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Blogging as a career

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Blogging as a career
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Sunanda K. Chavan
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Blogging as a career - October 19th, 2011

“Blogging as a career” budding

Blogging as a career is a wonderful option as it is like pursuing one’s hobby of writing in an area of interest and that you get paid for it. Many might be wondering whether one can earn a living from blogging and some others are confused about the topic he or she must write on. One can take up a career of blogging if they are really serious about it.

It is observed that many of them throw out their jobs and take up the career of blogging. But the point is that, not all of them get to the top. The reason is inconsistency and lack of long term focus. So in order to take up blogging as means to earn a living one has to be consistent in what he is doing and should have a long term focus.

There are many around us who have taken up successful career in blogging. They either work on their own or work for other big blogging companies. Their success lies in the amount of traffic their blogs bring in and the revenue it produces as a result of this traffic. The revenue is generated by placing advertisements in the blog pages. This is done by advertisement networks. The more the traffic, the more advertisers pay attention to your blog and thus comes along with it more revenue.

Blogging as a Business

The first and foremost point that anyone who intend to take up blogging as career should consider is to respect it as a business. If you consider it as a business then you will schedule your activities around your work and not the other way round. Blogging as a business should not be carried out during your spare time. Bloggers should be willing to invest their time in blogging. In addition to time bloggers should be willing to spend some money. Most often bloggers look for free options to make money, but they should invest money to make more money. A typical investment will include spending in advertisement of their blog site so as to attract more traffic.

Earning revenue through blogging

The main objective of blogging as in any business is to generate revenue. In any blogs the main source of revenue is advertisement. Unlike any other business the bloggers doesn’t have to go in search of advertisers. There are many advertisement networks such as google AdSense, Yahoo publishers, BlogAds etc which will help bloggers to earn revenue from their blogs. The advantage is that the blogger can concentrate on his work while the ad network takes care of the advertising part. The ad network keeps a share of the revenue for them and rest is paid to the blogger.

The revenue mainly depends on the traffic the blog is able to attract. The revenue is generated based on Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or Cost per Click. As the traffic to the blog increase more advertisers target your blog.

No Barriers to entry

The main advantage of starting a blog is that there is no entry barrier or exit barrier. An individual with a decent level of knowledge in the concerned area can start blogging, provided he or she should be good in writing. Another advantage of blogging is that the break even period is small because the investment required is low and all is that is required is your time.

Difficulties that one may face in blogging

There a lot many encouraging blogging success stories around us, but still there are lot many who failed to make an impact. According to estimates there are some 200 million blogs out there in the online world. So making an impact in such a large world has become difficult. The challenge is that there are many popular blogs that cover the same topic and so one has to think about winning readers.

Another important factor that affects blogging is consistency. At the beginning one might be eager and excited in blogging and success lies in maintaining the momentum that one has created at the start, over the period of time. One might loose the momentum when doesn’t see positive increase in the traffic. This is the reason why there are lot many blogs which doesn’t have any activities.

Want to be professional blogger?

Commitment towards success
In order to become a professional blogger one should have commitment towards success. There will bemany obstacles and temptations to give up along the way. In order to become a professional blogger one should overcome all these obstacles and temptations.

Dedicate time to make it a success
As said earlier one has to dedicate time to become a blogger. To become a professional blogger one has to put in much more time and even quit his job to pursue this career. Consistent performance is also a deciding factor.

Build a network around you
The success of any blogger lies in building a strong network with other bloggers around you. This helps in expanding the network.

Pay attention to the content you develop
Becoming a professional blogger doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be a very good writer. All you have to do is to develop content that is of interest to readers so that you can draw their attention towards your blog.

Marketing the blog is important as developing the content
The success lies in marketing the content in an efficient and effective manner. In the online world it easier to market the content with help of emails and the most effective way is marketing using social networking sites. This helps in making the readers aware of blog’s existence and start to visit you blog and read the content.

Business skills
The blogger requires the skills and ability required by any other business to maintain a blog. The main objective is to earn revenue and so one has develop his business skills so that the blogging becomes a success story.

These are some pre-requisites to become a professional blogger like any other business. Fulfilling these will help in building a career in this field.

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Re: Blogging as a career
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Jiten Mazee
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Re: Blogging as a career - December 1st, 2015

We have noticed aa increase in the number of bloggers and individuals who started running a blog as a career option. Actually people are eager to start something of their very own and that is the reason they are choosing the blogging to start something new.
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Re: Blogging as a career
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Kartik Raichura
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Founder & CEO at Management Paradise
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Re: Blogging as a career - December 1st, 2015

Exactly, We Indians are the world's largest english speaking population and we work hard. We have a lot to share and teach and if that can make money, nothing like it.

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Re: Blogging as a career
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Robin Camryn
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Re: Blogging as a career - January 19th, 2016

Blogging as a career is a good option,just select a topic in which your in interested and start writing the blog post and start earn sufficient money,so if any one interested just buy a domain and hosting and install the word press software it is free provided by the hosting package and just do some settings start writing blog posts. for further detail just search on youtube.
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