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Human Resource Management of Tesla Motors

Human Resource Management of Tesla Motors

Discuss Human Resource Management of Tesla Motors within the Human Resources Management (H.R) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Tesla Motors Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based company that designs, manufactures and sells electric vehicles (EVs) and electric vehicle powertrain ...



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Human Resource Management of Tesla Motors
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Abhijeet S
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Human Resource Management of Tesla Motors - January 28th, 2011

Tesla Motors Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based company that designs, manufactures and sells electric vehicles (EVs) and electric vehicle powertrain components. It is currently the only automaker building and selling a zero-emission sports car in serial production (as opposed to prototype or evaluation series production).[3] Tesla is also deep into the engineering and production development of a zero-emission premium sedan, the Model S, which will be built in Fremont, California.[4] Tesla also sells its electric powertrain components to other automakers, including Daimler and Toyota

These two models are the most commonly use HRM models in businesses today aside from other models that has been theorized and formulated by some academics. Based on the definitions and explanation of each model, it can be concluded that the soft model is more advisable to be practiced by industries within the service sector while the manufacturing sector would be better to use the Michigan Model of HRM for increased production.

HRM Approach in Hospitality Manes

While the manufacturing industry uses human for increased production and innovation in products, the labor-intensive hospitality and tourism industry especially the international companies or the multinational enterprises, Manes, due to the fact that the industry relies on the kind of services they provide, needed an appropriate HRM model that will help the industry formulate HRM strategies that are aligned with the objectives of the company. Schuler (1992) proposes that strategic HRM is about integrating people issues with the strategic needs of the business. Therefore, business strategies provide the foundation for HRM strategies, policies and processes to be linked and a good HRM model will serve as a guideline in formulating HRM strategies.

Also, Manes should be able to adapt to the changes in the environment that may influence the present and future survival of an organization. Manes should have the ability to exist in different countries adopting its culture, economy, politics and the market. HRM in international context is important in the operations of Manes (Schuler, Dowling and De Cirri, 1993). Management of human resources and HRM practices may differ from country to country. For example, organizational structures in Japan may be decentralized while in the US and UK firms may be more centralized and bureaucratic. Employees in Japan may not be very productive and efficient when the bureaucratic approach of management is implemented to them.

Emmett & Hutchinson (1998) cite the most common factors driving organizations to adopt flexible working practices as increased competitiveness both nationally and globally; new technology; changes in Labour markets and employee demographics and government policies. Human resource policy of a hospitality firm in the US might differ from the HR policy in UK or in China because policy is influenced by first, the employees. Employees in the US might have different attitudes compared to employees in China. Also, corporate and HR policy is influenced by the culture especially in the hospitality industry where diversification of culture is important. Since China is a communist country, it is expected that they have different legal and political structures compared to the US. The legal structure and culture are usually the basis of HR policy of an MEN in a particular country. The parent company will incorporate its HR policy with its firm in a host country and make some necessary changes in order to adapt with the environment, making the firm more competitive within that country.

HR Planning Process

In planning for human resources, an organization must consider the allocation of people to jobs over long periods of time—not just for the next month or even the next year. This allocation requires knowledge of any foreseen expansions or reductions in operations and any technological changes that may affect the organization. On the basis of such analyses, plans can be made for shifting employees within the organization, laying off or otherwise cutting back the number of employees, or retraining present employees. Factors to consider include the current level of employee knowledge, skills, and abilities in an organization and the expected vacancies resulting from retirement, promotion, transfer, sick leave,
or discharge.
In summary, the HR plan provides a road map for the future, identifying
where employees are likely to be obtained, when employees will be needed, and what training and development employees must have.
Hence, In simple sence, the different HR activities must be aligned with the general business strategy, as well as the overall HR strategy, in order to support business goals.

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