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Human Resource Management of Advance Auto Parts

Human Resource Management of Advance Auto Parts

Discuss Human Resource Management of Advance Auto Parts within the Human Resources Management (H.R) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Advance Auto Parts (NYSE: AAP), headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia,[3] is the second-largest retailer of automotive replacement parts and accessories in ...



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Human Resource Management of Advance Auto Parts
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Human Resource Management of Advance Auto Parts - January 21st, 2011

Advance Auto Parts (NYSE: AAP), headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia,[3] is the second-largest retailer of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the United States. AAP was founded in 1932 and had 2008 sales of approx. $5.1B. AAP operates 3,540 stores in 40 US states and employs over 51,000 Team Members across all operations.

In 2005, Advance Auto Parts purchased Autopart International, Inc. which operates 195 stores along the Atlantic Seaboard.

The Human Resource Management behaviour will influence employee behaviour more than the words included in a communication. Furthermore, analysis shows that the employees assess the communication to see if the change meets their needs. Internal communication is linked to performance, job satisfaction, job avoidance, market conditions, commitment, culture and turnover. Managing people can present unique challenges and may be unfamiliar territory for human resource management.

Importance of HRM in Employee Recruiting

Recruiting today is taken a lot more seriously and given a lot more
thought than it used to be. Gaining competent employees at all levels of the organization is more than a matter of training. It stems from changes in recruitment and selection philosophy (Ashkenas et al, 1995). Recruiting the most competent employees for each and every organization is continuous challenge for the human resource management. Faced with the problem of conducting recruiting effort to fill critical position in any level of organization, the human resource management must create an Employee Recruiting Policy to identify the critical activities in the recruitment process and monitor its results.

In order to create Employee Recruiting Policy, planning is an important element of most aspects of human resource management. Depending on the personnel function considered. Human resource management often have very different ideas on how to go about the recruitment process and when it should be done. Recruiting new employees to fill existing vacancies is an important function within human resource management. Heneman & Berkley (1999) identified five interrelated stages in the recruitment process: planning, strategy development, searching, screening, and evaluation and control. These routine dimensions of the recruiting process are integrated into the daily routine of many HR departments and once a system is established, there appears to be little need for additional planning or analysis with regard to how the recruiting process should proceed. From time to time, however, it is necessary to recruit a person to fill a high level vacancy. This non-routine recruiting activity has all of the characteristics of an independent project and requires special attention apart from the routine recruiting activities. Within the public sector, there are usually additional legal and political factors that must be considered which are not necessarily present in private sector recruiting, particularly for high level positions. This is the type of project that requires detailed planning if the recruiting effort is to be successful and timely.

The Human Resource Management must provide a comprehensive and understandable Employee Recruitment Policy so as not to make the applicant employees be confused in the job position and the organization as well. As mentioned earlier there is a step by step procedure in the recruitment process in which the Employee Recruiting Policy should be based so that the human resource management will have the assurance that the employee that they have recruited deserves the position allotted. In addition, Employee Recruiting Policy is done in order to have an appropriate and accurate recruiting and in order to have the most suitable and competent employees that will contribute to the success of the organization or institution.

Work schedule differs for different posts as managers are required to be present at office timings. For operations employees the facility of flexible work schedule is available that is in three shifts. One day is off during the week.
Occasional need of putting in some extra work hours is informed and employees are paid accordingly.
If an employee works all 7 days a week the department head is supposed to give him 2 days off in the next work week in order to compensate.

PC supply free meals & tea to employees during working hours.
• 1 meal and 2 tea breaks in one shift
• 30 min for lunch/ dinner
• 15 min for each tea/ breakfast
Employees are given special discount packages on food

The leave structure of PC is as follows:
• Casual (Maximum 3)
• Sick (Medical certificate for three or more)
• Earned (Minimum 7)
All above mentioned leaves are paid. In case an employee doesn’t avail any leave for a year, he/she is awarded a cash amount.

PC provides free medical facility to all its employees and their children.

PC provides life insurance facility to its employees. Minor charges are deducted from employee’s pay.

PC offers yearly pay rise to its employees regardless of their performance. The rate of increments is same for all employees.

• Free uniform is provided to all employees.
• Free laundry services for employees’ uniforms.
• Free transportation for female workers.
• Hajj Lucky Draw Package

Employees’ provident fund handed over to them at the time of retirement/resignation of the employee. However, in the case of termination it is conditional.

Employees not utilizing their medical facilities are awarded Rs.100/month. This amount keeps on accumulating in the employees’ medical allowance which is handed over to him/her at the time of retirement/resignation. Similarly this allowance is also conditional for the termination cases.
Others are medical facility, hospitalization insurance, life insurance, laundry facility, discount on rooms and restaurants etc.

Employees are provided with the counseling services during their training at the time of retirement by the HR manger. These services include:

Family Counseling is a counseling program for employees wherein they are suggested how to cope with their personal & family problems. So that the management is assured of the fact that employees are not under any stress and are able to put in their best effort to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently.

In pre-retirement counseling program employees who are willing to work after retirement are given constructive guidance concerning their second careers.

• Health and safety laws
• Security Measures
• Social security fund
• In-house doctor and Dispensary
• Contract with Services Hospital
• Provide instructions regarding the recent issue of bird flu.
• Hygiene of employees
• Fire preventions
• Energy conservation

PC as a developing & growing organization makes advancements according to the requirements of the environment. Focusing on the HR department, although PC has maintained strong culture throughout the organization yet we’ve observed that PC nevertheless needs some improvements which will aid it in availing the opportunities and be more competitive.

Few of the weaknesses of PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL are as under;
• Immediate promotion depends on situation to situation. For instance recently H R director of PC is required and no one is there to promote from junior rank so they have to out sourced the vacancy.
• PC’s HR department not has their specified questions while conducting the interview. The main top managers of the HR and the concerning department take the unstructured interview in which no question is asked on a specific pre-determined questionnaire format. They ask on-time questions from the interviewer.

The planned and amended Human Resource Management Employee Recruiting Policy should be able to clearly state the mission and objective of the recruitment process to be done. Specifically, the purpose of such policy is to offer a criterion and standard measure for recruiting new applicants or employees. In addition, the Employee Recruiting Policy made by the Human resource management should include the following: Employee requisition, Employee Status change form, and employment offer. Employee Requisition is defined as the written document utilized to authorize or permit, and describe the requirements, experience, qualifications, and pay rates for the position offered by the organization. In this manner, the employees are given the right to be informed to be able to become aware of the recruitment process.

The Employee Recruiting Policy imposed by the Human Resource Management should also include a procedure so that the recruitment process should be accurate and correct. In this manner, the Human Resource Management should always be aware if a new position is required or if a transferred/reassigned or terminated workers or employees would need a replacement. The Human Resource Management shall complete the Employee Requisition form describing the job to be handled and obtains approvals from the department head. After which, the Human Resource Management is responsible in determining the most appropriate recruiting approach to be used. To let the applicants and employees be aware of the recruitment process, the Human Resource Management should provide a means of advertising the activity to all the recruiters and agency. Further, the Human Resources Management must posts and open all requisition of regular employment.

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