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Leadership Style at Trump Organization

Discuss Leadership Style at Trump Organization within the Foundation of Human Skills (F.H.S) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; The Trump Organization is a privately-owned conglomerate based at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York. The organization owns, operates, ...



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Leadership Style at Trump Organization
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Netra Shetty
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Leadership Style at Trump Organization - May 4th, 2011

The Trump Organization is a privately-owned conglomerate based at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York. The organization owns, operates, and develops hotels, resorts, residential towers, and golf courses in different countries, as well as owning several pieces of high-end real estate in New York City. The organization also has a stake in Trump Entertainment Resorts, which owns and operates the Trump Taj Mahal, the Trump Plaza, and the Trump Marina casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Together with NBC, the Trump Organization additionally owns the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe franchises.
The organization is owned and managed by the Trump family with Donald Trump as its CEO and three of his eldest children —Donald Trump, Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump— serving as Executive Vice Presidents (EVP) within the organization.

Donald Trump is known for his eccentricity and unconventional businesses practices. He exhibits an unconventional leadership style, which is characterized by many characteristics. One of those is the need for power. This is exhibited by every piece of real estate Mr. Trump owns. Every casino, building or golf course has his name on it. He is eccentric, powerful, but yet he makes very smart business decisions. He is also a risk taker. All these business skills have made him a very well recognized business leader, and one of the nations most known billionaires. Donald Trump has appeared in many magazines, has written a couple of books, and even gotten his own show on NBC called “The Apprentice”. But what makes Donald Trump successful in almost every endeavor he takes on? Was he born a leader? or did he just become a great leader. There are certain characteristics common in all leaders. Some of those are values, skills and cognitive abilities. Mr. Trump exhibits all of these traits. If this is what has made him as successful as he is, why are certain leaders not able to achieve his type of success? Perhaps he has something extra that has propelled him above everybody else. Everything that he touches seems to turn to gold. Donald Trump’s leadership styles have made him rich, powerful, famous and known through out the world.

Although it may come as a surprise to most of America, Donald Trump’s long time employees describe him as a strong yet merciful leader.

According to insiders, Trump is a far more righteous leader than he is given credit.

“Not only is he fair, but he is absolute. When he’s forced to make a decision he thinks about it carefully, and just as he does in the show, Mr. Trump will confer with the appropriate personnel whenever there’s an unproductive or anti-productive issue to be resolved. If he weren’t a successful real estate developer, I think Mr. Trump would make an excellent Supreme Court judge,” an anonymous associate of the Trump Organization confides.

Several other employees of the Trump Organization were also fast to defend their leader's integrity, an act that speaks volumes concerning Trump’s “in your face” management and leadership style.

According to actual Donald Trump employees, he’s very much like the man you see on the show, but he’s also a man filled with genuine compassion beyond anything the cameras could ever show -- yet the media never picks up on the good press.

Donald Trump employees say Trump works hard to keep his kindness out of the spotlight, but in truth he is far more generous than his reputation would lead anyone to believe.

Watch episodes of NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" free on your PC

After Years of Rejection, Trump Finally Makes It Into World Book

Trump Hotel Collection; The Next Generation of Luxury Hospitality

COMEDY CENTRAL’s newest Roastee, real estate mogul and the most recognized businessman in the world will be Donald Trump. With no boardroom in sight, the only firing happening that evening will be the quick-witted jabs directed at the world renowned Trump. The show is scheduled to tape on March 9, 2011 in New York City. The “COMEDY CENTRAL Roast Of Donald Trump” will air in the Spring of 2011.

Just before getting married, Donald Trump closed a deal with Learning Annex.com for a record breaking $1 million dollars an hour ($16,000 a minute!) to speak for them at their 2005 Real Estate Wealth Expos in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

Donald Trump Seeks 100 Golfers to Battle for $1 Million Top Prize in Trump Million Dollar Invitational at Canouan Island

More: Donald Trump Index

Trump's leadership style is a magnet

On the season premier of “The Apprentice,” a member of the winning team asked Trump about the story of a middle aged couple who stopped to help when Donald’s trusty limo broke down on a deserted highway outside New York City. Trump showed genuine signs of humility as the contestant asked if he had really paid off the mortgage on that helpful couple’s home after they rescued him.

Seeming almost embarrassed, Trump admitted to the kind act, but most people refuse to believe this stern business tycoon could ever show compassion beyond that of his immediate family and inner circle cronies. So while this “Boss Hog” persona would seem to be a handicap for most marketers, Trump has turned it into a true windfall of money and respect.

Donald Trump’s leadership style has turned “The Apprentice” into a powerful magnet for thousands of young entrepreneurs, many of whom credit Trump with teaching them important lessons for business success.

One season is perhaps the most interesting of all. It featured two teams from opposite sides of the business spectrum. "Team Magna" is made up of highly educated college graduates while "Team Net Worth" consisted of players with only high school diplomas.

While players on both teams are considered successful within their chosen fields, those without the college degrees hold a personal net worth three times higher than that of the college educated team according to Donald Trump.

