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Discuss WHAT IS GRE AND HOW IT IS SRUCTURED? within the GRE forums, part of the International MBA category; What is the GRE and how is it structured? The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) General Test is a multiple-choice admission ...



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WHAT IS GRE AND HOW IT IS SRUCTURED? - September 3rd, 2008

What is the GRE and how is it structured?
The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) General Test is a multiple-choice admission test for applicants to graduate schools. The test is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), under the sponsorship of the Graduate Record Examinations Board. The GRE is a computer-adaptive test (CAT), and consists of three scored sections:


Verbal Quant AWA*
Sentence completion
Reading comprehension
Problem solving
Quant comparisons
Graph based questions
Perspectives on an issue
Analysis of an argument

Marks 800 800 0-6(Graded)

30 min
45 min
45 min + 30 min = 75 min

*As of October 2002, the "Analytical Ability" section will be replaced with an Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA).

What is a CAT and how does it work?
A CAT is a computer-adaptive test, whose software calculates your score based on the number of questions you answer correctly, the difficulty of the questions you answer, and the number of questions you complete. When you take the GRE CAT, you'll begin each section with a medium-level question and a score of 500. If you answer the question correctly, the computer will raise your score and give you a harder question. If you answer the question incorrectly, your score will decrease and you'll be given an easier question. The process repeats for each question in the section, to arrive at your final score for that section. more....>>

How is the GRE scored?
Each of the three sections is scored on a scale of 200 to 800. The average scores for the GRE are about 470 for Verbal and 570 for Quantitative.

How important are my GRE scores?
Schools vary tremendously in the weights they place on the different factors in the admission process, so be sure to contact the specific schools to which you are applying in order to determine their unique requirements. Some programs weight GRE scores very heavily, and/or have a minimum score for applicants, while other programs consider GRE scores more of a formality. It is important to note that your GRE scores are a major factor in determining your eligibility for financial aid.

Can I cancel my scores?
Yes. You can cancel your scores immediately after you take the GRE. This is the only time you can cancel your scores. Unfortunately, you must make the decision to cancel at the testing center before you see your scores. In addition, the fact that you cancelled your scores will be noted on your official GRE score report.

How do I pick a test date?
First find out the application deadlines for the graduate schools to which you are applying, then work backwards from your earliest deadline. Build some extra time into your planning process for unexpected delays because you can only take the GRE once per calendar month. Keep in mind that it can take as long as four weeks for your official scores to arrive at your designated schools. The GRE is offered at testing centers almost every day. Call your local center for details and to book your test. While in theory you could sign up for the GRE with only two days' notice, don't depend upon this luxury. Call at least one month prior to your desired test date.

What fees are associated with the GRE?

Fee for the GRE exam (W.e.f. Oct 1, 2002)
TOEFL: This test is mandatory for International students applying to a Graduate course or University in US. Fee for this exam is

What are the GRE Subject Tests and Writing Assessment Test (WAT)?
The GRE Subject Tests are intended to measure your knowledge of specific subject matter. Subject Tests are available in eight disciplines: biochemistry, cell and molar biology; biology; chemistry; computer science; literature in English; mathematics; physics; and psychology. These tests are given in paper-and-pencil format three times per year, in November, December, and April.

The WAT is a computer-based test, consisting of two analytical writing tasks: a 45-minute essay in which you present your perspective on a particular issue; and a 30-minute essay in which you analyze an argument.

As of October 2002, the WAT will become part of the GRE General Test, replacing the multiple-choice "Analytical Ability" section.
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Thumbs up Re: WHAT IS GRE AND HOW IT IS SRUCTURED? - February 23rd, 2009

GRE test stands for GRADUATE RECORD EXAMINATIONS. There are two types of GRE tests: (1) GRE General test, and (2) GRE Subject test

GRE general test:

The GRE General Test measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills that have been acquired over a long period of time and that are not related to any specific field of study. The GRE General Test is required by many graduate and professional schools in the U.S and is an important criterion for admission to their graduate programmes. Applicants must submit their GRE scores together with certain other records/requirements as part of the process of admission to graduate schools.The GRE is administered by Educational Testing Services (ETS). ETS is responsible for conducting the GRE test under the guidance of the college education board of the U.S. GRE is a multiple-choice Computer Adaptive test and it is a mandatory for students seeking Masters Degree or PhD degrees in the USA for most of the Universities.

Test pattern:

Verbal section:The skills measured include the test taker's ability to analyze and evaluate written material and synthesize information obtained from it analyze relationships among component parts of sentences recognize relationships between words and concepts.

30 questions in 30 mins
Score range: 200 800 Analogies, Antonyms, Sentence Completion, Reading Comprehension
Quantitative Section
The skills measured include the test taker's ability to understand basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis reason quantitatively solve problems in a quantitative setting
28 questions in 45 mins
Score range: 200 800
Quantitative Comparison, Discrete Math, Data Interpretation
Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)
The skills measured include the test taker's ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively examine claims and accompanying evidence support ideas with relevant reasons and examples sustain a well-focused, coherent discussion control the elements of standard written English.
2 essays
Analysis of an Issue (45 mins.)
Analysis of an Argument (30 mins.)

Total score range for the test: 400 1600 (Verbal + Quantitative); 0 6 (AWA)

The GRE scores are technically valid for five years However, most of the top universities do not consider scores more than two years old .Being a Computer Adaptive Test, it is conducted throughout the year, on all weekdays you can register for the test online at GRE: Graduate Record Examinations Information OR by post/ telephone/ fax.
Test fees are US$140 (from 1st July 2006, the test fees will be US$160) This includes reporting your scores to 4 universities of your choice, on the day of the test If you want to report your scores to additional universities (or if you do not report your scores to any university on your test day, and would like to do so later), the fee is US$15 per university.
The GRE is a computer-adaptive test, which means your performance on previous questions determines which question you'll be asked next. The change to GRE has been cancelled.

Computer Adaptive Test:
The GRE Test is a CAT (Computer Adaptive Test). This means that the computer adapts the level of the questions to the test-taker's ability. Initially questions of medium difficulty level are administered to test taker. If he / she answers these questions correctly, a more difficult question is given. Otherwise, an easier question is administered. So, at every stage, the computer tailors the test to the examinees level. In this examination, the score depends both on the number of questions attempted and the number of correct responses.

Some points which you must know about the Computer Adaptive Test:
In verbal section each question has five answer choices and you must select one choice as your answer
In the quantitative ability section each problem solving and data interpretation question has five answer choices. However, quantitative comparison questions have only 4 answer choices.
Only one question appears at a time. To move to the next question, you have to mark an answer to the question that is currently on your screen
Once you have confirmed your answer to a question you can't go back to a question and change your answer
The questions are graded into 5 categories ranging from the easy to the hard category
More points are awarded for getting the harder questions right
You are penalized for not completing the test. Hence, your score depends on your accuracy, the difficulty level of the questions and the number of questions you attempted. At the beginning of the test, every candidate gets a question of average difficulty level (level 2 or 3)
Questions in the verbal and the quantitative sections need not always be administered in groups. For example, if the first question that appears in the verbal section is an antonym, then you need not necessarily get a series of questions on antonyms alone. Two questions on antonyms may be followed by one question on analogies, followed by one on sentence completion. In other words, questions can appear in any particular order. Similarly, in the quantitative section, one question on problem solving may be followed by one question on quantitative comparison. This may be followed by one question on problem solving. Hence, the type of question that will come next cannot be predicted.
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gre, sructured, sructured?

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