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Human Resource Management of ArvinMeritor

Human Resource Management of ArvinMeritor

Discuss Human Resource Management of ArvinMeritor within the Human Resources Management (H.R) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; ArvinMeritor, Inc. (NYSE: ARM) is a corporation headquartered in Troy, Michigan which manufactures automobile components for light service vehicles, trucks, ...



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Human Resource Management of ArvinMeritor
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Human Resource Management of ArvinMeritor - January 24th, 2011

ArvinMeritor, Inc. (NYSE: ARM) is a corporation headquartered in Troy, Michigan which manufactures automobile components for light service vehicles, trucks, and trailers. ArvinMeritor is a Fortune 500 company.[1]

In 1997, Rockwell International spun off its automotive business as Meritor. In 2000, ArvinMeritor formed from the merger of Meritor Automotive, Inc., and Arvin Industries, Inc.

There are different examples of how HRD is used and applied in supporting the objectives of the business. Undeniably, most of programs regarding HRD focus on having a strategic value presume roles that supports the given business strategy.

One of the examples is the case of Motorola. The educations as well as trainings that were used in order to support the objectives of the business at Motorola is considered as a common challenges as well as opportunities that are faced by most of the organizations in the current business environment. The main difference is that Motorola had been able to discover earlier compare to other organizations that had began to introduce new and sophisticated technologies in the workplace was that their employees did not have that much skills, knowledge and abilities to make full use of the said technologies. It is important to tackle that companies that are competing in the fast-paced communications market, where in customers are demanding regarding the different aspects that are related to innovation and technology, must offer and deliver high-quality, reliable products and services, despite of the fact that they have a short product development cycles. What Motorola did is they required production advantages by both the integration of new technologies, at the same time, development of the expertise of their employees. The company offers an on- and off-site classroom education and training, laboratory training as well as structured training in the workplace in order for the employees at all levels of management to improve their skills. In addition, Motorola offers support their successful quest for business objectives, most of their education and training initiatives had serve as an examples of different best practices, where in other organizations and companies HRD functions used their practices as standards in their performance. As a result, Motorola had been able to provide an early as well as powerful example of HRD that is used in order to support the objectives of the business (Torraco & Swanson 1995, p. 10).

Aside from that, there are also different cases of HRD that supports the process of implementing different business strategy. Most of training and other related initiatives are connected with the total quality management that is critical in the process of converting marginal manufacturing plants into different successful facilities. Thus, HRD continues to be the initial vehicle in assuring different mandated levels or even employee competence as well as public safety in different highly regulated sectors just like the nuclear power industry. That’s why quite few companies today are considering their value added by focusing on the state-of-the-art employee expertise and its application and importance to the entire organizational performance and operations and its connection with the internal and external systems

Problems of Human Resources Management in the local public banks of in bullet form:

* Competency level of the employee of these banks is poor than of some competent banks.
* Organizational culture is not highly developed to cope with the changing environment and to face the new challenges.
* Job rotation policy is not being followed properly in the branch level.
* Transfer policy is not fair.
* Organizational behavior is not satisfactory.
* Recruitment policy especially in the lower level is not fairly maintained.
* Promotional policy of the bank is not meeting the present strategies of the competitive banks.
* Most of the employees of different branches are not cooperative in knowledge sharing.
* Salary structure of the bank is poor than some of the leading banks.
* Most of the employees are not expert in using modern technology and also they are not interested to learn it.
* Till today many of the employees like manual system in banking activities.

Probable Recommendations to overcome present problems:


* Competence level of the employees should increase through training.
* Organizational culture should improve by changing employees' attitude as well as organization itself.
* Job rotation policy should strictly follow in the branch level.
* Transfer policy should be absolutely fair.
* Organizational behavior should be changed through non financial motivation process with financial motivation process as well.
* Employee recruitment in each and every level should be fair through open competition.
* Promotional policy should be attractive and competitive in comparison with the leading banks.
* Salary structure should be revised in comparison to the leading banks.
* All the employees should bound to learn the uses of modern technology and if any of them are not interested to learn, there should be a choice of negative motivation.
* Manual system should be resolved from the branches to meet the demand of faster customer services.


* Do the job analysis again and do the segmentation part optimally according to the existing efficient available employees.

* Do the job specification part very carefully and try to relate the computer literacy part according to different tasks.
* The third and fourth class employees are not that much relevant to the profit oriented working of the bank and most of them are not serious about their jobs and even they are not always available during the working period, but they are getting all kids of legal and illegal facilities from the bank and they do not show any kind of respect to the superiors. So, in that case, third party recruitment is the best option and it is also known as cost reduction procedure. It will also cut down the problem of trade union.
* The fringe and benefit part of the employees is not of that satisfactory level and that is why the turn over ratio of the skilled and experienced employees is very high, so it should be changed with modern flavor.
* The promotion is very much dependent upon the specific time duration, which is not encouraging to the skilled employees. It should be strictly related to the performance level.
* The performance evaluation system is not updated. The organization should follow the 360 degree performance evaluation system. In this case, the superior executives will not be that much rude to the subordinates because the top level employees' performance will also be evaluated by the subordinates. It will reduce the oiling concept also.
* Each and every branch should have a Human Resources Manager who will conduct the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and they will be headed Zonal Human Resources Managers and Zonal Human Resources Managers will be headed by Head of Human resources Management of the specified banks.
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