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Re: RECOMMENDATIONS & SUGGESTIONS as regards Emotional Intelligence
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Re: RECOMMENDATIONS & SUGGESTIONS as regards Emotional Intelligence - January 23rd, 2016

Originally Posted by sunandaC View Post

 Emotional Intelligence as intelligence - provides core emotional aptitude, and thus, could be viewed as an "IQ" equivalent.

 Emotional Intelligence as traits - offers insights into how one filters and directs their emotional aptitude.

 Emotional Intelligence as a set of learned competencies - allows examining how a person has adapted to their environment, which can be seen as an outcome measure.

 Emotions matter and that emotional competence is as important as intelligence to help people do well -- has become a culture-wide "paradigm shift" readying people to confront the long neglected emotional realm.

 Emotional Intelligence competencies entail emotional capacities in addition to purely cognitive abilities, modes of learning that work well for academic subjects or technical skills and hence, it is well suited for helping people improve an emotional competence.

 Given the value of the personal and organizational effectiveness of Emotional Intelligence based capabilities, there is a clear need to integrate that valuation into the organizations' functions.

 Organizations need to hire for Emotional Intelligence along with whatever other technical skills or business expertise they are seeking. When it comes to promotions and succession planning, Emotional Intelligence should be a major criterion, particularly to the extent that a position requires leadership.

When those with high potential are being selected and groomed, Emotional Intelligence should be central. And in training and development, Emotional Intelligence should again be a major focus.

 No great successes in life, business or personal, have been accomplished without the power of emotions behind them. Emotions are a leader's greatest source of energy, connection and influence.

In these dynamic times, leaders need all three: energy to create vision and execute brilliant strategy, connection to build sustainable client relationships, and influence to inspire those around them.

The conclusion must be that when choosing leaders we must focus more strongly on finding persons with conscious and constructive values and high Emotional Intelligence.

 Given the new understanding of the crucial role emotional competence plays in individual, group, and organizational success, the implication for education is clear: We should be helping young people master these competencies as essential life skills. There are already numerous school-based programs in the basics of Emotional Intelligence, programs that deliver social and emotional learning (SEL). But when it comes to preparing young people in the essential Emotional Intelligence skills that matter most for their success in the workplace, for piloting their careers, and for leadership, there is a serious gap.

The SEL programs cover the early school years but not higher education. Only a scattered handful of pioneering SEL courses exists at the college or professional level. And yet the data showing the crucial role Emotional Intelligence skills play in career success make a compelling case for envisioning higher education in order to give these capabilities their place in a well-rounded curriculum.

 Given that employers themselves are looking for Emotional Intelligence capacities in those they hire, colleges and professional schools that offered appropriate SEL training would benefit both their graduates and the organizations they work for.

 The future, I hope, will recognize the importance of Emotional Intelligence not just for the students, not just for the students' employers, but for the vitality of an economy as a whole.
Hey sunanda, you have explained the concept of emotional intelligence very nicely, i really appreciate your work. Well, Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) is the potential to be conscious of, control and express one's emotions and handle condition in any situation. I am also uploading a document where you will find some more good points on emotional intelligence.
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