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Newbie? Read these FAQs

Newbie? Read these FAQs

Discuss Newbie? Read these FAQs within the Group Discussions Online Archive ( GD ) forums, part of the CAT, XAT, MAT, CET, JMET and other Indian MBA Entrance Exams category; What are these FQAs for? These are the frequently asked questions by all the newbies and are aimed at answering ...

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What are these FQAs for?

These are the frequently asked questions by all the newbies and are aimed at answering your questions. Read this post thoroughly and all the links mentioned in it.

You must go through THE CONCEPT BEHIND ONLINE GD and Must read GD guidelines as well, after reading this post, to understand the rules and guidelines completely. These comprehensive posts have been written so that you don't face any problems and all your queries can be effectively handled. After that, if u still have some doubt, you are welcome to approach me.

Who am I?

Good question! My name is Gaurav Mittal. Officially, i am an engineer. I conduct GDs for (GD Taker).
Apart from that I work as a moderator (content management) and marketing for MP

I do not know anything about the GDs. What do I do?

Look around the forum and check other threads of mine. Read them completely. They contain lots of useful info and many good links.
Start with THE CONCEPT BEHIND ONLINE GD and follow all the posts in it.

What time is it and how is it conducted?

It is conducted from 9:30 p.m. For all these details refer to the link(s) above.

What about the topic?

It would be given when u are in the conference and u would be given a couple of minutes to think over it.

How many participants would be there?

Normally 7-8. We try to simulate the actual GD conditions as much as we can.

What's the duration?

Around 25-30 mins (like a normal GD)

Why/How must I change my status to 'ONLINE GD'?


When will be the next GD?

The GD dates are decided once the feedback for the previous GDs are obtained. I'll let u know the day, a day in advance, through yahoo offlines. The timing shall remain the same. The schedule shall also be put up in this thread a day before the GD => Next GD So keep checking this thread on a daily basis!

I do not read a lot or I do not know what to do in a GD

Well, to begin with, start reading. Internet is full of information, news headlines and other updates and check out my links on these two posts.
Post 1
Post 2

Go though them. Even if u do not know anything, just participate in the session to get a feel of it. You would improve only by participating and not keeping mum.

Are there any guidelines for the GD conference?

Yes, please refer to Must read GD guidelines

What are the Dos and Donts of a GD?

Check this post!

What do I do, if I do not know much about the current topic?

In case, u face a topic, on which u do not know much, try to catch up from the session going on. Try to follow from what others are talking, but do not be a copy-cat. Being a silent observer, isn't of much use, either. You can face a similiar situation in an actual GD too, so u got to learn to catch up and mix with the group. Again, even if u are unable to catch anything, then do not leave the conference. That project a bad imagine on the others as well. Read others’ view-points and then google for the topic after the session. Try to grasp it.

The main thing is, that u need to start taking these sessions very seriously.

When are these sessions conducted?

We try to conduct them as frequently as possible. So u can expect some 3-4 sessions per week.

What do i do if i have to leave the conference in between the discussion due to unavoidable circumstances?

Please ensure that ur participation won't be interrupted for the next half an hour for any reasons. If u're not sure, then forego from participating. This would ensure that others do not miss their chance due to u. Remember, there would be no option for u to leave it in between in an actual GD. We do not encourage such people to participate in the forthcoming GDs. However, if something unanticipated does crop up, do ensure to inform me with appropriate reasons, to avoid getting barred from future participation!

Who evaluates them?

The evaluation would be given by Mr. Nikhil Gagodia, Mr. Kartik Raichura (admin, Mr. Ankit Gokani and Mr. Rahul Parab within 2-3 days and the same can be accessed here.. Yahoo Messenger GD Proceedings...

Some points I would like you to remember during a GD:
  1. Follow all the rules of the GD as given in the Must Read GD guidelines.
  2. Make sure u have gone through the DOs of a GD
  3. When in the conference, and asked to introduce urself, give a proper two line introduction, i.e. your name and ur occupation. You must be very formal in ur answer. Even though it is a yahoo conference, but assume as though, u are in an actual GD session. So u can’t crack any jokes or indulge in private conversation.
  4. Follow all the essentials of the GD. Take it very seriously. It is for ur benefit.
  5. Indulgence in incessant personal talks, rude behaviour, indecent remarks on fellow members, leaving the conference mid-way would not be tolerated and would lead to debarment. Do follow all the guidelines mentioned here to ensure we, or rather you can help yourself, better!! If u do have to leave the conference due to any reason, then make sure to inform me, or else i won't invite u again.
  6. Learn to analyse what mistakes u did in the session and try to devise a different strategy for the next one. This way, u can improve upon ur mistakes
  7. When the GD taker asks u to stop, do stop. Remember, if u keep on speaking after the moderator in an actual GD stops u, u would lose points.
  8. Conclusion is a place for summing up the discussion. No new points are supposed to be added there.
  9. Finally, do check the feedback (including the transcript for the GD) everytime, whether u participate in the session or not. Whatever mistakes others do, u are liable to do the same and hence u can check them out and correct urself, beforehand.
  10. Daily reading is the most prominent key to improve!
Let me know if u have any other question and I will attempt to answer that too.

You can get in touch with me, if u have any other doubts.

(GD Taker)

Gaurav Mittal

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