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Re: Self-Control,Self-Efficacy
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Re: Self-Control,Self-Efficacy - March 6th, 2016

Originally Posted by abhishreshthaa View Post
  • Self-discipline that allows a person to learn to perform a behavior even though there is no external pressure to do so.

  • Conditions indicating a person is using self-control:

  • Individual is engaging in a low-probability behavior

  • Self-reinforcers are available to the learner

  • The learner sets goals that determine when self-reinforcement takes place

  • The learner administers reinforcers when the goal is achieved

  • A person’s belief about his or her ability to perform a particular behavior successfully.

  • Not the same as self-esteem

  • Self-efficacy affects learning in three ways:

  • The activities and goals that individuals choose for themselves

  • The effort that individuals exert

  • The persistence with which a person tries to master new and sometimes difficult tasks

  • Four sources of self-efficacy:

Past performance

Vicarious experience or observation of others

Verbal persuasion

Individuals’ readings of their internal physiological states
Hey abhi, thanks for sharing and explaining about the self control. Well, we as know that self control is the capacity to handle one's feelings and actions in the face of temptations,impulses and difficult situations. BTW, i am also sharing a document which will give you more detailed information on self control.
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