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GD Topics on current affairs

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GD Topics on current affairs
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Rajagopal Venkatesan
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Thumbs up GD Topics on current affairs - March 3rd, 2010

These topics may evolve due to the nature of current affairs. Here's a handy guide to help you out.
The Economy
• How the stock market works
• The foreign exchange rate, liquidity, basic economic theory
• Economic reforms in India
• How banking works; common banking terms
• Know how the stock market works - bonds, investment, etc.
• The global economic scenario
• Derivatives trading
• Scandals such as Enron, Worldcomm, Arthur Andersen and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
• The role of technology in business
• The pros and cons of globalization
• Emerging communication technologies
• Foreign exchange rates, convertibility, currencies and per capita incomes
Political events, opinions and situations
• India's case for a permanent seat on the security council of UN
• The present situation in Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon
• The India-US Nuclear deal - is it beneficial or not?
• The Sri Lankan Peace Process
• Basic structure of government systems
• Current politics of India
• Basic political theory and ideologies such as capitalism (Adam Smith), communism (Marx), socialism, democracy, egalitarianism, libertarianism, etc.
• Principles of political theories, pros and cons of each ideology, how the most important governments function
• Currencies and per capita incomes
• India's 5-Year Plans
• The Indian space programme
Debatable topics - issues concerning:
• Advertising - fairness, company responsibility, unbiased information
• Technology - the replacement of human workers, management, the telecommunications sector, its role in the economy, problems with technology
• Social issues - education, taxation, social programs, income distribution
• Gender issues in society and in the workplace
• The emancipation of women
• Language issues in society and in the workplace
• The effects of globalization and trade on the world and in India
• Problems which plague developing nations
• The "brain drain"
• Immigration
• Issues within the education system
• The preservation of heritage, culture or customs
• Various rhetoric statements - are they true or not?
Sample Group Discussion topics
Here is a sample of questions you may be asked. We'll take a look at the question itself and various perspectives/ideas you should consider when forming your supporting argument.
Are we raising a generation of burnt out children?
The benefits of pushing children to do well is so that they are prepared for the competitive world and will succeed in the future. They will develop the skills they need and help develop their strengths. You should also consider the cons: childhood is a time to explore the world and develop their own personality and enjoy life. They should not stress, and they should do what makes them happy - that is what ultimately will make them happy in the future. Stress and the pressure of competition can have a negative impact on the children in the future.
Consider: the psychology and behaviour of students and of children as their minds develop and learn, competition in the workplace, work ethic, factors of stress on success and achievement, rebellion resulting from pressure, preparation for the real world, various advantages and disadvantages
Political corruption can be beneficial.

Consider: corruption cuts through the red tape created by bureaucracies; it benefits business corporations and helps the economy; various case studies of countries where corruption is a part of everyday life; corruption allows for re-investment into the economy and economic growth; corruption is subjective and depends on the values and customs of a specific society, individual or organization; corruption cannot be proven show a negative causal relationship of a bad economy/government

Cons: the cons of corruption can be quite obvious - corruption is undemocratic and unfair, corruption lowers the standard of living and widens the per capita income of society; issues of ethics, morality and justice
Does a country or economy become worse if it is corrupt? Or it corrupt because that is the only means out of getting out of the mess? Is corruption inevitable? Are the laws made to be broken? What about law loopholes? Consider Indian politics in particular and whether bureaucracy is a hindrance to Indian economic reforms. Is it better to be honest and inefficient, or corrupt and efficient?
MBA programs should be taxed at higher rates in India.
Consider: given the capacity for those with MBAs to earn higher income, these taxes should be adjusted accordingly; also consider that taxation is a policy which is decided for masses at large - taxes should be fixed and not based on profession; MBAs and other professionals are already taxed a "professional tax", therefore charging an additional higher rate is not required.
Philosophy is simply arm-chair theory.
Does philosophy have practical meaning and application in the real world? Is it a relevant and important topic?
Consider: the relevance of philosophy in day to day life, its influence on literature (for example, Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Nietzsche, Voltaire); the relationship between philosophy and politics, war strategy, philosophies for happiness, success and enlightenment.
Case studies: Look at the influence of Nietszche on Hitler and other various philosophers on politica movements; talk about Indian philosophy and works such as the Gita, Gandhi (satyagraha and other tactics based on philosophy), the use of philosophy in religion, spirituality and molding values/traditions/customs
Investment in the game of cricket hinders the development of other sports in India.
For: Players need the investment in order to have the best and latest equipment, therefore investment in other sports is needed; we must have investment in order to compete on a global basis since other sports such as soccer are much more popular
Against: The Sports Ministry has a fixed budget and needs to allocate money for cricket because it is so popular; if demands for cricket are high, the department has no other option to fund the sport. Corporations will sponsor a game which will give them the most publicity, and cricket is arguably the most important game in India - therefore, these corporations will inevitably sponsor cricket no matter what.
More Group Discussion questions to get you thinking!
• Do you agree or disagree with these statements? Think about the arguments for or against them.
• Democracy has hampered India's progress.
• Globalization is good.
• Computers result in unemployment.
• Men and women will always be unequal in the workplace.
• Corruption is the main outcome of democracy in India.
• History repeats itself.
• NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) such as the United Nations are ineffective.
• An India free of the caste system is simply a pipe dream.
• E-Commerce the best thing for India.
• Is materialism good or bad?
• Is Indian bureaucracy the basis of a government's foundation, or simply a poor leftover from colonial times?
• Is the agrarian economy in India a boon or a bane?
• Is management education really necessary to succeed in business?
• What is the role of ethics in industries such as tobacco, gambling and liquor?
• Should India aspire to be a nuclear superpower?
• Advertising is a form of brainwashing.
• How will the introduction of hedge funds and the lberalization of foreign exchange controls impact our market?
• Is war with Pakistan inevitable?
• The ends justify the means.
• What do you think of this firm's (one that is in the news) decision to go public?
• Is identity more important than policy?
• Greed is good - it is an essential human quality.
• The advancement of women's rights is the basis for social development.
• Is China a threat to the Indian economy?
• Should the concept of arrange marriage still exist?
• The environment - whose responsibility is it?

