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Employee Retention of Gatorade

Employee Retention of Gatorade

Discuss Employee Retention of Gatorade within the Human Resources Management (H.R) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Gatorade is a brand of sports drinks, protein beverages, nutrition bars and other sports-related food and beverage products. Gatorade is ...



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Employee Retention of Gatorade
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Employee Retention of Gatorade - April 9th, 2011

Gatorade is a brand of sports drinks, protein beverages, nutrition bars and other sports-related food and beverage products. Gatorade is manufactured by PepsiCo and distributed in over 80 countries.[1] It was first developed in 1965 by researchers at the University of Florida, as a means of replenishing the fluid, carbohydrates and electrolytes that are divested from the body during physical exertion. Its name was derived from the school’s football team, the Gators.
Originally produced and marketed by Stokley-Van Camp, the Gatorade sports drink brand was purchased by the Quaker Oats Company in 1983, which was acquired by PepsiCo in 2001. As of 2009, Gatorade is PepsiCo’s 4th-largest brand, on the basis of worldwide annual retail sales. It primarily competes with Powerade and Vitaminwater worldwide, as well as Lucozade Sport in the United Kingdom. Within the U.S., Gatorade accounts for approximately 75 percent market share in the sports drink category.

In the field of higher education for working adults, Apollo Group, Inc. is a
recognized leader and innovator. Apollo Group, Inc. operates through its
subsidiaries, The University of Phoenix, Inc., Institute for Professional
Development, The College for Financial Planning Institutes Corporation,
Western International University, Inc. and Axia College.
We are the largest private institution of higher education in the United
States with the largest consolidated enrollment in our educational programs.
Apollo Group, Inc. has over 14,000 regular, full-time employees and offers
educational programs and services in campuses throughout every state in the
United States and in Canada. Our dominance in the industry has not been
by accident.
Our corporate culture is based on a foundation of innovation, inspiration,
and diversity. We recognize the value of the unique attributes each employee
brings to the Company and are committed to the investment we make in our
people. Part of this investment includes highly valued benefit programs
designed to offer a range of options and flexible work schedules designed to
help employee’s balance work and life.

Life Insurance– Coverage equal to two times the employee’s annual salary or targeted
income, up to a specified amount. This coverage also includes Accidental Death and
Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance that provides benefits for loss of life, limbs or sight due
to an accident. Apollo Group, Inc. pays for the full cost of this coverage.
...Additional Life Insurance– Employees may elect to increase their employer provided life
insurance coverage and choose from options of one, two or three times their annual salary, up
to a specified maximum. This coverage is optional and employees pay the premium through
payroll deductions.
...Dependent’s Life Insurance– Employees may elect to purchase this coverage for eligible
dependents including a spouse and/or children. This coverage is optional and employees pay
the premiums through payroll deductions.
...Business Travel Accident Insurance – Company paid insurance, up to a specified amount,
is available to all employees traveling for the Company. Employees are eligible for this
coverage the date they are hired. Apollo Group, Inc. pays for the full cost of this coverage.

401(k) Savings and Investment Plan– Employees may contribute up to 50% of their
earnings on a pre-tax basis up to a specified maximum which is set by the IRS each year.
Employees are eligible to begin contributing to the 401(k) Savings and Investment Plan (the
Plan) on the first of the month following 60 days of active, continuous employment. This plan
has an automatic enrollment feature: upon meeting the eligibility requirements, employees
will be automatically enrolled in the Moderate Investment model at five percent of gross
compensation. Employees may elect to make a pre-tax contribution in an amount other than
five percent of earnings by enrolling online. Upon completing one year of full-time service
with the company, Plan participants will receive employer matching contributions. Employee
and Employer matching contributions are 100% vested. Matching contributions are subject to
change at the Company’s discretion. Upon meeting the eligibility requirements, rollover
contributions from other qualified plans are accepted into the Plan.
...Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)– This plan is available to all active employees who
have completed one year of employment. Through this program, employees can acquire stock
ownership in the Company by purchasing Apollo Group (APOL) common stock.
Participation in the plan is voluntary.

Sick Leave– After completing 60 days of continuous full-time employment, regular
employees begin accruing sick leave at a specified accrual rate. Sick leave accruals may be
carried from year to year.
...Short-Term Disability (STD) Coverage– This coverage is available to help replace lost
income for up to 13 weeks should the employee become ill or injured or unable to work due
to a non-work related circumstance. Employees are eligible for coverage on the first day of the
month following 60 days of continuous employment. Participation is optional and premiums
are paid on an after-tax basis through payroll deductions.
...Long-Term Disability (LTD) Coverage– This coverage helps replace a portion of an
employee’s income if he or she is unable to perform the material duties for his or her own
occupation. This program provides that in the event an employee becomes totally disabled,
they will receive income from all sources that is at least equal to the selected percentage of pay
based on the employee’s salary at the time of disability.
...Long-Term Care Insurance– This coverage offers affordable protection for the care of
someone in need of assistance with daily living due to an accident, illness, or advancing age,
either at home or in a facility. Coverage is available for employees and their spouses or parents
of the employee and/or their spouse. Employee participation in this program is voluntary.

Education Tuition Program– To support our mission of meeting the higher education
needs of working adults, Apollo Group, Inc. offers a very generous Education Tuition
Program. Employees and their eligible dependents can take advantage this benefit immediately
upon hire.
...College Savings Plan– The college savings plan is designed to help families set aside funds
for future college costs. Created under Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code, the plan
provides distinct savings advantages, such as tax-deferred accumulation, federal tax-free
earnings for qualified withdrawals, reduction in estate taxes, and special gift tax treatment.
Additionally, the plan offers personal control and flexibility over assets and beneficiaries.
Employees may take advantage of this plan through payroll deductions to help plan for future
college expenses in a convenient, easy manner.
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