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Human Resource Management of Audiovox

Discuss Human Resource Management of Audiovox within the Human Resources Management (H.R) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Audiovox Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX), founded in 1965 and headquartered in Hauppauge, New York. Diversification and acquisition has grown Audiovox from ...



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Human Resource Management of Audiovox
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Human Resource Management of Audiovox - January 24th, 2011

Audiovox Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX), founded in 1965 and headquartered in Hauppauge, New York. Diversification and acquisition has grown Audiovox from a car stereo company to a premier brand in mobile electronics and consumer electronics and a major player in consumer electronic accessories. Winner of numerous CEA Innovation Awards, the company prides itself on its dedication to new product development and new trends in technology.

The company has established marketing partnerships with major electronic companies such as Sony PlayStation for a combination gaming and rear seat video system and Sirius XM for satellite radio to name a few. Audiovox supports vehicle safety products through its Kids & Cars affiliation which is in its sixth year.

Among the highly recognized and powerful domestic brands now owned by Audiovox are: Acoustic Research, Advent, Code Alarm, Invision, Jensen, Prestige, RCA, and Terk. Our International brands include Heco, Incaar, Oehlbach, Mac Audio, Magnate and Schwaiger, among others. In addition the company licenses the Energizer brand.

Motivation will be provide to our employees through the career developments programs, promotion and transfers, increasing morale, additional incentives, recognition and others.
Career development programs are often instituted to meet the unique needs of particular employees. Although many different groups and issues may be targeted for development, some of the more common programs are those that focus on work-family issues, outplacement, entrenched employees, late-career employee, disadvantages employees, fast tract employees and supervisors.
Work-family programs
This focuses on increasing use of flexible work schedules and training for managers in implementing the schedule, opening of more on-site child-care centers, and greater use of paid leave for fathers and adoptive parents, more programs that set goals for advancing women into senior management positions and increasing number of companies holding managers accountable for meeting these goals.
Relocation Assistance and hiring practices
This focuses on the support provided by firms in assisting spouse of employees during employee relocation. The amount and nature of support could vary from company to company. Some firms have altered their policy on nepotism to allow for hiring both spouses.
Work family seminars and flexible HR practices
This allows for organizations to design programs to help employees manage their work family conflicts and coping strategies. Organizations are changing their practices for recruitment, travel, transfer, promotions, scheduling hours, and benefits to meet the needs of the larger number of dual career couples.
Flexible Work schedules
These are being increasingly instituted at the workplace. These include flextime, job sharing, part time work, working from home, compressed workweeks, temporary workweeks etc…. such programs enable employees to address their work and family concerns and reduce their potential stress or conflicts between their various life roles. Telecommuting has becomes very popular.
Outplacement program
This program during retrenchment and downsizing are now a professionally managed process in most organizations. The objective here is to assist the effected employees in making the transition to new employment. It could involve re-skilling for new, more relevant skills per market demand so finding a new job is easier.
Special programs for women, Minorities and Employees with Disabilities:
With more employees in these special categories entering the workforce there is an increase need to recognize the importance of assisting these employees with their career needs.
Fast Track employees
These identified usually as ‘stars’ with high potential for future are placed on a fast track program to enable them to move senior positions quickly and also helps in retaining this critical talents. Organizations must provide considerable feedback, training and counseling to these employees as well as offer quicker job changes and more challenging job assignments, particularly during the employee’s first few years on the job.
We would be adopting the policy which will be to fill up higher vacancies by promotion and lower level positions by recruitment from the labour market.
We will be considering vertical and horizontal promotions. Under vertical promotions employee will be promoted from one rank to the next higher rank in the same department. It will help employees to go up while increasing their specialization in their area of operation.
Under the horizontal policy, an employee will be transferred fro a position in one department to a position of higher rank in another department. But for this flexibility of the employee is required.
Transfer will be provided to employees, which will help them to develop and get more knowledge
The following are the measures which will be taken by us to increase the morale in order to bring the job satisfaction to the employees and reconcile individual interests with the interests of the organization.
a) Creation of the whole job- under this complete jobs will be assigned to the workers in which the complexity of the job is increased in order to appeal to their higher needs
b) Job Enrichment- Job enrichment will help the employees to deal with the dissatisfaction by increasing the depth. Under this employees will be given responsibilities for setting their own work pace, for concerning their own errors and deciding the best way to perform a particular task.
c) Modifying the work environment: This will be provided by developing work groups, developing social contacts of the employees, use of music at intervals, regular rest breaks, giving home made lunch and tea coupons.
d) Having counseling sessions: There will be counseling sessions held in order to build the relationship with the employee, every formal and informal aspects will be taken in this counseling session.
Incentives will be provided to the employees if the work done by them is accurate and has been given on time. It is in short based on quality, quantity and time. Incentives are provided to the employees on half yearly basis.
Recognition will be given to the employees if the work done by them has resulted into the utmost profits. Such recognition can be given through
a) Increment in the Salary
b) A free trip
c) Gifts or certificate of good performance

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