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Infringement of Ideas

Infringement of Ideas

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Infringement of Ideas
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Infringement of Ideas - September 24th, 2009

The idea of stealing someone’s thunder exists amongst every organization. When you work under someone’s supervision, it is often seen that the senior takes away the credit for the targets you have achieved. The senior is credited for the accomplishment and the real hard worker gets no appreciation.

The conspicuous reason for stealing is to gain recognition. Jealousy is one of the reasons for taking such considerable steps. Every employee seeks acknowledgment and when one particular employee takes away all of it, then others feel left out.

Employees who are too lazy to perform their work but want to impress their seniors, take away some one else’s credit. It is true that you need to be smart to take away the credit without affecting others to a great extent. And when you are a senior, this task becomes easier. The junior may not have the say in this matter thus the senior takes the liberty to snatch the brownie point.

The most effective way of tackling this situation is by speaking out. Most employees are worried about losing their position if they speak the truth and the seniors take this to their advantage. Rather than accusing the person of stealing, simply highlight the role that you have played in the task.

Keep others informed of your aspect of the job so that you have people to support your opinion and the senior or co- employee might think before taking the credit as you have kept others apprised of the situation. What mistake an employee tends to make is revealing an idea to a friend or acquaintance. Think before divulging information as it is a matter of your career.

If one lets it happen once, the chances of it repeating, doubles. Hence it is important that you cease its occurrence at the beginning.

-Arti Bakshi
“Human Resource”
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