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Human Resource Management of ASARCO

Human Resource Management of ASARCO

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Human Resource Management of ASARCO
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Human Resource Management of ASARCO - January 24th, 2011

ASARCO LLC is a mining, smelting, and refining company based in Tucson, Arizona that mines and processes primarily copper. The company, a subsidiary of Grupo Mxico, is currently in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. ASARCO planned to emerge from bankruptcy in 2008, and opposes calls for it to totally liquidate its mining and industrial assets.[1]

Its three largest open pit mines are the Mission, Silver Bell and the Ray mines in Arizona. Its mines produce 350 to 400 million pounds of copper a year. ASARCO conducts solvent extraction/electrowinning at the Ray and Silver Bell mines in Pima County, Arizona and Pinal County, Arizona and a smelter in Hayden, Arizona. Before its smelting plant in El Paso, Texas was suspended in 1999 it was producing 1 billion pounds of anodes each year. Refining at the mines as well as at a copper refinery in Amarillo, Texas produce 375 million pounds of refined copper each year.


The process of Human Resource Planning is one of the most crucial complex and managerial functions which embraces organization development, career planning and succession planning..
The following is the Human Resource Planning which we would like to implement in our firm.


1. Objectives of Human Resource Planning:
In this we will include our business objectives on the basis of which the ultimate mission or purpose to relate future human resources to future enterprise needs will be fulfilled. The main purpose of this is that it helps in matching or fitting the employee abilities to enterprise requirements, with an emphasis on future instead of present arrangements. The objectives may be laid down for Short term i.e. one year.
2. Estimating the future Organisational Structure or Forecasting Manpower Requirements
In this we estimate the structure of the organization at the given point in time; In this we determine the number and type of employees needed is determined. Many environmental factors affect this determination. They include Business forecasts, expansion and growth, design and structural changes, management philosophy, government policy, product and human skills mix and competition.
Basically our management structure will be like the following

3. Auditing Human Resources
Once the future human resources needs are estimated, the next step is to determine the present supply of manpower resources. This is done through what is called “Skills Inventory”. A skills inventory contains data about each employee’s skills, abilities, work preferences and other items of information which indicate his overall value to the company

4. Job Analysis
After having decided how many persons would be needed, it is necessary to prepare a job analysis, which records details of training, skills, qualification, abilities, experience and responsibilities, etc. which are needed for a job. Job analysis includes the preparation of job descriptions and job specifications.

5. Developing a Human Resource Plan
This step refers to the development and implementation of the human resource plan, which consists in finding out the sources of labour supply with a view to making an effective use of these sources. The first thing, therefore is to decide on the policy should the, personnel be hired from within through promotional channels or should it be obtained from an outside source. We would be adopting the policy which will be to fill up higher vacancies by promotion and lower level positions by recruitment from the labour market.

As of now, due to the different development in terms of technology, particularly the advent of Information Technology or IT, HRD is moving beyond its role that is exclusive in supporting the business strategy. It is assuming a more influential role at the point of formulation of strategy and it is becoming one of the key determinants of the strategy of the business. Thus, different successful business strategies are focusing on the ability of the organization to implement state-of-the-art expertise to the new and emerging opportunities in the business world. As a result, in the current marketplace, those organizations that have or can quickly realize and attain the levels of expertise of the employees that is necessary to meet the different emerging needs of the business will win, while those companies that don’t will be left behind. The said fast changing environment of the business is in great demand for a dynamic strategic planning process as well as flexible use of different resources (Torraco & Swanson 1995, p. 10).

In general, it can be considered that organizations in the new economy have come to realize that the employee expertise is considered as a very important as well as forceful living treasure. However, the desire for the employee expertise will be meaningless, unless, a specific firm or company can develop it in different ways that it will respond and focus on the different needs of the business
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