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Re: Which is better- Doing MBA as fresher Or with Work Experience
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Re: Which is better- Doing MBA as fresher Or with Work Experience - January 12th, 2008

Doing MBA after work-ex is more better,

I am doing MBA after 3 years of work experience in diff. sectors.
I appreciate you for starting an Interesting topic
in GMAT its compulsory to have 2 years work-ex

Now I can easily understand the basic of

Productions - Line of Balance etc.
Raw Materials , we can have complete knowledge of Production Management if we are at Production Level.

If we work at Capital Market
we came to Know about
Demand & Supply
Laws of Returns, Laws of Diminishing Marginal Utility
Forecasting - also applicable in field of Marketing

If we work as sales manager / somewhere at selling

we came to know about
Our attitude of Talking with Customers , External People

How to maintain Good Relations Externally & Internally

What might be the difficulties ? What we face all difficulties?

We get solutions in our books by using diff. methords & Techniques of Managment.

It's also very imporatant in case of HR.
Human Value as assest, we came to Know how to access the results how to regard them how to appreciate them.

MBA - Master of Buisness Administration
which can be learnt only by Peforming Buisness Activites ,
i.e. to Produce & to Sell, to get our work done by others .

These are my views
Give your opinion too.


Raman Singhal
Jodhpur Institute of Management
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