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Company Profile of Yahoo!

Discuss Company Profile of Yahoo! within the Company Profiles & News !! forums, part of the Mirror View - Ebooks Links & Miscellenous Reading Material category; Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) is an American public corporation with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, (in Silicon Valley), that provides services ...



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Company Profile of Yahoo!
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Company Profile of Yahoo! - May 14th, 2011

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) is an American public corporation with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, (in Silicon Valley), that provides services via the Internet worldwide. The company is perhaps best known for its web portal, search engine (Yahoo! Search), Yahoo! Directory, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, advertising, online mapping (Yahoo! Maps), video sharing (Yahoo! Video), and social media websites and services.
Yahoo! was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994 and was incorporated on March 1, 1995. On January 13, 2009, Yahoo! appointed Carol Bartz, former executive chairperson of Autodesk, as its new chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors]
In 2008, Microsoft corporation almost bought Yahoo! Inc for $47.5 billion. However, they pulled out at the last minute. In 2011 it was reported that Yahoo! Inc is now worth half the amount that was originally offered.
Yahoo! Inc. is one of the world's leading Internet media companies. Using its seemingly neverending compilation of links to other Web sites, as well as its extensive searchable database, the company helps Internet users navigate the World Wide Web. Anyone can access the Yahoo! Web site for free because it is funded not by subscriptions but by the advertisers who pay to promote products and services there. Yahoo! leads its competitors in the amount of user traffic at its site, with over 2.4 billion page views viewed through its 25 international sites in 13 languages each day. The company also offers Internet users other peripheral services, such as free e-mail accounts (Yahoo! Mail), online chat areas (Yahoo! Chat), and news tailored to each user's demographic or geographic area (Yahoo! News). The company's principal shareholders are the FMR Corporation with 12.5 percent of the stock, cofounder David Filo with 7.9 percent, cofounder Jerry Yang (6.7 percent), and CEO Terry S. Semel (1.2 percent). Yahoo! stock sold at around $35 a share during 2004.

