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November 14th, 2016

Originally Posted by priya the girl who lives View Post
Coca-cola is the most valuable brand in the world, with the name alone worth billions of dollars. But why? What is a brand[B]?

Everything and anything you know well is a brand

If you get down to the detail, everything is a brand, because we build our understanding of the world by creating associations about everything. A tree has an implied promise of beauty and shade. Even words are brands. When I say 'speed', you will conjure up images of fast cars, etc.hence it symbolizes a brand for you.
People are brands, too. When people see you, or even hear your name, they will recall the image they have of you, (which is something you can actively manage or 'let happen'). In a company where people are visible to customers, such as a service business, the people are very much a part the brand.
All parts of the brand image works as a psychological trigger or stimulus that causes an association to all other thoughts we have about the brand.
Most brands have a logo which acts as a short-cut to remind us of the brand promise. The logo uses color, shape, letters and images to create a distinctive image that is designed both to catch our eye and to guide our thoughts in the right direction. The brand may also be associated with tunes, celebrities, catchphrases and so on.
Brand management is a total approach of managing brands done ny those who understand the power of brands to cover the whole approach of managing the company. Generally confused with advertising brands do not aim at selling but to build a is trusted as far as the promises are met. It is like saying”you know the name , you can trust this again”.trust is the most critical step in building a brand. But that is just half the battle won.
In todays world where the things are moving at a nanosecond speed to make someone believe you, you have to delight them and make the hangover last as long as possible and just when you know that it is about to get over,think of something new and make them experience it again. Pretty much like intoxication.
Titan has built a trust with age, now it replenishes the same each time by getting celebrities, introducing new themes like the “titan raga” etc. the brand thus always “rocks”.
Sadly very few Indian brands have gone beyond giving just a great product to its market,therefore not winning over the metamorphosizing consumer,who now looks for not just satisfaction but obsession.
Many good and potential products have thus faded off for either not knowing or not learning this art.DUNLOP,AJANTA quartz are such names who not long ago were well known but now are hardly talked about.
Offlate there has been a realization of this fact and good products are going”beyond the collar duty” to build a brand rather then a successful one timer product.companies have recognized that a symbol, a colour, a sound are just not a one time lookers but an association that builds a relation.with Indian market flooded with foreign goods known for their strong brands there definitely has been an awakening like never before.
Brand India is the new buzz. Everyone feels good and finds a sense of pleasure in being uniquely recognized as an Indian with nerves of steel and ready to conquer the world. Living the desi way. Thanks to the corporate success and the bollywood blues who from time to time make us closer to the roots.making us loyal to the brand India.
We were the best countrymen once upon a time who fought for its honor forgetting all differences.but with our victory the spirits went low slowly. Now with a new way of life and standing on a new platform the old faith on a 5000 year old Brand called Bharat has returned as BRAND INDIA. The spirits this time will never go die……

Priyanka Mukherjee.

Hey priya, thanks for your article and i really appreciate your work. Well, i am going to upload a document on the success of coca cola which would give some important points regarding its success and achievements. So please download and check my presentation.
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