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Discuss GRE MATH SECTION within the GRE forums, part of the International MBA category; GRE Math GRE Math Section In the GRE Math section, questions can be classified into the following categories : GRE ...



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Smile GRE MATH SECTION - August 29th, 2008

GRE Math
GRE Math Section

In the GRE Math section, questions can be classified into the following categories :

GRE Math - Arithmetic
Questions involve

* Arithmetic operations
* Powers
* Operations on radical expressions
* Estimation
* Percent
* Absolute value
* Properties of numbers (e.g. divisibility, prime numbers, odd and even integers)
* Factoring

GRE Math - Algebra
Questions involve

* Rules of exponents
* Factoring and simplifying algebraic expressions
* Understanding concepts of relations and functions
* Solving first and second degree equations and inequalities
* Solving simultaneous equations
* Setting up equations to solve word problems
* Applying basic algebra skills to solve problems

GRE Math- Geometry
Questions involve properties of

* Parallel lines
* Circles and their inscribed central angles
* Triangles
* Rectangles
* Other polygons
* Area
* Perimeter
* Volume
* Pythagoras theorem
* Angle measure in degrees
* Simple coordinate geometry (including slopes, intercepts, and inequalities)

GRE Math - Data Analysis
Questions involve

* Elementary probability
* Basic descriptive statistics
* Mean
* Median
* Mode
* Range
* Standard deviation
* Percentiles
* Interpretation of data in graphs and tables
* Line graphs
* Bar graphs
* Circle graphs
* Frequency distributions

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