Yahoo! Inc. (Yahoo!), incorporated in 1995, together with its subsidiaries, is a digital media company. Yahoo! delivers personalized digital content and experiences, across devices and around the globe, to audiences. The Company provides engaging and innovative canvases for advertisers to connect with their target audiences. To users, it provides online properties and services (Yahoo! Properties). To advertisers, it provides a range of marketing services designed to reach and connect with users of its Yahoo! Properties, as well as with Internet users beyond Yahoo! Properties, through a distribution network of third-party entities (its Affiliates) that have integrated its advertising offerings into their Websites or other offerings (those Websites and other offerings, Affiliate sites). Its offerings to users on Yahoo! Properties fall into three categories: Communications and Communities; Search and Marketplaces, and Media. During the year ended December 31, 2010, Yahoo! Completed the transition of algorithmic search results on Yahoo! Properties and on Affiliate sites in the United States and Canada to Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft), and completed the transition from Yahoo!’s search marketing platform to Microsoft’s search advertising platform. During 2010, the Company acquired Dapper, a technology platform and acquired Citizen Sports. During 2010, it acquired Koprol, Indonesia’s location-based social network. In April 2011, the Company acquired IntoNow.
Yahoo! generates revenue from several offerings, including the display of graphical advertisements (display advertising), the display of text-based links to advertisers’ Websites (search advertising), and other sources. The Company offers are available in more than 25 languages and in more than 50 countries, regions, and territories. It has properties tailored to users in specific international markets, including Yahoo! Homepage and social networking Websites, including Meme and Wretch. It has distribution partnerships with more than 80 carriers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world for distributing its offerings through mobile devices, tablets, and televisions (TVs).
Communications and Communities
The Company’s Communications and Communities offerings, including Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Answers, Flickr, and Connected TV, provides a range of communication and social services to users and small businesses across a variety of devices and through its broadband Internet access partners and enable users to organize into groups and share knowledge, common interests, and photos. Yahoo! offers some services free of charge to its users and also provide some services on a fee or subscription basis. It generates display and search advertising revenue and fees revenue from these offerings.
Yahoo! Mail provides users with online communications functionality. In addition to its free e-mail service, for a subscription fee, it offers Yahoo! Mail Plus, a e-mail service that provides features, such as an interface free of display ads. Yahoo! Messenger instant messaging service provides an interactive and personalized way for people to connect and share experiences. As of December 31, 2010, Yahoo! offered mobile applications for Yahoo! Messenger. Yahoo! Groups provides members with shared access to information, such as message archives, photo albums, event calendars, and polls. Yahoo! Answers is a service, where anyone can ask and answer questions on topics on both personal computers (PCs) and mobile devices.
Flickr is an online photo management and sharing service that makes it easy for users to upload, store, organize, and share their photos. In addition to the service, Flickr offers a fee-based service with unlimited storage, uploads, and an advertising-free browsing and sharing interface. As of December 31, 2010, Yahoo! offered mobile applications for Flickr. Connected TV seamlessly integrates the Internet into the television experience through an open platform. It also has social properties tailored to users in international markets, which include blogging and social networking Websites, such as Wretch in Taiwan and Meme in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
Search and Marketplaces
The Company’s Search and Marketplaces offerings are designed to provide quick answers to users’ information needs by delivering to its users innovative and meaningful search, local, and listings experiences on the search results page and across Yahoo!. Its search offerings, including Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! Local, are available free to users. Yahoo! generates revenue through search offerings on Yahoo! Properties and Affiliate sites. Yahoo! Search provides users with a free search capability with rich search results ranked and organized based on relevance to the users’ search query. Sponsored search results are a subset of the overall search results and provide links to paying advertisers’ Web pages. Yahoo! Local is a local search offering which helps users find local business listings and related content, such as recommendations, user reviews, merchant photos, and maps.
The Company’s marketplaces offerings and services include Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Travel, Yahoo! Real Estate, Yahoo! Autos, and Yahoo! Small Business. On these properties, users can research specific topics, products, services or areas of interest by reviewing and exchanging information, obtaining contact details or considering offers from providers of goods, services, or parties with similar interests. Yahoo! generates revenue from listing fees, transaction fees, and display and search advertising on many of these properties, as well as from subscription fees for hosting Websites for its customers, registering domains, and other services to small businesses seeking to maintain a Website. It also has properties tailored to users in specific international markets, primarily its Asian markets that allow prospective buyers and sellers to enter into an online auction for goods for which it earns a posting and transaction fee.
The Company’s Media offerings are designed to engage users online content and services on the Web. It offers these services free of charge to its users. On its Media properties, the Company generates revenue from display and search advertising and from fee-based services. Its Media properties and services include Yahoo! Homepage, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Finance, My Yahoo!, Yahoo! Toolbar, Yahoo! Entertainment & Lifestyles, Yahoo! Contributor Network and Yahoo! Pulse.
Yahoo! Homepage (www.yahoo.com) is a navigation hub and starting point into Yahoo! Properties and the Internet, through a PC or mobile device that brings together useful information and functionality from across the Web, giving people one place to search, preview, and access everything. Yahoo! News provides stories from the major news agencies that are aggregated by the Company’s editorial team and augmented by in-house generated content focused on up-to-the-minute news coverage with video, text, photos, and audio. Yahoo! Sports offers free fantasy games, editorial content, real-time statistics, scores and game updates, broadcast programming, integrated shopping, and online sports communities. Yahoo! Sports offers mobile applications for specific areas of interest to its users, such as Yahoo! Fantasy Football, along with sports content through its Yahoo! Mobile site and Yahoo! Sportacular, a sports application on the iPhone and Android.
Yahoo! Finance provides a set of financial data, information, and tools that helps users make informed financial decisions. The content is provided through relationships with a number of third-party providers. Some of these providers pay a fee when a user is referred from Yahoo! Finance to their Websites. As of December 31, 2010, Yahoo! offered a mobile application for Yahoo! Finance. My Yahoo! is a personalized start page that gives registered users the ability to customize their pages with information that interests users from around the Web. Yahoo! Toolbar is a Web browser add-on that enables users to access and preview Yahoo! Properties and third-party content through applications from anywhere on the Web.
Yahoo! Entertainment & Lifestyles represents a collection of properties that provides users with information, and other engaging content centered on culture-related themes and activities with sites, such as Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! Games, and Yahoo! TV, including Prime Time in No Time, which provides quick recaps of the previous evening’s prime time television shows. In addition, the Company’s Media properties also include Websites devoted to specialty topics, such as Yahoo! Health, Yahoo! Education, Yahoo! Weather, omg! (celebrity news), and Shine (women’s lifestyles). Yahoo! Contributor Network is a platform for people to publish their creative content on Yahoo!.
The Yahoo! Contributor Network is an evolution of the Associated Content platform and brings contributions from writers, photographers, and videographers to the Internet’s media destinations, including Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports, and even the Yahoo! Homepage, among many others. Yahoo! Pulse allows users to create and manage their identity on Yahoo! and connect and engage with the people, content, and applications that matter to them both on Yahoo! and on other services, such as Facebook and Twitter. Users can also share updates, photos, blog posts and more with colleagues, classmates, family, and friends.
The Company competes with Facebook, Google, Inc., Microsoft, AOL, Inc., DoubleClick Ad Exchange and Microsoft Media Network.