During the premier episode, the “High Schoolers” squarely beat the “Ivy Leaguers” with their Burger King marketing campaign. Each team had to pick a new Burger King product to promote, and it was Team Net Worth that combined pure innovation with true grit to create a marketing campaign that blew the college crowd out of the water.

The autocratic leadership style is probably the most unpopular of all the leadership styles. But with that being said there are still leaders out there who prefer this particular style. The question is, is it ever appropriate to use it? That's exactly what you're going to find out.

But before we delve into whether or not this style has any good use, we need to know what exactly is the autocratic leadershipstyle. Simply put it's the style where users dictate exactly what their employees are to do and exactly how they are supposed to do it.

Autocratic leaders never consult or get advice from their employees. This type of leadership style is at the root of a dictatorship;where whatever the leader says is never to be contested.

You might be asking, why would anybody want to adopt this leadership style? Believe it or not we have seen a few autocratic leaders in our time. People like Martha Stewart, have been known to practice the autocratic leadership style.Martha Stewart is an extremely successful business woman who some might say rules with a no nonsense attitude. She pays great attention to minute details, has very specific requests and is known to be very demanding.

As bad as this might sound, Martha Stewart has managed to garner much success with this brut and harsh leadership style. Another popular autocratic leader is Donald Trump. Although he very much values the input of a select few from his team, he is still considered to be a little rough and "bossy" in his approach.

So the above examples prove that the autocratic leadership style can be successful. It's particularly effective in a environment when things need to get done quickly and employees just need to be told exactly how to do a specific job.

Autocratic leaders work very well in emergency situations or when a stressful situation arises. Employees may find reliefin being told exactly how to respond in those kinds of situations.

But on the flip side, autocratic leaders do nothing for the morale of the team. Autocratic leaders seldom change the world.It's hard to motivate and inspire others when you're shouting a command at them.
In The Apprentice, Donald Trump presents a rare opportunity for many people to observe the same business leader at work. Yes, I know it's 'only a show' but I find at least a couple of reasons to believe we see him lead at least similarly to how he would usually. The first is that I doubt Mr. Trump would permit the producer to have him do something incongruent with his values or usual behavior. The second is that if this isn't the real Donald, the winner is in for a heck of a surprise.

This post is about the model, using Mr. Trump as I see him in the show to illustrate the leadership practices and outcomes proposed in the Vision of Leadership (now Leadership for Collaboration and Innovation).

It is important at this point to recall that the model suggests categories of leadership practices and does not narrowly define the specifics. By avoiding the prejudices that flow from stereotyping and with recognition that the strongest leaders are often those least expected to be, all types of personalities and styles are included. The model's only boundaries are that leadership embraces the four values, lead, follow, innovate and implement.


STRUCTURING: Donald explains the interview process to select the most capable apprentice and each week he describes a new project for the candidates. He says what he expects to be implemented and the consequences of success and failure.

IMPROVISING: I have seen improvising with respect to his vision only in executive session when there is an occasional remark to George or Carolyn about the kind of people he likes to hire.

REALIZING: This televised, competitive, executive hiring process is very innovative and there is an expressed necessity to implement it according to a concise plan.


STRUCTURING: The events he directs occur on time with everyone ready for action. This is most evident in the board room where additionally he conducts his meetings with authority.

CONFORMING: The success of the show depends upon Mr. Trump's apparent comfort working under the constraints of lights, cameras, shooting schedule and a director's guidance.

RESPECTING: While he exercises a firm hand in the board room he gives a fair hearing to anyone who needs to speak, listening attentively.


RESPECTING: Donald has agreed to occasional and unusual proposals from loosing project managers about their team members' participation. I recall two, there may be more.

IMPROVISING: In the boardroom when the tension is high around a candidate's personal situation or a team's performance, Donald will enter into a short and powerful dialog, often expressing strong empathy or despair.

RESPONDING: He uses information gathered on and off camera about the team's performance to guide review meetings, particularly with the loosing team. If a candidate makes a good case in the boardroom Donald acknowledges that.


RESPONDING, REALIZING, CONFORMING: By participating in The Apprentice, Donald contributes to many people, including candidates, TV production staff, a TV channel's management, advertisers, viewers and, presumably, stockholders. In order to do so he must, to some degree, be responding to, conforming to and realizing their needs.

I hope to have illustrated each of the six leadership practices and by association, each of the four leadership outcomes that together comprise this description of leadership. It appears to me that during the The Apprentice, Donald Trump demonstrates to a greater or lesser degree all aspects of the model. I welcome any comments or other examples from the show that further test and clarify the proposed model, A Vision of Leadership

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Re: Leadership Style at Trump Organization
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Krunal Dhabhi
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Re: Leadership Style at Trump Organization - August 12th, 2014

thanks mate, this is something I have been looking for.
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Re: Leadership Style at Trump Organization
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Re: Leadership Style at Trump Organization - May 25th, 2015

Hello. It was nice to know about leadership style. Leadership style is the second stage process ,most prominently leadership qualities creates style. Here are some leadership qualities mentioned below.

1) Highly credible
2) Perfect Communication
3) Powerful and accountable
4) Influential.
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