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Re-check my writing exam

Discuss Re-check my writing exam within the IELTS forums, part of the International MBA category; I want to recheck my writing exam,i got only 5.5 band in writing ,but i think i will be better ...



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Re-check my writing exam
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Sharan Singh
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Re-check my writing exam - July 8th, 2016

I want to recheck my writing exam,i got only 5.5 band in writing ,but i think i will be better so i want to recheck . anyone know how it can possible and what are the chance for upgrade my band??

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Re: Re-check my writing exam
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Jenny Shine
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Re: Re-check my writing exam - July 8th, 2016

Originally Posted by sharansingh View Post
I want to recheck my writing exam,i got only 5.5 band in writing ,but i think i will be better so i want to recheck . anyone know how it can possible and what are the chance for upgrade my band??
Hello friend,

I found some information related to your Question, hope it will help you.

This was a part of the forum (and before a post here) that I am now reviving. It is clearly something that concerns many candidates – can they get their scored changed? The answer is yes. But that does not mean that it always makes sense. Below I outline some of the points to consider. In summary my general advice is:
forget it for reading and listening

if you need both speaking and writing changed, your chances are probably very slim
it works best if you need a change in just speaking or writing of half a band score
remarkably few candidates I know get exactly the same result twice – very often it is easier just to go again – it shouldn’t work this way but next you might just get a better score even if your English hasn’t changed

The IELTS EOR procedure

You need to fill out an Enquiry on Results Form. These may vary slightly from country to country so you should apply to your test centre for the correct form for you. You should note typically:

• this must be received by the centre within 6 weeks of your test date
• there is a fee of approx £60 (this may vary from country to country)
• the papers will then be marked by a senior examiner
• the results will then be sent to you in approximately 7 weeks

Reading and listening

You can apply to have these papers remarked. However, the chances of a change of score are very small. These papers are marked objectively: the answer is either right or wrong and so the chances of a different assessor giving you a different score are remote.

Speaking and writing

Your chances of success here are much higher. There is a subjective element to how these papers are marked and it is quite possible that a different examiner may give you a different score. It is quite possible that your band score may change by a whole band. Points to consider:

Why you might consider it

• Your other scores are consistently higher (eg 7.5/7.0/7.0/6.0). The idea is that you should get approximately the same score in each skill. It can particularly help to look at any difference between the speaking and writing scores here.
• You know that you completed the papers and didn’t do anything that may have caused a deduction.
• An experienced teacher has assessed your writing/speaking as being worth a higher score. It can be easy for candidates to misjudge their own skills. This is particularly true in writing where coherence and cohesion is 25% of the score.
• You have taken the test before and got a higher band score for that skill
Why you might decide not to try
• It takes 6-8 weeks: it may be quicker to re-sit the test
• Did you not finish a writing question? In this case, don’t bother. You were probably penalised heavily on task response
• Did you completely understand the question in the writing? If not, don’t bother. You were probably penalised on task response
• If there is a big difference (2 band scores) between any of your papers, then two different examiners will have looked at your writing and speaking anyway. The senior examiner may still change the score, but your chances are perhaps smaller
• You have taken the test more than once and your band score for that skill is consistently low

Don’t forget the other option – do it again and get a better score

The other option is of course to sit the test again. It shouldn’t happen like this, but most candidates I know come back with a different set of results each time – even when the tests are only one or two weeks apart.

I’d add that one of my standard pieces of advice is to book two tests at once if you can afford it. You very very unlikely to complain if you get the score first time around.

source : Google
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