Commercialization soon followed. Yang and Filo began selling advertisement space on their site in order to fund further growth. The duo soon realized that it was going to be too difficult to manage both the creative and the administrative aspects of the Yahoo! enterprise. They recruited Tim Koogle, also a former Stanford student, to come aboard as CEO. Prior to his arrival at Yahoo!, Koogle had put himself through engineering school by rebuilding engines and restoring cars and had then gone on to work at Motorola and InterMec Corporation.
One of Koogle's first moves as the company's CEO was to bring in Jeff Mallett as COO. Mallett was a former member of the Canadian men's national soccer team who, at age 22, began running the sales, marketing, and business development aspects of his parents' telecommunications company, Island Pacific Telephone, in Vancouver. Prior to joining the Yahoo! gang, he also gained experience in marketing at Reference Software and WordPerfect and acted as vice-president and general manager of Novell Inc.'s consumer division. Together, Koogle and Mallett began transforming Yahoo! from a homegrown list of interesting Web sites into the most popular stop along the information highway.
Koogle and Mallett soon became known as "the parents" at Yahoo!'s corporate headquarters. While Yang and Filo would arrive at work wearing T-shirts and sneakers, Koogle and Mallett preferred Italian silk ties. Many viewed the foursome's working relationship as that of kids with ideas and the adults that they found to put these ideas into practice. In the August 6, 1998, edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, analyst Andrea Williams of Volpe Brown Whelan & Co. referred to Koogle and Mallett as "Yahoo's equivalent of the Wizard of Oz, pulling the strings from behind the scenes. ... Americans are captivated by the idea of two college kids like Yang and Filo starting an incredible service. But [Mallett] and [Koogle] have turned it into a business that advertisers and investors understand and respect."
The majority of Yahoo!'s revenue came through banner advertising deals. In basic terms, Yahoo! sold space on its Web pages to companies wishing to promote their products to the demographic that frequented the Yahoo! site. The purchased space not only acted as a visual advertisement, as in a magazine, but often served as a link to the advertiser's own Web site as well. Thus, a simple click on a banner ad by an Internet user could immediately transport that user to the advertiser's Web site. In this sense, banner ads were somewhat superior to other forms of advertisement in that no other purveyor of advertising (television, radio, magazines) had ever led consumers to a company quite so immediately.
As another means of generating revenue, Yahoo! struck up distribution deals with Web sites that were looking to increase their own traffic. For example, Yahoo!, while not itself an online retailer, boasted a lot of user traffic at its site. An online retailer, however, might have goods or services to sell but a need to first increase traffic at its own site in order to sell those goods. A distribution deal would pair the two sites, with Yahoo! leading its customer traffic to the retailer's site in exchange for a cut of the transaction revenues whenever customers made purchases. In this sense, Yahoo!, along with competitors such as Excite, Infoseek, and Lycos, came to be known as a "portal"--a gateway to the rest of the Internet.
Through banner advertising and distribution deals, Yahoo! was able to continue offering its services to Web surfers for free, as opposed to online services such as America Online (AOL), Prodigy, and Microsoft Network. The latter three charged monthly fees for the use of their offerings. Although these online service companies' offerings were often more graphically intricate and visually pleasing than the Yahoo! site, they were essentially providing the same thing as Yahoo! while at the same time charging for the service. According to Jonathan Littman in the July 20, 1998 edition of Upside Today, "Yahoo, much like Amazon.com, built a natural Internet brand through its simple desire to satisfy customers." It was not long before Yahoo!'s user base was comparable to that of industry giant AOL, even though its 1995 revenues topped off at only around $1 million.

