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Human Resource Management of Sears

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Human Resource Management of Sears
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Netra Shetty
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Human Resource Management of Sears - January 28th, 2011

ecruitment and Selection at Philip Morris USA:

Philip Morris USA recruits around the world. It actively participates in university recruitment fairs, independently run recruitment events, and specialist events such as IT job fairs.

It runs Want Ads that attract potential employees, these ads describe the job its benefits and the organization in detail to the potential applicants. Job openings are also posted on the Internet. Having an online presence has presented an opportunity to attract talented applicants providing PM USA with a large pool of applicants to choose from.

PM USA intends to be the employer of choice, both in attracting new high caliber recruits, and in retaining their existing people. To do this, it offers an employment package that is attractive and meets the diverse requirements of the talented people that it needs to ensure Philip Morris continued success.

Selection Procedure:

An organization is only as strong as the people who make it up, so at Philip Morris decisions about whom to select and whom to reject for organizational membership are critical to the company’s ability to derive competitive advantage through its human resource.

The qualities that Philip Morris USA looks for in employment candidates are:

Leadership, and a willingness to take responsibility

Problem-solving and decision-making ability

Creativity and innovation

Strong oral and written communication skills

Broad, cross-functional business knowledge

Technical and organizational ability

Honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and dependability

Team players

Self-motivated and action-oriented people

People who are flexible, able to adapt to change

People with a passion for winning

As PM is an organization driven by people, applicants go through a rigorous procedure of selection.

Psychological and Personality Tests:

At PM USA different types of psychological tests are adopted for selection at different levels like Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality inventory is used for selection of executives. Myers Briggs Type Indicator is used to determine personality components.

The Panel Interview:

At PM USA HRM specialists use the panel interview method in which three to five interviewers take turn in asking questions and make their observations. The panel interview has higher validity as compares to traditional one-to-one interviews because of multiple inputs, greater acceptance of the decision and shorter decision time.

Performance Management:

To ensure that employee efforts are match with the strategic objectives of the organization. PM USA places great emphasis on performance management of employees.

When hiring new employees, jobs are carefully assessed so that the organizational expectations are clearly communicated to the employees. Job analysis is carried out via questionnaires. Workers at all levels including shop floor employees to managers are made fully aware of their job requirements.

To implement the corporate goals, the company commits resources, institutes appropriate management systems, accountabilities, monitoring processes and regular reviews to assure progress against the set objectives and to establish mechanisms for problem identification and remediation where appropriate.

Many employees face the difficult challenge of managing their job responsibilities while handling a wide range of personal obligations. The Philip Morris Company recognizes this and has developed five simple principles to guide them in their work/life efforts:

* Hold open and continual communication between employees and their supervisors.
* Implement practical solutions locally while developing flexibility to match the needs of their employees and their businesses.
* Conduct regular on-going reviews of the work/life programs to reflect the changes in employee and business needs.
* As the search for best work/life solutions for their people goes on, business needs remains a top priority for the organization
* Make optimal use of their size and scope so they can make quality services available to as many employees as possible.

Employees are given elaborate, regular feedback to help develop in their careers and personal life.

Philip Morris USA uses state of the art applications for performance management, “Mercury Interactive Enterprise Testing and Application Performance Management System”. This application is being used in Philip Morris for performance management of employees.

HR Mission Statement at PTC:

To lead the organization in enhancing its human capital and creating a winning environment where everyone enjoys contributing to the best of one’s ability.

PTC will achieve this by:

Inspiring and motivating its people.

Developing its people to strive for higher standards.

Driving an open minded and enterprising corporate culture where people through leadership at all levels dare to dream, dare to try, dare to fail and dare to succeed.

Attracting and recruiting the best talent fulfilling customer’s expectations.

Human Resource Strategies:

Human resource department will continue its effort towards nurturing a winning corporate culture and building organizational capabilities by ensuring that its people at all levels are both able and willing to perform at consistently exceptional levels. At PTC the people have been empowered to a large degree by minimizing out dated rules /regulations and plan to further eliminate the bureaucratic barriers to capitalize on their ingenuity and talent .The top team continue to play its role in providing the guidance and support to people at all levels. The HR (people’s) function ensures that it leads the transformational change by nurturing a climate, which would help in converting the huge potential at disposal of the company into world-class performance.

The active and effective role played by HR in people development at different levels organizational, departmental and individual is considered in PTC to be one of the most critical factor leading to the development of a winning corporate culture. The effort continues to be directed towards developing the skills of the shop floor employees, improving competencies of Business Support Officers (BSOs), and enhancing the leadership qualities of managers.

