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Organisational Structure of MCI Inc.

Discuss Organisational Structure of MCI Inc. within the Human Resources Management (H.R) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; MCI, Inc. is an American telecommunications subsidiary of Verizon Communications that is headquartered in Ashburn, unincorporated Loudoun County, Virginia. The ...



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Organisational Structure of MCI Inc.
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Organisational Structure of MCI Inc. - February 5th, 2011

MCI, Inc. is an American telecommunications subsidiary of Verizon Communications that is headquartered in Ashburn, unincorporated Loudoun County, Virginia. The corporation was originally formed as a result of the merger of WorldCom (formerly known as LDDS followed by LDDS WorldCom) and MCI Communications, and used the name MCI WorldCom followed by WorldCom before taking its final name on April 12, 2003 as part of the corporation's emergence from bankruptcy. The company formerly traded on NASDAQ under the symbols "WCOM" (pre-bankruptcy) and "MCIP" (post-bankruptcy). The corporation was purchased by Verizon Communications with the deal closing on January 6, 2006,[1] and is now identified as that company's Verizon Business division with the local residential divisions slowly integrated into local Verizon subsidiaries.
MCI's history, combined with the histories of companies it has acquired, echoes most of the trends that have swept American telecommunications in the past half-century: It was instrumental in pushing legal and regulatory changes that led to the breakup of the AT&T monopoly that dominated American telephony; its purchase by WorldCom and subsequent bankruptcy in the face of accounting scandals was symptomatic of the Internet excesses of the late 1990s. It accepted a proposed purchase by Verizon for US$7.6 billion.
For a time, WorldCom was the United States's second largest long distance phone company (after AT&T). WorldCom grew largely by aggressively acquiring other telecommunications companies, most notably MCI Communications. It also owned the Tier 1 ISP UUNET, a major part of the Internet backbone.[citation needed] It was headquartered in Clinton, Mississippi, before being moved to Virginia


Tomasz Czechowicz

Chairman of the Board

Hubert Janiszewski

Wojciech Siewierski

Dariusz Adamiuk

Waldemar Sielski

Marek Gora

awomir Lachowski


Andrzej Olechowski
Cleantech Division


Communication & Strategy

Beata Stelmach


Sylwester Janik

Roman Cisek




Media & New Technologies

Jacek Murawski


Konrad Sitnik

There is a general organizational framework of cultural modification that gives broad theoretical reasoning for an overall process which will necessarily for tailoring a particular situation. Culture modification should not be evaluated as a process for its own sake, but its success or failure should he determined by whether or not this change will enhance organizational effectiveness under a new strategy (Lawler, 2006) as it allows practitioners to understand and organize the constellation of variables that could influence or adversely affect successful business change. Success and failure in a business context are rarely clearly defined and are perhaps the extremes for the business to survive and grow, before succumbing to the temptation of changing the way things are done is increasingly becoming the central challenge facing managements that have enjoyed long-term performance success.

The first step in this level of assessment is to examine the technology that exists within the organization right now. If you're planning on using the LMS heavily for online training, especially training with videos and graphics, you'll need plenty of bandwidth for the LMS and its learners. Plus, keep in mind that you may roll out quite a bit of training to begin with and these courses may hit a large population, who, in turn, will make a big hit on the organization's technology infrastructure. Another aspect of this technical assessment is the users themselves: is there a large number of remote learners who will log in using a remote portal? Or are all of the learners in locations that are serviced by a large server? These items could have an impact on which LMS you choose. One of the best ways to accurately access the organization's technical readiness is to involve the IT department from the very beginning. This way, you can plan your LMS choice and rollout together - and avoid any surprises.

Next, you must take a look at what we will call the organization's "self awareness" structure. For example, can managers be given the responsibility of helping people log in to the LMS

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