By the end of the 20th century, the computer industry, and the Internet industry in particular, was becoming increasingly inundated with new players. In July 1998, NBC had purchased a 19 percent interest in Snap!, another portal operated by CNET Inc. Disney followed suit by grabbing a 43 percent stake in Infoseek Corporation. At Home Corporation purchased Excite, Inc., and Microsoft Corporation increased promotion of its MSN portal. Even America Online made moves to increase its scope through the acquisition of Netscape and its Netcenter portal. Nobody wanted to be left out of the Internet game, since many analysts predicted that it would be the next true media industry.
Yahoo! tried to maintain its large share of the market by continuing to focus on its users and their satisfaction. Recognizing that it would only take one click of a computer mouse for a Yahoo! user to defect to one of its competitors, the company began to provide its users with even more features and services. In January 1999, Yahoo! announced the purchase of GeoCities, the third most-visited Web site in December 1998 (directly behind top-rated AOL.com) and second-rated Yahoo.com. The GeoCities site was a creator of electronic communities for people. Based on people's interests, GeoCities allowed its users to set up their own personal home pages. Yahoo! hoped that the acquisition of GeoCities would bring many of that site's users to Yahoo!, and vice versa.
The new century saw a dramatic rise in both sales and profits for Yahoo! In 2001 the company had sales of $717 million; in 2002, $953 million; in 2003, $1.6 billion; and in 2004, $3.5 billion, a one-year increase of 120 percent. This period began with a loss of $92.8 million in 2001. In 2002, however, the company posted a net income of $42.8 million. This rose in 2003 to $237.9 million and to a healthy $839.6 million net income in 2004. Such phenomenal growth was fueled by a number of factors, including steady acquisitions of other Internet companies. During the years 2000 to 2004, Yahoo! acquired thirteen companies: Arthas.com, eGroups, Kimo, Sold.com, Launch Media, HotJobs, Inktomi, Overture Services, Beijing 3721 Technology Co. Ltd., FareChase, OddPost Inc., MusicMatch, and Kelkoo. Web traffic increases have also played a part. As of March 2004, the Yahoo! network of properties received some 2.4 billion page views per day.
A flurry of new joint ventures also promised continuing growth for Yahoo! In November 2001, the company teamed with SBC Communications to offer co-branded DSL and Dial services. This partnership was reaffirmed in November 2004 when the two companies agreed to a multi-year extension of their venture. They planned to move beyond products offered only on a home computer to products for home television and audio systems, Cingular wireless phones, SBC FreedomLink Wi-Fi, and SBC Home Networking equipment. Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel explained: "The new services that will be developed out of this expanded relationship represent the next step in Yahoo!'s strategy to further deepen consumer relationships by extending our products and services beyond the desktop. SBC and Yahoo! are putting consumers in the driver's seat, delivering what they want--when, how and where they want it." In December 2004, the company teamed with Nextel Communications Inc. to offer a group of Yahoo! products and services, including e-mail, instant messaging, games, and news content, on Nextel handheld devices. The venture combined Yahoo!'s wireless messaging capabilities with Nextel's nationwide network. In January 2005, the company signed a deal with Verizon Communications Inc. to offer Verizon's broadband customers a new Verizon Yahoo! portal. "We are very excited to team up with Verizon, the largest communications company in the U.S., as their partner of choice, in order to provide Verizon's subscribers with a compelling new Verizon Yahoo! offering," said Dan Rosensweig, Yahoo!'s chief operating officer. With such ambitious plans for the future, growth projections for Yahoo! remained optimistic.
Principal Subsidiaries: HotJobs.com, Ltd.; Kelkoo S.A.; Musicmatch, Inc.; Overture Services, Inc.; Yahoo! Europe; Yahoo! Japan.
Principal Competitors: America Online, Inc.; About Inc.; Google Inc.; Microsoft Corporation.

Beta: 0.88
Market Cap (Mil.): $21,563.68
Shares Outstanding (Mil.): 1,302.94
Annual Dividend: --
Yield (%): --
YHOO.O Industry Sector
P/E (TTM): 19.50 20.72 27.48
EPS (TTM): 52.10 -- --
ROI: 5.75 21.17 16.09
ROE: 9.07 23.01 17.67

Public Company
Incorporated: 1995
Employees: 5,500
Sales: $3.5 billion (2004)
Stock Exchanges: NASDAQ
Ticker Symbol: YHOO
SICs: 518111 Internet Service Providers; 518112 Web Search Portals; 516110 Internet Publishing and Broadcasting; 518210 Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services

Key Dates:
1994: The company begins as "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web" and is later renamed Yahoo!
1995: Yahoo! moves to Netscape.
1996: The company goes public.
1998: The company establishes Internet guides in Chinese and Spanish and teams with AT&T's WorldNet Service to provide Internet access.
1999: GeoCities and Broadcast.com are acquired in a multi-billion dollar deals.
2001: The company acquires HotJobs.
2003: Overture Services Inc. is bought in a $1.6 billion stock deal.

Name Age Since Current Position
Roy Bostock 70 2008 Chairman of the Board
Carol Bartz 62 2009 President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Timothy Morse 41 2009 Chief Financial Officer
Jerry Yang 41 2009 Chief Yahoo, Director
David Filo 43 Chief Yahoo
Michael Callahan 41 2007 Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary
Blake Irving 50 2010 Executive Vice President, Chief Product Officer
Raymie Stata 42 2010 Chief Technology Officer
Arthur Kern 63 1996 Director
Gary Wilson 71 2001 Director
Vyomesh Joshi 56 2005 Director
Susan James 64 2010 Director
Brad Smith 46 2010 Director
Patti Hart 54 2010 Director
David Kenny 49 2011 Director

701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94089

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