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MANAGEMENT GAMES(A Teaching Methodology for Knowledge Acquisition and Skill Upgradati

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MANAGEMENT GAMES(A Teaching Methodology for Knowledge Acquisition and Skill Upgradati
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Roshni Bhatia
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Cool MANAGEMENT GAMES(A Teaching Methodology for Knowledge Acquisition and Skill Upgradati - October 20th, 2007

Games are part and parcel of our life. Each of us have our favourite game. Games create enthusiasm for those who play. The persons who watch others playing the game also get encouraged. Management games are are conducted at B Schools and played by B school students. They aim at improving their managerial skills and traits. Starting from games for communication and personality development, games are available till strategy formulation level. As games are interesting, every student voluntarily participates in management games. Hence, in addition to the regular lecture or case study or discussion method, the faculty members can introduce management games for increasing the students' participation.

A faculty or consultant or trainer who has command over English (or required regional language for conducting the game) and thorough knowledge in the subject accompanied by pleasing personality and convincing skill can conduct the management games. There are plenty of books available for conducting the management games. The trainers (faculty) can make use of those books or can design their own games. While designing such games, the faculty has to take the participants (students) profile into consideration, as the games have to be designed according to the nature of participants.

Steps to Conduct Management Games

Step I: Identification of Training Needs

First of all the faculty has to identify the training needs from the students. The training need can be identified based on a discussion with the students or can be identified with the help of a survey among the students.

Step II: Designing the Package for the Game

Based on training needs identified, a faculty can prepare the modules for conducting the management game. While designing the module, the faculty has to consider the demographic characteristics of the students. As equipments or toys like ball, balloon etc are used some times, the faculty can also collect those equipments required.

Step III: Arranging the Programme

As suitable atmosphere without any disturbances has to prevail, the faculty can arrange for a suitable venue for conducting the management game programme. The venue has to be fixed according to the number and nature of students. The ideal number required for conducting management game is between 20 and 30 members at a time. The participants are restricted with minimum numbers as the faculty can have 100 percent interaction. It is advisable to conduct the management games in an air-conditioned room if possible as those games reflect real time managerial situations. As the students have to be exposed to a different environment during the management games programme, the institutes which doesn't have air-conditioned rooms can opt for any other place, other than the regular lecture halls (class rooms). The faculty has to ensure that proper audio-visual aids are available for conducting the management games programme.

Step IV: Conducting the Management Game Programme

The reference material if any required has to be given to the students in advance before starting the programme. During the beginning of the programme, the students can be grouped based on some icebreaker exercises. Mostly heterogeneous groups have to be formed so that each of the members can contribute. It is not a compulsory thing to form groups for all type of games as games can also be conducted without groups or for individual members. After the formation of groups if needed, students can be revealed about the objective of the programme and then the game can get started. The students have to be given full liberty while they participate in the management game programme. The faculty should not criticize the student, rather has to appreciate the students during their participation.

Step V: Facilitating the Discussion

As management games are not just meant for entertainment, a discussion has to take place during the programme. The faculty has to take the initiative for the discussion and has to stress on the knowledge acquisition and behaviour modification of students based on the management game being conducted.

Step VI: Follow-up
The faculty has to monitor the students' performance after the programme is over. The behaviour modification and skill upgradation of student has to be identified.

Benefits of conducting Management Games

i. The management game method ensures 100 percent interaction as every student find it interesting and encouraging.

ii. Knowledge acquisition and skill upgradation of the students take place easily and effectively as 100 percent involvement is there from the students' side.

iii. The level of confidence among students gets improved, as the students participate in the management games voluntarily.

iv. The communication and interpersonal skill of a student consistently gets developed, as the management games are highly interactive.

Stock Market Game An Illustration

A small game has been illustrated for the convenience of faculty members and trainers in designing their own games. The faculty members can design their own games, by taking the following illustration as a model.

Time Required: One Hour

Entry Behaviour of Students: Thorough knowledge on Financial Management and Accounting and Security Analysis and Portfolio Management or students specialized in the Finance Area.

Members Required: 5 to 20 (Ideal)

Illustration (Game): The faculty artificially allocates an amount of Rs.10,00,000/- for each of the students. Every student is asked to invest in shares according to their own preference for the amount being allocated. Even the students can keep some amount as cash reserves for their future purchases. After few minutes the faculty can announce information pertaining to a company or industry or economy or any other factor affecting stock market. Now, the students can start purchasing and selling the shares with others based on the information. The faculty can continue with such announcements at periodic intervals. After an hour, the faculty has to calculate the worth of shares and amount with each of the participants. Based on the students' performance the faculty can facilitate further discussion for knowledge acquisition part.


Thus management games act as refreshments for the students. They are found to be entertaining, interesting and informative. They pave way for knowledge acquisition and skill upgradation. If the University and B school faculties introduce management games as one of their teaching methodology, the students' knowledge and skill gets improved.

K.V. Kannan
M.B.A., M.F.T.
Faculty, Department of MBA
K.S.R. College of Arts & Science
Tiruchengode - 637 209, Tamilnadu, India

Your one stop solution to gain knowledge on Finance, Economy and Stock Markets
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Re: MANAGEMENT GAMES(A Teaching Methodology for Knowledge Acquisition and Skill Upgra
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Re: MANAGEMENT GAMES(A Teaching Methodology for Knowledge Acquisition and Skill Upgra - July 16th, 2009

very good information really helpful to the teachers
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