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Human Resource Management of Applied Industrial Technologies

Human Resource Management of Applied Industrial Technologies

Discuss Human Resource Management of Applied Industrial Technologies within the Human Resources Management (H.R) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; With fiscal 2010 sales of $1.89 billion, Applied Industrial Technologies (NYSE: AIT) is one of North America's largest independent distributors ...



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Human Resource Management of Applied Industrial Technologies
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Human Resource Management of Applied Industrial Technologies - January 22nd, 2011

With fiscal 2010 sales of $1.89 billion, Applied Industrial Technologies (NYSE: AIT) is one of North America's largest independent distributors of bearings, power transmission components, hydraulic components and systems, pneumatic components and systems, industrial rubber products, linear components, tools, safety products, material handling products, janitorial supplies and general maintenance products. Applied also provides customized mechanical, fabricated rubber and fluid power shop services, as well as storeroom management and maintenance training services.

Human Resource management refers to the strategic management of an organization's work force aimed towards the achievement of organizational goals. Human resources management involves activities such human resource planning, recruitment, selection, orientation, training, appraisal, workers compensation, discipline, termination and job safety. Human resources management also involves other tasks such as drafting employees' job descriptions, counseling troubled employees and settling disputes. Drafting employee job description in human resource management refers to the action of determining roles and duties to be performed by each employee.

Human resource management also deals with ensuring a positive work environment that will contribute to increased output by workers. Human resource management is also an academic discipline within the business field of study. It involves the study of the management skills of an organization's human resources. Many learning institutions offer human resource management at different levels. Human resource management as a discipline is studied in colleges and universities at undergraduate, masters and PhD levels. Students taking human resources management are from time to time required to write human resource management papers. Examples of human resource management papers include; human resource management essays, human resource management term paper, human resource management research papers, human resource management thesis and dissertation. Human resource management paper writing requires great deals of research, organization and writing skills. Like other academic papers, human resource papers must have a topic or subject of discussion and a thesis statement. There is a huge array of human resource topics to select from while writing human resource papers. However while selecting a topic for your human resource paper, be sure to select a topic that is relevant, specific/ focused and one that touches on your area of interest/ expertise. The thesis statement in your human resource paper presents the main argument advanced by your paper.

Writing human resource management papers require thorough research using relevant and up to date materials as arguments in your human resource papers must be supported by empirical evidence. Argument in human resource management papers must be present in clear and organized manner. Regardless of the type of human resource management papers, your paper should have at least an introduction section, a main body section and conclusion section. Human resource management papers should also be original and plagiarism free. It is therefore, vital to acknowledge all sources consulted during the writing stage of your human resource management paper.

The method of citation and referencing should follow the writing style recommended by your instructor, institution or by your field of study. You may be a human resource management student and you are having difficulties in writing your human resource paper. We are an online writing company that provides human resource management paper writing services to students of all academic levels. We have writers who are qualified to write college human resource papers, undergraduate human resource papers, masters human resource papers and PhD human resources management papers.

Apart from human resource management papers we also offer other types of management papers such as; strategic management papers, process management papers, quality management papers, product management papers and public management papers among others. We offer our human resources management papers and other management papers at very reasonable prices. To make an order contact our 24/7 customer support center and give your specifications.

HRM practices and performance, with the relationship between HRM systems and performance. They concluded that systems of HRM policies have a much greater effect on productivity than can be expected from the sum of the individual components. A later study by Huselid (1995), covering all sectors of industry, established that bundles of High Performance Work Practices (US Department of Labor, 1993) have an “economically and statistically significant impact” on financial performance. The research provided only limited support for the theoretical arguments concerning internal and external fit. Huselid (1995) is reluctant to conclude, however, that the adoption of High Performance Work Practices alone is more important than ensuring these policies are internally consistent and are aligned with business strategy.

Finally, Patterson et al. (1997) have published the results of a study of single site UK manufacturing firms employing between 60 and 1,000 employees. The results of their research indicate that bundles of HRM practices taken together explain about 18 per cent of the differences in profitability and productivity of companies in their sample. By comparison, the variable “business strategy” explained less than 3 per cent of the change in profitability and productivity. Rather surprisingly “emphasis on quality” explained less than 1 per cent of the change in profitability and productivity. Patterson et al. (1997) suggest this can be explained by the fact that the majority of firms are equally committed to quality, whereas there were wide discrepancies in the degree of commitment to HRM. The HRM variables identified by these authors as significantly related to profits and productivity were job design and “acquisition and development of employee skills”. The variable “job design” is a bundle of skill flexibility, job responsibility, job variety and use of formal teams. “Acquisition and development of employee skills” consists of a bundle of selection, induction, training and use of appraisals.


It is important to recognise that employees may demonstrate a commitment to providing quality service without being committed to the organization. For example, an exploratory study of employee turnover by Hartman and Yrie (1996) suggests that turnover of some employees (50 per cent of the sample) is a consequence of lack of opportunities for progression and training, rather than a lack of job satisfaction. Such employees can be committed to providing quality service to “their” customers, but may appear to have low organizational commitment.

A study by Peccei and Rosenthal (1998) has explored the relationship between an individual’s commitment to customer service (CCS) and a number of organizational variables in the retail food sector. They focus on behavioural manifestations of CCS, namely the extent to which individuals engage in continuous improvement on the job for the benefit of customers and exert effort on the job on behalf of customers.

In the process of human resource there has to be a key integrative mechanism, linking individuals' goals and responsibilities to the objectives of the organization and integrating appraisal, training and development to facilitate strategic fit (Storey 1992) and has been identified as a means of enhancing organizational control over employees, constructing a consistent statement of managerial expectations (Coates 1994). Formal planning is held to be an important driver in determining the employee’s commitment along with the organization in terms of adherence to its values and desired behaviors that will bring about a strong culture and be conducive to organizational success (Peters and Waterman 1983).

Lastly, HR managers should adhere to the human resource approach in labeling the path of development for both the function and practice in HR strategy formulation and implementation that may imply much in terms of meeting the background needs of the organization rather than matching ‘HR professional’ notions (1992) of what the function should do that may require the function to operate at a level other than strategic assumptions with respect to the role of the HR function, the management practice of the HR function and the people management practice of the organization.

The main responsible area for the HR section is to look for prospective staff required for the different branches of the company. Human resource management owns the responsibility of hiring skilled people who sincerely work for the company's growth. All the documentation pertaining to up to date status of all employees and their insurance benefits will be maintained by HR sections and keep them very safely.

Human resource management should take care of all personal issues of the members and ensure all employees are doing responsibly their job in the organization. Some times big organizations manage and assign responsibilities for assistant staff to ensure the best performance where as for small enterprises it is difficult to manage assistant staff which comes as an additional financial burden and own the responsibility by the management itself. All the human resource management responsibilities are totally taken by the managements of the small companies.

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Re: Human Resource Management of Applied Industrial Technologies
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Re: Human Resource Management of Applied Industrial Technologies - January 22nd, 2011

Good! The project is very comprehensive.
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