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Human resource management policies

Human resource management policies

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Human resource management policies
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Thumbs up Human resource management policies - May 30th, 2009

Human resource management policies are vital for organizations that are serious about resolving personnel issues and finding hr solutions. HRM policies are intended to help maximize the effectiveness of your Human Resources function.

HR should ensure that HRM policy you have consistent, well-written & legal policies and procedures.
HRM policy should provide hr advices for the organizations needing help with specific HR-related issues
Individuals and organizations who are serious about human resources should understand the bottom-line importance of job evaluation, job descriptions and effective policies.

Types of HRM Policies:
Attendance Policy Attendance Policy
Recruitment Policy Recruitment Policy
Leave of Absence Policy Leave of Absence Policy
Performance Planning and Evaluation Performance
Probationary Period
Compensatory Leave
Overtime Leave
Annual Leave
Educational Leave,etc

By Nilesh Shah
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Re: Human resource management policies
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Re: Human resource management policies - May 30th, 2009

Clarifications on Policies
1. Institutional Policies
1.1 Equal Employment Opportunity
1.2 Business Confidentiality
1.3 Employee Conduct
1.4 Substance Abuse Policy
1.5 Anti- Harassment Policy
1.6 Health and Safety Policy
2. General Administration
2.1 Working Hours and Days
2.2 Attendance
2.3 Dress Code
2.4 Business Cards
2.5 Printing and recycling
2.6 Telephone usage
2.7 Posting Notice
2.8 Workplace Decorum
2.9 Employee Safety Policy
2.10 Visitors and External Personnel
2.11 IT Security Policy
3. Employment Policies
3.1 Employee Classification
3.2 Recruitment and Selection Policy
3.3 Joining and Induction Policy
3.4 Probation and Confirmation Policy
3.5 Transfer Policy
3.6 Deputation Policy
3.7 Separation Policy
3.8 Retainership Policy
4. Compensation Policy
5. Business Travel Policy
5.1 Local Travel and Conveyance
5.2 Domestic Travel
5.3 International Travel
6. Leave and Holiday Policy
6.1 Public Holidays
6.2 Leave Policy
6.3 Special Leave
7. Training and Development Policy
8. Employee Relations Policy
8.1 Grievance Redressal Policy
8.2 Disciplinary Action Policy
8.2 Employee Feedback and Suggestions
8.3 Employee Reward and Recognitions
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Re: Human resource management policies
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Re: Human resource management policies - June 4th, 2015

This topic seems like making headlines. Everyone just need to find out more about human resource management.This is great actually because it has got scope and bright future. But, whenever you want to be the HR person, please don't favor your friend and if you did then you are betraying your company who is providing you food.
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