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Organisational Structure of Ball Corp

Organisational Structure of Ball Corp

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Organisational Structure of Ball Corp
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Netra Shetty
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Organisational Structure of Ball Corp - February 2nd, 2011

Ball Corporation (NYSE: BLL), originally Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company, is an American company famous for producing glass canning jars. Founded in 1880, it is currently headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. The company has expanded into other areas such as avionics, space systems, metal beverage and food containers, aerosol containers and plastic containers.

John Hayes
Chairman of the Board
David Hoover
George Smart
Georgia Nelson
Robert Alspaugh
Erik Van der Kaay
Theodore Solso
John Lehman
Jan Nicholson
Stuart Taylor
Hanno Fiedler
Administration & Secretary
David Westerlund
Aerospace & Technologies
David Taylor
Asia Pacific
Packaging Europe
Gerrit Heske
Latapack-Ball Embalagens
Scott Morrison
Corporate Relations
IT & Services
Sales, Metal Beverage
Metal Beverage Packaging, A...
Metal Food & Household Packa...
Plastic Pakaging, Americas
Charles Baker
Media Relations
Public Relations
Investor Relations
Administration & Compliance
Financial Reporting & Tax
Corporate Relations

Results-based leadership has relentless emphasis on results. It's simple equation:

Effective leadership = attributes results.

"This equation suggests that leaders must strive for excellence in both terms: that is, they must both demonstrate attributes and achieve results. Each term of the equation multiplies each other; they are not cumulative."1

Why Results-Based Leadership?

What is missing in most leadership-related writings and teachings, is the lack of attention to results. Most of them focus on organizational capabilities – such as adaptability, agility, mission-directed, or values-based – or on leadership competencies – such as vision, character, trust, and other exemplary attributes, competencies and capabilities. All well and good, but what is seriously missing is the connection between these critical capabilities and results.1 And this is what results-based leadership is all about: how organizational capabilities and leadership competencies lead to and are connected to desired results.

Benefits of Results-Based Leadership

By helping leaders at all levels get results, results-based leadership frees productivity from constraints of hierarchy and the limitations of position.

Results-based leaders define results by understanding audience and customer needs. They continually ask and answer the question – "What is wanted?" – before they decided how to meet these needs.

Employees willingly follow result-based leaders who know both who they are (their own leadership attributes) and where they are going (their targeted results). "Such leaders instill confidence and inspire trust in others because theу are direct, focused, and consistent."1

Results-based leadership makes performance measurement easier. "Without a results focus, calibration of leadership becomes extremely difficult. Measuring results helps organizations in many ways, from tracking leaders' individual growth, to comparing leadership effectiveness in similar roles, to clarifying the leader selection process, to structuring leadership development programs, to using results as the standard filters who should enter an organization and how they should be trained."1

Managing for Results

Setting objectives is not enough. The only place where meaningful management results can be won is the outside world. Managing for results is expansion of Management by Objectives (MBO) into the marketplace. It is the theory and practice of how to produce results on the outside, in the market and economy.

To achieve these results, you should develop a solid, sound, customer-focused, and entrepreneurial strategy, aimed at market leadership, based on innovation, and tightly focused on decisive opportunities

Using the different interventions or methods of Organizational Development, both the employees and the management would become aware of the current culture of the organization, thus, enabling them to realize its inefficiencies. In this stage, the emphasis must be on communicating individual, group, and organizational benefits, and the changes in its culture that must take place to achieve such objectives. This can ignite a positive attitude in the minds of employees towards change initiative in the company (2004). Through the different methods, the company must be able to see that once employment enlargement and enrichment is done, teamwork and cooperation among employees would be emphasized. As the culture is sustained through proper selection (2003) it must be seen that employees who are capable of aligning into the new culture shall be selected. Top management support is crucial as resources must be committed and reward programs must be designed to enable employees to exhibit strong norms that prove the shift to the new culture.

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