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Top 10 Dead Persons Still Said To Be Alive After Death

Discuss Top 10 Dead Persons Still Said To Be Alive After Death within the General Talks forums, part of the Management Students Voices ( MBA,BMS,MMS,BMM,BBA) category; ...



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Top 10 Dead Persons Still Said To Be Alive After Death
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Exclamation Top 10 Dead Persons Still Said To Be Alive After Death - August 23rd, 2009

10. Alexander I of Russia (12/23/1777 – 11/19/1825)

Alexander I was able to start off as a successful king, but due to family circumstances, he soon became very suspicious and paranoid of others. In 1825 Alexander was on a trip to the Crimea during the winter when he developed a cold that turned into typhus and in the end killed him. He died suddenly and was given a funeral with a closed casket. Because of his sudden death, many found the circumstances of his death to be questionable. Many believed he wanted to give up the throne quietly and that this was his cover up to do so. Some think he took on the name Feodor Kuzmich and became a hermit. To add even more suspense, in 1925 Alexander’s tomb was open, but a body was not found.

9. Princess Diana of Wales (07/01/1961 – 08/31/1997)

Born into royalty, Princess Diana was most definitely a member of the royal family who was able to become a worldwide icon, bringing the issue of AIDS awareness and treatment to the forefront. Married to Prince Charles of Wales with two sons, Diana’s life seemed great. However, on August 31, Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed, her rumored boyfriend, were killed in a crash after the car they were in slammed into a road tunnel in Paris. The driver was told to take that route to avoid paparazzi. Not only do people conspire about her death, some believing it was a plot by the M16 acting on orders from Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, but others believe she isn’t dead at all. Pictures have floated around of a suspected Diana in a wheelchair who is said to be pregnant with Al-Fayed’s child. However, with over 2.5 million people viewing the funeral, most believe she is dead.

8. Jim Morrison (12/08/1943 – 07/03/1971)

Known for being the front man of The Doors, Jim Morrison definitely became a popular artist in the 1960s. After moving to Paris to an apartment, Morrison became a fan of the city and soon began to write poems. During this time Morrison changed his appearance by growing a beard and was becoming depressed. On July 3 he was found dead in a bathtub, but no autopsy was completed as there was no sign of foul play. He was buried in a sealed casket, and the death certificate stated that a heart attack killed him. However, no one knows exactly how Morrison died. His girlfriend claimed he was using cocaine and heroin and possibly had a hemorrhage, while others blame a respiratory infection. Many have claimed to have seen Morrison boarding a plane before he was reported dead, insisting that he was looking to run away.

7. D.B. Cooper (Vanished 11/24/1971)

D.B. Cooper is one that many probably don’t expect on this list, but he has an interesting story, and the conspiracies surrounding his death are just as buzzworthy. D.B. Cooper, first thought to be Dan Cooper, hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft on November 24 and demanded a random of $200,000 which he received. He then parachuted from the plane, and hasn’t been seen since. After jumping, no one has heard of, seen, or come into contact with D.B. Cooper. There is no evidence claiming that he is alive or dead, or any evidence of who the man really was. The money has yet to be recovered, but the FBI in he past years has released new evidence, but the Agency does believe he is dead. Some claim that he is still alive and is in hiding.

6. Amelia Earhart (07/24/1897 – declared dead on 01/05/1939)

Amelia Earhart stands as one of the most notable women when it comes to pioneering early aviation. Despite being a woman, Earhart earned awards for becoming the first female to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone. In 1937, she set off to circumnavigate the globe in her airplane, but she soon disappeared when flying over the Pacific Ocean, specifically near Howland Island. Aviators believe that Earhart’s plane ran out of fuel and she pulled the crash and sink method. However, some believe she was spying on Japan in the Pacific, captured and executed when her plane crashed in Japanese territory, or that she decided to assume a new identity. Some have claimed to have seen her in Japan.

5. Adolf Hitler (04/20/1889 – 04/30/1945)

Dying due to cyanide poisoning by his own hands, Hitler declared he would not live the same fate as Benito Mussolini. After committing suicide along with his wife of one day, his body was found and buried in a secret location in Magdeburg, but was then exhumed and his ashes throw into the Elbe River. Joseph Stalin stated that Hitler may have escaped to Argentina or Spain, while others believed the Germans were trying to conceal Hitler’s escape to the underground. Despite the use of dental records to positively identify Hitler, many still believe he is alive. Some have even claimed multiple sightings of him.

4. Michael Jackson (08/29/1958 – 06/25/2009)

The most recent death on this list, Michael Jackson became known as the King of Pop and for decades provided music for his fans. Though his death is still a mystery today, it’s safe to say that he is dead. Though the exact cause of death is not yet known, many speculate that an overdose of pain or an anesthetic drug used to help him sleep is what killed Jackson. However, many at first and still believe that he isn’t dead, due to the lack of autopsy answers, and the possible fact that he may not have been buried yet. Some are skeptical and believe that his gold plated casket was empty, claiming that he is still alive and planned a publicity stunt.

3. Tupac Shakur (06/16/1971 – 09/13/1996)

Today Tupac Shakur’s death remains a mystery. He was a rapper who was killed in a drive by shooting. Because of the questions and circumstances surrounding his death, many believe he is alive. Skeptics claim that they have reason to doubt Tupac is dead because of the fact that eight of his records were released after his reported death and lyrics of his involving a man being shot but then resurrected. Magazines and popular celebrity gossip websites have claimed to have spotted and taken pictures of Tupac. The most recent is a picture of supposed Tupac drinking in Bourbon Street.

2. Grand Duchess Anastasia (07/18/1901 – 07/17/1918)

As the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, many would think Anastasia would have had a luxurious long life. However, her and her family was murdered by the Bolshevik secret police as a means to end the Romanov rule in Russia. The bodies were shot and then burned, but there was no trace of Anastasia’s DNA. Many believed she must have escaped somehow due to lack of some sort of identification of her body. Since no real proof of her death had come to light, many women have falsely identified themselves as Anastasia, the most well known being Anna Anderson. In March 2009, Dr. Michael Coble stated that DNA of all four Duchesses has been tested and found.

1. Elvis Presley (01/08/1935 – 08/16/1977)

Elvis Presley, said to be the King of Rock ‘n Roll was found dead in his own bathroom by his fiancée and his death was ruled to be due to an overdose of medication. He was buried at Graceland next to his mother. Despite being declared dead, many around the world claim that there is no way he can be dead. Some say his middle name is spelled wrong on his grave while others claim that a wax body was put inside the coffin. Some believe Elvis was in a position to fake his death, as he became in debt to someone possibly linked to the Mafia. Other people have claimed to have even seen Elvis in multiple places, the most noted being places in Tennessee.

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