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Re: PPT on Adidas & Reebok Merger Report
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Re: PPT on Adidas & Reebok Merger Report - July 2nd, 2015

Id like to see Reebok sold, said Glassman, creator behind the popular CrossFit workout regimen and fitness company. [Id like to see them sold] to someone young, fresh, excited and willing to enter into the modern era of things.I definitely see for Adidas and for Reebok [that the] growth path is forward, as weve said, this is not a sprint, this is a marathon because this is the most competitive market for us, said Hainer on the call. We will build brand desirability by more investing into our brand campaigns as weve [said] six months ago and as weve started to do in the first quarter already.

This what happens when two giant shake hand with each other.
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