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Human Resource Management of Armstrong World Industries

Discuss Human Resource Management of Armstrong World Industries within the Human Resources Management (H.R) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Armstrong World Industries, Inc. (NYSE: AWI) is an international designer and manufacturer of floors, ceilings and cabinets. Based in Lancaster, ...



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Human Resource Management of Armstrong World Industries
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Human Resource Management of Armstrong World Industries - January 24th, 2011

Armstrong World Industries, Inc. (NYSE: AWI) is an international designer and manufacturer of floors, ceilings and cabinets. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Armstrong operates 40 plants in 10 countries and has approximately 12,300 employees worldwide. In 2006, Armstrong’s net sales were $3.42 billion, with operating income of $210.8 million.

Armstrong World Industries, Inc. emerged from Chapter 11 reorganization on October 2, 2006. Its stock began trading on the New York Stock Exchange October 18, 2006 under the ticker symbol AWI. The Armstrong World Industries, Inc. Asbestos Personal Injury Settlement Trust, holds approximately 66% of AWI’s outstanding common shares. Armstrong's “Fourth Amended Plan of Reorganization, as Modified,” dated February 21, 2006, and confirmed by U.S. District Court Judge Eduardo Robreno in August 2006, become effective Oct. 2, 2006. The Plan includes a comprehensive settlement resolving AWI’s asbestos liability by establishing and funding a trust to compensate all current and future asbestos personal injury claimants. The company had filed for reorganization December 6, 2000, with the federal bankruptcy court in Delaware for reorganization under Chapter 11 because pending asbestos injury claims appeared to exceed the value of the company, and were growing.

“In addition to resolving AWI’s asbestos liability, we used the time in Chapter 11 to restructure our flooring business to make it more competitive,” Mr. Lockhart said. “We made substantial improvements in our cost structure by closing several plants and streamlining our workforce in the U.S. We have also expanded capacity to manufacture wood flooring, broadened our product lines and improved product quality and customer service.”

On January 11, 2007, Armstrong World Industries, Inc. and NPM Capital N.V. announced they were negotiating the sale of Tapijtfabriek H. Desseaux N.V. and its subsidiaries, the principal operating companies in Armstrong’s European Textile and Sports Flooring business segment, to NPM Capital N.V. The sale was finalized in April 2007.

The role of the HR department has changed a bit over the years however and now more of a strategic role is taken by professionals in this field. Previously a lot of the activities carried out were administrative and related to recruitment and policies within the organization. There has been a paradigm shift as businesses and organizations realize the importance of a strong workforce and how to attract and retain the top staff. Human resource departments or consultants are key to helping businesses with this.

Talent management is an important area of HR. This is the process by which talent in an organization is spotted and placed on a path towards promotion or the top positions in the company. Generally this is carried out through performance monitoring and getting to know staff as individuals to find out their own career aspirations. It would be unfortunate to have a member of staff pegged as the next CEO, only to discover they have a completely different life plan! Often CEOs or senior managers aim to carry this out themselves, but in order to be thorough and ensure nothing is missed, it is much more sensible to give this responsibility to a human resources professional.

Surveys are another part of modern human resources management. Businesses need happy staff in order for the organization to thrive. Gleaning information and feedback from employee surveys and questionnaires is a great way the senior managers can find out more about the general feeling and sentiment amongst staff. Armed with the results, a strategy can be put into place to make improvements where necessary or boost morale. If you have an experienced human resources professional working with your company then you will benefit from tried and tested methods for improving the culture and mood within a company. This can be of great benefit to productivity levels and to overall profits too!

A good way to motivate staff is to be clear about their role in the organization. Allowing individual staff members the chance of advancement and progression up the career ladder is important if a company wants to attract and retain the best workers. Finding out career aspirations and implementing training to help individuals reach their goals is a vital part of the human resources management role. If your company hasn't the room or the funds to take on new staff to take care of these vitally important human resources activities then you have two options. The first is to attempt to carry out the work yourself, or allocate it to an existing staff member. The second is to outsource the services to a specialist supplier.

Doing it yourself can simply distract your attentions away from the core business activities of your company. Allocating it to someone else could cause resentment and an increased work load for those concerned. By using a third party you will save yourself and your current workers this burden. Furthermore you will have peace of mind the work carried out is thorough and of the highest standard. Many organizations around the world are choosing to outsource their human resources management. Recognizing its important but without the resources to carry it out in house, human resources management companies are a great solution.


1. Vacancies created due to termination, promotion, expansion, additional work load, new product introduction.

2. The concerned department sends a requisition to the HRM department along with job description and specifications.

3. HRM accordingly prepares application for the advertisements in a few local and national level newspapers.

4. Applications received are scanned primarily and rejected on the basis of basic educational; requisites.

5. Eligible candidates are called for interview sessions on fixed date and time. They are reminded by phone calls after the official letters posted.

6. 1st interview is taken by concerned Department head that made the requisition of employee. The
interview is mostly a technical session.

7. 2nd interview is taken by the HR manager to get a feel of the employee’s SWOT.

8. 3rd and final interview is taken by supreme- MANAGING DIRECTOR, who makes the final say on whether the employee is suitable.

9. If selected the employee finishes off the formalities with HR manager.

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