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11 Funny #SayAaa Hashtag Trending on Twitter
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11 Funny #SayAaa Hashtag Trending on Twitter - September 30th, 2015

11 Funny #SayAaa Hashtag Trending on Twitter

Here we are sharing some quintessential 11 Funny #SayAaa hashtag trending on Twitter

1. Perfect #SayAaa moment: When your marksheet arrives and you know you’re in trouble! @ChoclairsIndia

2. This TVC says it is style! check out the all new TVC! Chocolatey Choclairs Gold #SayAaa

3. Its now More Chocolaty @ChoclairsIndia Are Here, #SayAaa & Enjoy It The Right Way!

4. Get quirky! Tell us creative ways you can open your mouth wide & #SayAaa! #Participate & #Win!

5. Think you can #SayAaa in a cool and funky way? Tell us and get a chance to #win bigger and chocolatey prizes!

6. @ChoclairsIndia #sayaaa when you get beaten from dad or teachers

7. #SayAaa when the swimming pool water you jumped into is a lot colder than you expected @ChoclairsIndia

8. @ChoclairsIndia #SayAaa when mum tries to wake me early I say Aaa maa my head is paining n pull up the blanket n sleep again

9. "Anong gusto mong i-audit? Sinong gusto mong kasama?" says Sir Mon #sayaaa #perks

10. @ChoclairsIndia #SayAaa when the birthday girl/boy is being fed the cake,all the onlookers #SayAaa

11. @ChoclairsIndia #sayAaa When Mom bring Choclairs near your mouth


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