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How to improve concentration in studies

How to improve concentration in studies

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How to improve concentration in studies
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How to improve concentration in studies - November 14th, 2007

How to improve concentration in studies

Concentrate!! Enjoy your studies!! Excel in exams!!

How not to study?

Do you remember yourself reading sentences after sentences of your books, but without actually concentrating on it? That is called a casual reading. A casual reading through the books doesn't help much. That is because, the concepts just pass by the mind, without being able to associate themselves with your understanding, or your memory. But the time that you spend in such casual reading never comes back. Moreover, it is boring. Study without concentration is an utter waste of time and energy. Avoid it.

The secret of concentration

There is no big tricks to develop concentration. If you want to improve your concentration in studies, you just need to enjoy what you read. There are books teaching you meditation, etc that claim to improve your concentration. I have tried a few of them, but personally I feel that the claims are over exaggerated by the authors. I discovered a simple technique that simply works wonder for me. I benefited immensely from the technique, and now I want you to benefit from the secret. The secret to concentration is being able to develop interest in the subject.

How to develop interest in the subject?

Simply stating, information is not at all interesting. But most curriculum books just provide information. Even intellectual concepts are presented as if they are information. That is the reason why curricular books are so often dreaded by students. But information becomes interesting when we discover the underlying concepts in them. So if you want to make your study hours interesting, try to discover the concepts yourself. Do not just believe what is said in the book. Let whatever you have to learn, be learnt not just as information, but as concepts that YOU have re-discovered.

Study tips
  1. Make separate self study note book for each subject.
  2. When you sit to study a subject, do not forget to be ready with your self study notes and pens(at least 2 colors).
  3. With each line you read from the book, make questions, as if you are going to make a tough question paper in that subject. This will force you to concentrate on the subjects.
  4. Note down the questions in one color and the answers in another. But write the answers from your understanding, in your own words. Donít copy paste from book.
  5. The tougher the questions you have made, the better you have concentrated. And the longer you are going to remember what you have learnt.
  6. The most important thing is this: REVISE your notes. This would hardly take 5 minutes for every hour you have spent in making the question and answers. If you miss to revise, then the extra effort that you have put to make the notes will simply be wasted. But every revision will pay back at least 10 times of what you have invested.
  7. Solve examples and exercise questions. You will be surprised to see that you are able to solve most of them.
Revision tips
  1. Jolt down what all you want to revise in a particular study session.
  2. Assign the time that you can afford to spend on each topic of revision.
  3. Open your self study notes. But donít just read through all that you have written, else your mind will start wondering, day dreaming, etc.
  4. Read only the questions. Hide the answers. Try to recall the answer you have written. Check your memory.
  5. If you are able to think some new questions and answers in your mind, add them to your notes.
When to revise?
  1. Every day night, before sleep, revise all that you have noted down in your notes.
  2. Every weekend, revise all that you have noted down during the week.
  3. Before the exam, all that is needed for the exam.
If you have genuinely followed up to this, congratulations!!! You have noted down your success, and before the exam, when everyone else will be cramming, you are revising your success as a fun game.

Article's Source

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