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Organisational Structure of a21

Organisational Structure of a21

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Organisational Structure of a21
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Organisational Structure of a21 - January 31st, 2011

a21, Inc. (OTCBB: ATWO) aggregates visual content from photographers, photography agencies, archives, libraries, and private collections; and licenses that content for its customers. The company's customers include advertising and design agencies, publishing and media entities, in-house communication departments and outside corporate communications firms, small and home office businesses, and the general public. The company sells its products directly and through a global network of 150 distributors in over 100 countries. It also markets its products through print advertising, direct mail, Web mail, and telemarketing.

a21 was formed as in investment company in 2000 and acquired the stock photography agency SuperStock in 2004. They moved into SuperStock's headquarters in Jacksonville, FL and used SuperStock as a vehicle for further expansion. In 2005 they acquired Ingram Publishing Ltd., a UK-based provider of subscription and Royalty-Free images as well as vector graphics and fonts, vehicle outline templates, and print price guides. The following year they acquired ArtSelect, an Iowa-based provider of online technology and fulfillment infrastructure for retailers in the custom framed Art and Wall Décor market. In late 2007 they announced plans to launch a new Royalty-Free only brand named MediaMagnet; however the brand was not successful. MediaMagnet images are now only available for sale through SuperStock.

John Ferguson
John Hallberg
Laura Sachar
Thomas Costanza
Sales & Marketing

Organizational structure is seen as an important part of the work environment. An agile company aims to manage change and uncertainty through the entrepreneurial approach, combined with a flexible organizational structure and distributed managerial decision-making authority, which allows for rapid reconfiguration of the human and technological resources in a quest for meeting globally changing market requirements an integration of human resources across departments and at different hierarchical levels in developing the strategic vision should be followed by a strategy to realize appropriate changes within a new organizational structure (Hendrick 2002). The organizational structure of Ortegas is a less formal type of structure wherein there is no structure that divides the organization. The management interacts and commands with the personnel in a direct way. The Ortegas wanted to create divisions and teams for the company but it did not materialize due to the personnel being uncooperative. Organizational culture helps in aligning the values and norms of the employees to the values and norms of the organization. The organizational culture of the personnel Ortegas differs from the management. The personnel have erratic work habits; they don’t want to learn new things and they are not interested with the situation of the company. The personnel don’t act professionally instead they engage in childish fights. On the other hand the management has a very professional culture wherein they try to engage with a good relationship with the personnel. Moreover the management tries to determine means and strategies to keep the company growing and surviving in its field.

B. The relationship between the organization’s structure and culture

Organizational structure addresses the questions of what is the best form of organization and why. Organizational structure and the communication system interact closely with each other to produce employee satisfaction, especially satisfaction with the organization (Dozier, Grunig, JE & Grunig, LA 2002). The organizational structure and organizational culture should work well together. The Organizational structure is something that supposedly would allow the allocation of responsibilities for different functions by individuals in the company, this should organize the company and prevent any clashes between departments over the work at hand but if the culture of the organization is not good the result would be catastrophic. The organizational culture and structure are not working well in Ortegas’ case. Both the organizational culture and structure of Ortega have various goals that tend to contradict one another. The organizational structure wants to promote unity but the culture states otherwise. The organizational structure doesn’t match the culture and it leads to disorganization and unfinished goals. An organization may have organized well the tasks and responsibilities for each personnel but if these personnel have cultures that are hampering the performance of their duties the performance of the company becomes affected as a whole. There should only be one dominant organizational culture for Ortegas, having more than one culture can lead to arguments and fights even if there is already a strong structure. Once the structure and culture of the organization works well together the result would be lesser delays in producing products and a better performance for the firm.

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