Plan for People Development:

Continue to nurture strong, open minded and caring leadership at all levels with an enterprising spirit of “Dare to dream… Dare to try to try…dare to fail …and dare to succeed”.

Ensure to develop people at all levels, both in terms of skills to undertake challenging assignments and the “will” to take greater responsibilities.

People at all level take charge for their development and constantly look for opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skill and leadership attributes.

Ensure that PTC becomes a learning organization where knowledge management becomes an established way of developing people.

As far as possible, match the individual aspiration with the organizational needs to encourage personal fulfillment.

Ensure transparency in career management to encourage and recognize talent as well as performance.

Prepare and develop the line managers to take ownership of the “HR Tools” e.g., developing people, more active involvement in career management (CDM), Sharing of learning (HR Intranet).

To enhance the employability of employees for keeping them motivated and secured.

Integration of training activities throughout the company

Become a 1st choice employer in a growing environment where talents supply will fall short of demand.

1. Career Management:

Strengthen the Career Development Management (CDM) process to bring more transparency and commitment to career management and development plans and as far as possible will match the aspiration and capabilities of individuals with the needs of the business with a view to ensure personal fulfillment. Pushing down the involvement of line managers so that they manage careers with the advice and tools provided by HR.

CDM feed back to be shared with the individuals without holding any bars. This would bring more authenticity to the process where career moves will take place as far as possible in a planned way.

2. Embed Coaching And Mentoring Culture:

Create an environment where people development is one of the key drivers for success. Develop emotional and professional maturity of managers to enable them to demonstrate inspiring leadership traits. Training inputs on leadership, emotional intelligence and lateral thinking. Top team to act as role model and encourage people below to demonstrate and inculcate coaching culture for coaching. Emphasizing to people that through coaching others will also develop themselves. Incorporate people development in principal accountabilities of each jobholder. Top team gives more focus to the mentoring process of selected managers.

3. Developing Business Managers:

To reduce silo thinking and develop “Business Managers” they create more awareness and appreciation about how various functions contribute to the overall objectives of the company. This will support efforts for enabling people to understand the impact of their role on other functions and overall business.

T&D will provide a platform to get one/two day’s courses organized each year. e.g.

CORA Appreciation

Leaf Appreciation

Language of finance for non-finance managers

Winning through consumer focus

HR processes

Product knowledge

Management Development Courses etc

1. Cross-functional moves

2. Cross-functional project teams.
The Human resource plan may need to be expanded each time the Project management
schedule is expanded, typically during Starting and at the end of each phase. Changes to
staffing requirements based on actual recruiting efforts may be handled in the Staff schedule but
may also have to be reflected in the Project management schedule.


Review the Project management schedule to determine what changes have occurred.
Changes can occur in the human resource category definitions, number of resources per
category, total effort, duration, and specific dates. It depends on the phase of the project like
concept, plan, develop, qualify and rollout.

Update the Human resource plan to reflect changes in human resource category definitions
and/or number of resources per category.

Evaluate the effect of the changes on staff acquisition plans.

For example, it might be possible to improve project productivity by recruiting fewer but more
experienced people than initially planned. But again it depends on the cost as moir
experienced resource will cost higher than less experienced resource. There should be a
perfect mix of experienced and fresher in the team to balance the cost of the project.

Ideally the senior and critical resources should be shared across multiple projects and
used in a project for critical activities like design/architecture, planning, review and less
experienced resources should be used for coding, Unit testing and documentation.

PM World Today is a free monthly eJournal. Free subscriptions available at:

Determine the impact of changes on required resources for each human resource category.
If the total effort or duration has changed, recalculate required resources and update Human
resource plan to reflect the change.

If dates have changed, update the Human resource plan to reflect the revised time frames.
If changes have an immediate or near-term effect, raise the appropriate Change requests.
Actions may include obtaining additional staff, and/or redeploying or releasing current staff
based on changed requirements.

Review the initial set of team building activities and look for areas that need to be expanded with
more detail and/or for new team building activities to plan as a result of changes to the Project
management schedule or changes to the project environment.

Document the team building activities in the Human resource plan. This includes the activity, the
schedule, and person responsible for coordination or implementation. Includes activities such

Team building exercises: site meetings, news letters, extended offsite meeting, sponsor
feedback/recognition events,

Communications: collocation, team “war room”, involving team members in planning or
establishing ground rules

Career: 1x1 with the team members, Quarterly career review(QCR)

Training: specific skill enhancements, expanding individual knowledge and capabilities

Business area specific activities might include: team satisfaction survey, individual

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