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Oil company quiz

Discuss Oil company quiz within the Contests , Quizes and Community Games forums, part of the Quiz , Marketplace and Community games category; Which refinery owned by the Indian Oil Corporation has the distinction of being the oldest continuously producing oilfield in the ...



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Oil company quiz
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Prakhar Srivastava
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Oil company quiz - January 30th, 2013

Which refinery owned by the Indian Oil Corporation has the distinction of being the oldest continuously producing oilfield in the world?

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Re: Oil company quiz
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Re: Oil company quiz - February 12th, 2013

Originally Posted by prakharkanpur View Post
Which refinery owned by the Indian Oil Corporation has the distinction of being the oldest continuously producing oilfield in the world?
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Jiten Mazee
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January 19th, 2016

Some questions related to Indian Oil Corporation Limited.

In which year was IOCL founded?

Who owns 78.92 shares of IOCL?

Under what brand IOCL markets its premium range of petrol?

What is the IOCL loyalty program for retail customers called?

Indane is a brand of which product line from IOCL?

Which of the following is a brand of lubricants owned by IOCL?

A casrtol B Servo C Rimula

Test your skill by giving answers to the following questions :

1. Where was the world's first commercial natural gas well drilled?

a. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

b. Beamont, Texas

c. Berozovo, Russia

d. Fredonia, New York

2. Natural gas is mostly made up of?

a. Propane

b. Methane

c. Hydrogen

d. Carbon Dioxide

3. Natural gas burns cleaner than coal or oil. But it is not emissions- free. Burning coal for electricity creates how much more carbon dioxide than burning natural gas?

a. 10% more

b. 35% more

c. 80% more

d. 100% more

4. The largest use of natural gas in the United States and Europe is for:

a. Cooking

b. Fertilizer production

c. Generating electricity

d. Heating homes

5. Many European countries rely on Russian natural gas for heating and electricity. Most of Russia's gas exports to Europe are sent by pipeline through which country?

a. Ukraine

b. Belarus

c. Turkey

d. Estonia

6. When no pipelines are available, natural gas can be transported as liquified natural gas (LNG) in large ships with domed tanks. Chilling the gas to -260 degrees Farenheit changes it into a liquid. How much more natural gas can be stored as LNG than in its gasoline state?

a. Twice as much

b. Sixty times as much

c. Six hundred times as much

d. One thousand times as much

7. World natural gas supplies look much largen than they appeared to be just a few years ago, thank to technological innovation that has allowed producers to tap the natural gas locked in underground shale rock. Where was natural gas found and produced before this development?

a. In "traps," or pockets in underground rock layers

b. Mixed with the oil in oil reservoirs

c. Floating on top of oil in oil reservoirs

d. All of the above

8. The World Bank has partnered with many options and energy companies to reduce the practice of "flaring- the burning off of natural gas as a byproduct at crude oil wells, typically where there is no pipeline to capture the gas. Why is the practice criticized?

a. For causing light pollution

b. Foir damaging drilling equipment

c. For wasting a valuable energy source

d. For driving down energy prices

9. Compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles have a drawback. What is it?

a. The tank full of natural gas is extremely dangerous in a crash

b. CNG tanks tend to be large and bulky, making their use difficult in small cars

c. Natural gas can't move a vehicle faster than 35 miles per hour

d. Burning natural gas creates an unpleasant smell that bothers other drivers

10. Which country has the most vehicles equipped to run on natural gas?

a. The United States

b. Germany

c. Pakistan

d. Russia

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