigilance body members along wid the pune take ur i cards not only that they also make us wait at the gate for 20 minutes so that we cant attend lectures and to top it all to collect ur i cards u have to visit principle during our precious recess and get our i cards.. how mean is this rule.
4. even pne have the power to take i cards who are not at all su[pportive to students.
5. some teachers dont even seem qualified to teach(( no names to mention but u'll know when u join this college) importance given to sports the campus has a volley ball court which is full of muck during rains, same goes for basket ball court..
not only that winners of fports competitions are rarely appreciated by principle sirs i am tellin this from the expeirence of my freinds.
7. stinky bathrooms
8. no quality facilities everythin is given to us just as a favour to us.
9. high cut offs for addmissin.

1.introduction of new courses like banking and insurance audio visual room only for degree college.
3.rennovatin of bathrooms and infrastructure a new canteen is also being constructed.
4. finally some quality professors are bein appointed
5. rules are gettin looser so students are feelin motivated.
7. introduction of yoga classes for second year student as a compulsion and free of cost
and also drawin , cookin mehendi classes are provided at a minimal cost.

suprisingly even after so many problems
the college is still able to function well i dont know how, even though the cut offs are gettin higher ,student still flock the premises for admission.
suprisingly i dont see that the college has threats cause it is unique in its own way and has a aura of its own.
which is understood only after expeirence.

with this i conclude that thought my college has lots of problem and all i still personally feel that it has huge potential to gain reputation all it has to do is listen more to students plight and recruit good staff.
finally i say u should visit our college atleast once to know wat i am sayin.
from a royal college student.
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Re: My College Rocks !!
panikal is on a distinguished road
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Re: My College Rocks !! - September 13th, 2008

[IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\Home\Desktop[/IMG]
some photos
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Re: My College Rocks !!
Kartik Raichura
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Re: My College Rocks !! - September 14th, 2008

Nice review at panikal . SWOT analysis of royal college mira road

You're talking like an mba student already

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Re: My College Rocks !!
Chirag Pahuja
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Smile Re: My College Rocks !! - September 15th, 2008

My college is ICFAI Business School, Bangalore
It is recently ranked as 22 amongst top 50 private B-Schools of India by mint survey.
Our campus is situated on Kanakpura Road, Bangalore which is near to main areas of the city such as Jaynagar and Koramangala.

Our faculties are all well qualified with industry experience also, but yes not all faculties are good on delivery but this is the situation with every campus.

One thing in which our college lacks is the infrastructure, the reason being our campus has been shifted here last year only and it is again to be shifted to a new place in the future. So being new to the place, we are still getting up with the infrastructure.

Our college has a bit high fees as compared to other institutes.
The fees is 6.5 lacs which includes a laptop and study material.

Our campus placement is 100% with average salary package somewhere between 4-5 lacs.

Our selection process is centralised. Headoffice is at Hyderabad i.e. ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad.

For selection process one has to sit in the written examination held in november-december every year. Then there is presentation on topics provided before. Then there is interview. The overall performance is aggregated and campus is alloted accordingly. Whole process is held at Hyderabad.

Our College also provides SAP which is Stipendary Assignment Program, in which students can work part time for ICFAI and earn a good money.

There are various scholarships for top performers in every semester.

There are preparatory classes before the start of session. These classes are of about one month duration.

We organise various fests such as Manthan (Management fest - intra college), Tarkash (Management fest - inter college), Art Beat (Cultural Event), Festival celebration, etc.
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Re: My College Rocks !!
chrispy_chap is an unknown quantity at this point
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Re: My College Rocks !! - September 21st, 2008

I love my Uni as I am from Kingston uni, London. It was tough choosing one initially when I was in the process of choosing a UK uni whilst i studyd throughout in India. My aim here would be to outline the key attributes of a good foreign uni as some of u might be interested in studying abroad. What I love about the uni is that though its a big business in UK, Kingston is known for its repute and is value for money. The Uni has taken every possible measure in order to get accredited by AMBA (Association of MBA's). The accreditation means a lot for any Uni conducting MBA and is critical when u choose one.

Faculty: One of the most experienced and polished in every sense. Worth listening to their experiences. Seminars conducted by diplomats, fighter pilots held captive in the iraq war and so on..the list is endless.

Facilities: A unique setup with utmost importance given to student convenience and comfort. They even provide you with your own virtual space on their servers to save your work. All necessary software is given free eg SPSS etc. Everything is convenient I can access my library online from my lappy and issue books and even return or extend them. A massive library or should i say libraries across 4 different campuses where we have complete access. And not to forget if you like to study in the library and not home you can do so and that to 24 hrs. YOu have silent study zone, shared study zones, labs and even lounges. Apart from that MBA get access to a special PG suite where you have a decor euivalent to the BARCODE (vasant kunj with wi fi and printer access etc).

NHS: Being a student you get free health services.
Transport by uni bus is free and very comfortable..
The uni also provides all guidance u need for visa, extensions, HSMP etc at no extra charge.
They also take care of your resume and other aspects which are needed for a job.
The best and most important once you ar ethrough with your One year MBA Full Time you can work for 2 years and recover your investment and gain exposure.
Cost any AMBA accredited MBA in UK starts from roughly 11000-12k UKP. and goes on o 45000 also..which most of us cant even think of. Kingston has placed teirs at 15500K.
Overall Life here has been pleasant and worth spending..
Feel free to ask questions about work and study in Uk frns
Till then tc and Cheers
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Re: My College Rocks !!
Ajenth_rocks is on a distinguished road
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Re: My College Rocks !! - September 24th, 2008

Hey buddy here is a view abt ma super cool coll ST joseph college chennai....

About the college... Its located in the IT highway of chennai in sholinganallur...Basically its an engineering college... With MBA attached to it... IT offers various Engineering courses and MBA with MCA... if im right there is even ME in the campus....The best part is that it has all the facility need for an business school........Dam ma Director spends a lot in Infrastructure...

Ah yes: 1) good lectures and professors....
2)Good and tasty food...
3)Good hostel facility...
4)open air theatre...
5)excellent atmosphere.
6)Good reputation...
7)Good friends....
8)Good auditorium....
9) World class library...

Ah no: 1)dam tough rules like formals, No mobiles, clean shaves for men, and many more such rules to add up...
2) No chit chat btwn guys and gurls inside the campus...
3)No bunking allowed....
4)no taking of leave.....

In short sweet rascal is the coll details....
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college, rocks

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