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Human Resource Management of Limited Brands

Discuss Human Resource Management of Limited Brands within the Human Resources Management (H.R) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Limited Brands (formerly known as The Limited, Inc.) is an American apparel company based in Columbus, Ohio. In 2009 it ...



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Human Resource Management of Limited Brands
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Human Resource Management of Limited Brands - January 27th, 2011

Limited Brands (formerly known as The Limited, Inc.) is an American apparel company based in Columbus, Ohio. In 2009 it reported 9.04 billion dollars in revenue for the last fiscal year[1].

Managing human resources within organizations is among the greatest challenge of every HR Manager. From the basic HR functions, the role of the manager to formulate and implement the most effective HR strategy is crucial as it is practically the same as having the best people to fit the needed job position. It is recognized that having an effective HR strategy leads to organizational effectiveness (Conway and Monks 2008). Entrekin (2005) recognizes HRM as a fundamental element in an organization’s life cycle. There is a need to manage people as organizational resources because they are considered as fuels of production and resource-based assets. While Western management theories indicate people as identical, replaceable, and disposable things (Elkin and Sharma, 2007), more and more contemporary organizations believe otherwise. This means that the formulation and implementation of the most appropriate HR strategy from recruitment and selection, pay and remuneration scheme, training and development, performance evaluation, and conflict and labor management is required.

This paper will discuss Strategic Human Resource Management as applied to Euroflite – one of the leading low cost, no frills airlines set up in the United Kingdom. In particular it presents an analysis and evaluation of the Performance Management policies and practices being utilized in the company. Performance Management was chosen as the HRM area in which the evaluation will be conducted because the researcher believes that Performance Management is an important contributor to the success of the company and through performance management, the knowledge, skills and abilities of the employees are directed towards the achievement of the organizational goals.

Contributions of HRM to Organizational Success

Human resources management refers to the philosophy, policies, procedures, and practices related to the management of an organization’s employees. Human resources management is particularly concerned with all the activities that contribute to successfully attracting, developing, motivating, and maintaining a high performing workforce that results in organizational success (Sims, 2002, pp. 2-3). Human resources management (HRM) involves the establishment and execution of policies, programs, and procedures that influence the performance, capabilities, and loyalty of the employees of an organization. Through these policies and procedures, individuals are attracted, retained, motivated, and developed to perform the work of the organization. It is through these policies and procedures that the organization seeks to mold and shape the actions of its employees to operate successfully, comply with various public policies, provide satisfactory quality of employment, and improve its position in the marketplace through strengthened ability to compete and serve

The basic guide to HR management action in any company derives from its philosophy toward people. A philosophy exists in every company, although it is not written down. It guides to personnel policies. There are two contrasting views regarding employee at work.
1. Technical factor: Labor is viewed as technical factor of production. They are treated as a commodity and they can be bought and sold. They are considered, as cogs in the machine they are hired and fired at will. Writings of Taylor and Adam Smith reinforce these concepts. Employees must be controlled and closely supervised be Management with limited potentiality. This is consistent with theory as suggested by Douglas McGregor.
2. Human factor: Labor has been viewed as a human factor with a lot of positive potentials. So they must be treated with respect and dignity. People are assests-not cost. Investment on people is very rewarding and dignity. Management must develop and utilize the talent of people to achieve common goals; japan is the first country who realized the importance of human veiling in its attempt to human values. It achieved unprecedented progress in all fields. can follow the instance of giving in fortance on HRM to increase productivity. She can talk many projects to develop it human by training resource by training and utilize vast human resources.
Objectives of Human Resource Management
Following objectives are important which can be discussed in short. With the fulfillment of these objectives Human Resource management becomes successful:
1. To develop efficiency and skills of employees: First objective of Human Resource Management is to develop efficiency and skills of employees working in the organization. If these objectives are achieved organization can reach at its target.
2. To ensure effective performance of employees: Human Resource Management can ensure effective performance of employees. Effective performance at all levels can help the organization to obtain productivity target.
3. To change behavior of employees: With a view of change behavior of employees Human Resource Management activities can be performed. Behavior change can ensure to reduce resistance to change.
4. To train up subordinates: The forth objective of Human Resource Management is to train up subordinates for effective performance. There may be different methods of training employees.
5. To increase job satisfaction: Job satisfaction is essential for proper performance and good-labor management relations. Therefore Human resource Management tries to achieve job satisfaction level.
6. To attract good people: without attracting good people, organization cannot run smoothly or can cope with the competition. Therefore Human Resource Management wants to attract good people for the organization.
7. To make effectiveness: To make all organization programs an effective, Human Resource Management acts restlessly. And to ensure effectiveness, thus, all policies are formulated accurately.
8. To ensure discipline: Human Resource Management always tries to ensure discipline and to maintain peaceful environment in the organization. For the purpose, HRM takes positive measures and maintenance balance.
9. To use human resources properly: The organization can best every employee try to give them proper assignment and make sure that everything has been done timely without most care and sincerity.
10. To co-ordinate different sections of the organization: With a view to ensure co-ordination among different sections of the organization, Human Resource Management can set its objectives and get objective fulfilled achieved.
11. To develop working conditions in the organization: Last objective of Human Resource Management is to developing working conditions of the organization. Without this performance, quality and target cannot to be achieved.
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