: Current Affairs > 9/11- Inside job?

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message 1: by deleted member (new)
Jun 21, 2009 08:24AM

I've read a lot of stuff that says that 9/11 was orchestrated by the US. Government. It would be interesting to hear what other peoples thoughts on the subject is...
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message 2: by Geoff (new)
Jun 21, 2009 10:03AM

It has been my experience that the human mind can be influenced to accept the most incredible and wondrous things, both from external agents, and also from internal imperatives. This seems to be the nature of things, rather than any sort of specific anomaly. Do you remember wrist magnets, pyramid power, pet rocks? Or how about the presidency of George Bush? The reasons why this is so are probably numerous.

In a sense we are all adrift on a darkened sea, and only those who work to keep the generators going and the lights on have any chance of seeing. In this sense that means read, and keep reading. Not those authors whose motivations are quick money, but those who have had the advantage of a liberal education, and have taken the time to study a broad range of issues, and who have explored, validated, and referenced the material that they present.

Sadly, in places such as Saudi Arabia today, there are many who do not have the above academic advantages. Much is not explored, and many ideas about the world open to debate and evaluation elsewhere, are rejected or censored. The education many young people receive can be skewed towards extreme religious ideas, and narrow and limited in scope. Far fewer books are translated into Arabic than into any other major language. Not having a broad base of information to draw from can lead to faulty decision-making. The smaller the database, the more likely the decisions will be off track, problematic, or even bizarre.

In the case of the 9-11 hijackers (many of whom came from Saudi Arabia), or course I don’t know, but I suspect that personal issues, perhaps submerged and unknown even to them, were also at work. Most have political, religious, or philosophical convictions of some sort, and many would argue for them energetically. But my guess is that those who act out extreme rage in the form of violent exploits have their own personal, unresolved demons lurking somewhere in the recesses of their psyche. I think it is also common to project these demons onto the outer world, rather than do the often painful self-examination necessary to find them within ourselves.

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message 3: by Bob (new)
Jun 22, 2009 05:37AM

I think that those who believe that 9-11 was orchestrated by the US government ought to get a room - a padded one. That these same folks call themselves (or others call them) "truthers" is a perverse co-opting of language.
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message 4: by Carlie (new)
Jun 22, 2009 03:50PM

I think people choose to believe things based on their own agenda. Those who distrust government are I believe more likely to subscribe to this theory. Just as people in the US are more willing to believe that the Iranian elections were rigged because it suits their own purposes.

In a way, the US government did orchestrate 9/11. They armed and trained the mujahideen in Afghanistan, they support the corrupt and dictatorial government in Saudi Arabia. Our government supports those who it believes are good for its economic prosperity regardless of "bad" behavior. Of course, this is going to lead to the oppressed peoples fighting back by any means at their disposal.

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Re: GD Topics on current affairs
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Re: GD Topics on current affairs - June 4th, 2015

hey RajaGopal, thanks for sharing it with us. i would like to tell you that instead of just knowing about topic we could get more important information based on Gk. The best way to understand and remember GK is to play with it, you all got me right. instead of just reading about Gk why don't you all play GK quizzes. Here is the link which is interesting and provides lots of knowledge.
Current Affairs Quiz
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