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Human Resource Management of Albertsons LLC

Discuss Human Resource Management of Albertsons LLC within the Human Resources Management (H.R) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Human Resource Management of Albertsons LLC : Albertsons LLC is a North American grocery company based in Boise, Idaho, with ...



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Human Resource Management of Albertsons LLC
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Human Resource Management of Albertsons LLC - January 22nd, 2011

Human Resource Management of Albertsons LLC : Albertsons LLC is a North American grocery company based in Boise, Idaho, with over 240[1] supermarkets located in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Florida under the Albertson's, County Line Liquor and Super Saver Foods banners.[2] While Albertsons LLC is majority-owned by Cerberus Capital Management, the "Albertsons" name is used under license with SuperValu.

Supermarket News ranked Albertsons LLC No. 24 in the 2008 "Top 75 North American Food Retailers" based on 2007 fiscal year estimated sales of US$6.0 billion

Human Resource management refers to the strategic management of an organization's work force aimed towards the achievement of organizational goals. Human resources management involves activities such human resource planning, recruitment, selection, orientation, training, appraisal, workers compensation, discipline, termination and job safety. Human resources management also involves other tasks such as drafting employees' job descriptions, counseling troubled employees and settling disputes. Drafting employee job description in human resource management refers to the action of determining roles and duties to be performed by each employee. Human resource management also deals with ensuring a positive work environment that will contribute to increased output by workers. Human resource management is also an academic discipline within the business field of study. It involves the study of the management skills of an organization's human resources. Many learning institutions offer human resource management at different levels.

Human resource management as a discipline is studied in colleges and universities at undergraduate, masters and PhD levels. Students taking human resources management are from time to time required to write human resource management papers. Examples of human resource management papers include; human resource management essays, human resource management term paper, human resource management research papers, human resource management thesis and dissertation. Human resource management paper writing requires great deals of research, organization and writing skills. Like other academic papers, human resource papers must have a topic or subject of discussion and a thesis statement. There is a huge array of human resource topics to select from while writing human resource papers. However while selecting a topic for your human resource paper, be sure to select a topic that is relevant, specific/ focused and one that touches on your area of interest/ expertise.

The thesis statement in your human resource paper presents the main argument advanced by your paper. Writing human resource management papers require thorough research using relevant and up to date materials as arguments in your human resource papers must be supported by empirical evidence. Argument in human resource management papers must be present in clear and organized manner. Regardless of the type of human resource management papers, your paper should have at least an introduction section, a main body section and conclusion section. Human resource management papers should also be original and plagiarism free. It is therefore, vital to acknowledge all sources consulted during the writing stage of your human resource management paper. The method of citation and referencing should follow the writing style recommended by your instructor, institution or by your field of study. You may be a human resource management student and you are having difficulties in writing your human resource paper.

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HR manager or human resource manager has many roles and responsibilities in the corporate. From hiring people to employee retention, the HR manager responsibilities can never end or reduce. He/she has a huge obligation towards the company as it is essential to identify the talent of each employee, utilize their talents, and place them in a position best suited for them. Apart from these, we have listed few more HR manager roles and responsibilities below.

HR Manager Responsibilities and Duties

In the following article, we will go over few of the important human resource manager - job description. After reading and understanding about these HR manager responsibilities, perhaps you can get an insight on how challenging, yet intriguing the work environment can be.

Recruitment Procedure: One of the initial responsibilities of HR manager is recruiting efficient employees for the company that will deliver to the best of their abilities. As the recruitment procedure can be quite expensive for the company, it is imperative not to make an error during the process.

Hiring Employees: Hiring is also one of the most important duty of the HR manager, be it long term or short term. Every individual has unique set of talents, educational background, and skills that can benefit an organization. Keeping that in mind, a HR manager should possess an eye for searching these talented people for the company's growth.

Training & Developing Employees: The new employees or the old employees entering new departments need to undergo employee training for their specific roles. The HR manager has to take care of the training needs of employees, so that no compatibility issue arises with the work assigned later on.

he purpose of SHRM is to make the integration of organizational objectives and HR policies and practices. The organization views its human resources as the most important contributor to the company’s success. Because of this the HR department was appointed to develop strategies and policies that is geared towards the achievement of the company’s goals by making use of the human resources. In order for us to have a clear picture of how the HR department deliver people strategy let us have a look at the SHRM process.

1. Identifying the impact of the company’s gaols on specific departments.

The plans of the HR department are based on the strategic objectives of the organization. The objectives of the HR department are derived from the overall strategy of the company.

2. Identifying the knowledge, skills, expertise and total number of employees required to achieve the organizational and functional and departmental objectives.

The top management encourages every department to come up with their own objectives and goals. Based on these goals, the knowledge, skills and expertise required are determined. The HR department makes sure that the company have access to adequate pool of knowledge, skills and abilities.

3. Determining the additional human resources requirements in light of the organization’s current human resources.

The HR department is responsible in keeping track with the current condition of the company’s human resources. The HR department is responsible for making sure that the human resources requirements are satisfied in order to keep the operation flowing.

4. Developing specific action plans to meet anticipated human resources.

The HR department makes a plan in order to accommodate the people in the organization. The HR department provides training for the new employees and makes sure that the knowledge and skills of the current employees are always updated.

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Re: Human Resource Management of Albertsons LLC
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Re: Human Resource Management of Albertsons LLC - June 11th, 2015

Human Resource management, you must have all aware about HR personality. Definitely, we cannot believe that ghost who usually are the main reason to reject us, but that's not the point they are the best personality and highly skill in determining the best employee suitable for the organisation.They are responsible if the internal communication is feeble.
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