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Human Resource Management of Boeing

Discuss Human Resource Management of Boeing within the Human Resources Management (H.R) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Human Resource Management of Boeing : The Boeing Company is a major aerospace and defense corporation, founded in 1916 by ...



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Human Resource Management of Boeing
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Human Resource Management of Boeing - January 24th, 2011

Human Resource Management of Boeing : The Boeing Company is a major aerospace and defense corporation, founded in 1916 by William E. Boeing in Seattle, Washington. Boeing has expanded over the years, merging with McDonnell Douglas in 1997. Boeing Corporate headquarters has been in Chicago, Illinois[4] since 2001. Boeing is made up of multiple business units, which are Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA); Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS); Engineering, Operations & Technology; Boeing Capital; and Boeing Shared Services Group.

Boeing is among the largest global aircraft manufacturers by revenue, orders and deliveries, and the third largest aerospace and defense contractor in the world based on defense-related revenue.[5] Boeing is the largest exporter by value in the United States.[6] Its stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Career Development(Past)
Programs typically designed by organizations
To advance their work activities within specific organization.
Provide information ,assessment and training to help employees to realize their career goals.
Attract and retain highly talented people.

Career Development(Today)

Wide spread organizational changes have lead to uncertainty and chaos concerning the concept of traditional organizational career.
Significant Conclusion about Career Development?
The individual – not the organization is responsible for his/her own career!
Organizational members have to look out for themselves and become more self reliant.
Boundary less career is being established in which individual rather than organization define
Career Progression.
Organizational loyalty.
Important skills.
Market place value.

Career Decisions
Career choice.
Initiate Job search.
How to survive and excel in your career.
Opportunities for personnel development.
Recognition for good performance.
Job location.
Working as a team.

Successful Management for Career Development
Develop a network.
Continue upgrading your skills.
Stay mobile.
Support your boss.
Don’t stay too long in your first job.
Stay visible.
Gain control of organization resources.
Learn the power structure.
Present the right image.
Do Good work.

Current Issues Of HRM
Workforce Diversity:
A workforce that’s more heterogeneous in term of gender, ethnicity, age and other characteristics that reflect differences.
Current Issues Of HRM (continued)
Work-Life Balance:
Balance between family life and work life. Employees can not leave their families.

Family Friendly Benefits
Current Issues Of HRM (continued)
Environmental Pressures:
External stakeholder interests, such as Union interests, situational factors (local labor market), can influence HRM.

Organizations react to these pressures

Current Issues Of HRM
Four C’s Model For Evaluating Human Resources
Cost effectiveness

IHRM is about understanding, researching, applying and revising all human resource activities in their internal and external contexts as they impact the process of managing human resources in enterprises throughout the global environment to enhance the experience of multiple stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, partners, suppliers, environment and society. The practice of HRM in the international context is different from its domestic counterpart in a number of ways. This includes: first, IHRM being responsible for a greater number of activities, such as the management of international assignees that includes such things as foreign taxes and work visas and detailed assistance with family relocations to foreign locales; second, having to expand its areas of expertise to include a much broader perspective, including knowledge of foreign countries and their employment laws; third, having to get much more closely involved than what is necessary in a purely domestic situation with employees' and their families' lives as the firm moves employees from country to country; fourth, being involved with a greatly expanded and constantly changing mix of employees, adding considerable complexity to the IHR management task; fifth, having to cope with more external influences, such as having to deal with issues stemming from multiple cultures and countries; and, as a result, sixth, having to face much greater exposure to problems and difficulties, and, thus, exposure to much greater potential liabilities for making mistakes in HR decisions (Schuler 2004). The paper will discuss about a certain company, its markets and its current global position. The paper will also consider the company’s approach to HRM and evaluate the ways in which this may need to change in the future. The paper will also discuss the staffing issues that the organizations should consider as part of any future decision on continuing global expansion

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Re: Human Resource Management of Boeing
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Re: Human Resource Management of Boeing - June 25th, 2015

Objectives of Human Resource Management

Objectives of Human Resource Management can be classified under four major categories.


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