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Negotiation and Human Resource

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Negotiation and Human Resource
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Negotiation and Human Resource - October 1st, 2009

Negotiation is expressing of views and meeting a common consensus that can be beneficial to both the parties involved. Before starting the process the reason for negotiation should be clearly demarcated and valid as it involves spending a portion of ones time. Negotiation is instigated because of any wrong decision taken by the management or due to an unsatisfied employee/employer.

Negotiation is co-related to bargain as some amount of compromise is expected from both sides. It can be an on-going debate or could be solved within minutes. In the beginning of the discussion, it is usually found that both the parties are austere with their terms but as the discussion progresses, the rigidness gets dissolved.

Communication is the key for maintaining a valued discussion. If one party is more efficient in expressing their opinion, they might have an advantage over the issue. Hence both sides should anticipate the aptness of their view in advance.

Negotiation involves libation since it is not possible that only one party win and the other loses. There could be some goals that are common and some that are conflicting. The hitch is not the common goals but the conflicting ones. If the employees crave for salary appraisal, the demand may not be feasible from the organizational aspect hence an arrangement is made that can be agreed upon by both the employee and the employer.

In any case the decision cannot be enforcing or favor only one party. An outcome that satiates both is contrived. If not all at least some of the appeal needs to be granted.

The Human Resource team is involved in solving such issues and coming up with a plan that can support and gratify everyone involved. Negotiating can be a serious problem if either of the group clings to their point of view throughout. It can lead to altercations that are difficult to handle. The whole process should be monitored so that these predicaments do not occur.

-Arti Bakshi
“Human Resource”
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