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Human Resource Management of Shure Incorporated

Human Resource Management of Shure Incorporated

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Human Resource Management of Shure Incorporated
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Human Resource Management of Shure Incorporated - January 28th, 2011

Shure Incorporated is a consumer and professional audio electronics corporation. Shure Incorporated mainly produces microphones and other audio electronics, but also produces in-ear monitors (earphones) for a variety of audio applications including on-stage use and MP3 players.

Recruitment and Selection at PTC:

In PTC, the activity to fill a vacancy or a new job starts with the requirement communicated by the respective managers to the HR department. The HR department then looks for the possibilities of internal and external recruitment.

Internal Recruitment:

In PTC, internal recruitment is done for the managers of the higher grade and directors. When a position is vacant, the HR department views the past performance of the people working at lower levels than the vacant position and chooses the right person who is promoted to that position.

At the director level, the internal recruitment process is from PTC or from any other subsidiary of BAT. The decision of recruiting a director from a subsidiary of BAT is not in the hands of the HR department of PTC or any of the PTC executives. The directors are allocated from the Asian office of BAT.

External Recruitment:

For external recruitment in PTC, the line managers are required to make a requisition form for the job in which they have to mention their need taking in account the budget for establishment and salaries for the position of Management, Business Support Officers and Workers. Role profile for the specified job is also prepared matching up the requirement and the grade of the job. Training period is also specified on the requisition form. This Process is given a total of 7 days.

The requisition form alongwith the role profile is sent by the line manager to the functional director for his approval and then forwarded to HR Manager. The HR manager confirms the availability of budgets required for establishment, salaries and cost of advertisement for the job. After all this, the requisition form alongwith the job profile and the budget forecast is sent to the HR Director for his final approval. This process if required to be done in 2 days time.

After approval from the HR director the HR manager and the line manager work hand in hand to prepare job and person specifications for advertising or giving to the head hunters. They are given a total of three days time to do that.

The sources that PTC uses to attract applicants are by

Inviting applications through advertisement

Key campuses

Recommendations from the head hunters

Applications obtained from the data bank of PTC where direct applications are received from time to time.

This process is given a total of 5 days.

PTC is also indulged in the marketing of their company as being a good employer by the process which they call the “Campus Marketing Campaign”. The objective of PTC by doing this is to attract the best graduates and MBAs by increasing awareness about PTC and BAT and to establish the company's brand name as the leading employer. For this, they have selected some key universities which they target for the Campus Marketing Campaign.

The universities targeted for attracting business students and engineers are:

IBA Karachi, LUMS Lahore, NIMS Rawalpindi., UET Lahore, UET Peshawar, GIKI Topi, NUST Rawalpindi

The universities targeted for attracting masters in tobacco leaf growing are:

Agriculture University Faisalabad

Agriculture University Peshawar

Graduate Recruitment teams are made which have the responsibility of recruiting new personnel to PTC. These teams are also responsible for the Campus Marketing Campaigns. Each team has a leader and the HR managers are responsible to provide administrative support to the recruitment team leaders and are HR managers themselves are the members of these teams.

For business schools, the recruitment team leader is a grade 36 manager from Marketing or Finance department. For UET Lahore and NUST, Factory Manager of the Jhelum factory is made the team leader and for UET Peshawar the Factory Manager of Akora Khattak Factory is made the team leader. In the same way for GIK Topi, the IT Manager, for Agriculture University Faisalabad, the Crop Manager and for Agriculture University Peshawar the Leaf Manager are made the recruitment team leaders respectively.

A two year marketing plan for each campus is made in which different strategies are formulated to attract different target audiences. PTC has different marketing plans for the


Student Organizations

Prospective MBAs

The marketing plan covers the following activities

Company and career presentation


Sponsorship Student events

Campus Advertising in magazines, journals and graduate directory to establish PTC and BAT employer brand name

Organizing Lectures and Training Programs

Direct mail shots


After a substantial amount of applications have been received, the line and the HR managers again work together for a total of 10 days to shortlist the applications. This is done by carefully going through all the application and by giving weightage point to the following criteria

Quality of early schooling

Grade obtained

Extra Curricular activities

Overseas travel and education


Target University

Relevant experience

Call up letters are then issued to the short listed candidates along with blank application forms by the HR Department. Date, time and venue for the preliminary interview is advised and candidates are asked to bring along completed application forms. A two member panel of HR and line management carries out competency based interviews focusing on functional skills and managerial and supervisory skills. This process is again given a total of 10 days.

After the preliminary interview is cleared people applying for different jobs are tested in different ways. In case of management, Assessment Centers are organized for recruitment. Assessment material is provided by BAT which is composed of case studies followed by discussions among the applicants. The following management competencies are assessed by a panel of cross functional assessors:

Communication skills

Resource management

Rational decision making


Creative thinking

Business development

The HR department is responsible for overall administration of the assessment centre including training of the assessors.

In case of Business Support Officers selection tests are designed to assess functional, intelligence, writing and numerical ability. The line and HR managers prepare the test papers. AH4 test is currently being used to assess basic intelligence, language and numeric ability.

PTC makes sure that the candidates reporting for test from out side the city are reimbursed air, train or bus fares.

In case of workers, written aptitude and mechanical comprehension tests are administered by HR in conjunction with line managers. Management focuses to finish all this in 15 days.

After all the tests, the candidates are again short-listed for the final interviews. The short-listing of the candidates is based on their performance on the secondary stage of the recruitment and selection procedure. Date and time for the final interview is fixed with the selection board and call up letters are sent to the candidates.

Candidates reporting for the final interview from out side the city are reimbursed air, train or bus fares where considered appropriate. The final interviews take a total of 7 days.

The candidates selected after the final interview are referred to PTC’s nominated doctor for medical examination. The doctor sends his medical report directly to HR department. Candidates declared medically fit are made an offer. The HR department provides details of remuneration package and terms and conditions of service. The HR department also prepares appointment letter, service agreement and finalizes other documentation for service record.

Acquiring staff

This function includes processes to:
• Identify potential sources (external/department in the organization) of project staff.
• Define skill and activity descriptions that can be used by recruiters and resource
managers to obtain staff from appropriate sourcing organizations.
• Select staff for the project.

Finding the:
right people,
with appropriate skills,
available when needed,
for the right duration,
within planned costs
can be a daunting and time-consuming challenge. Let us look at the process below.

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