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Re: B-Schools are going global while hiring. Global faculty recruits are in FAD
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Re: B-Schools are going global while hiring. Global faculty recruits are in FAD - June 8th, 2012

Originally Posted by bbageek View Post
I am talking about b-schools not elite b-schools. I don't have data about how many students study business studies, but I'm sure that everyone will not become a leader (the leader you are referring to! I mean I can be a leader of my house or my classroom but you certainly ain't talking about that kind of leader right?)

I have left room for elite 5% students. If every institution becomes the top institution (in terms of fees and expensive faculty) then I'm sure only these future leaders (5% of the students who wish to study business) will actually study. And I don't need to wish best of luck for them because then their demand will be automatically high! Meaning rocket high salary for them and cost push inflation for consumers! Actually this is what I think but I am too funny to be practical! Yet, I don't mind and I hope we will continue this debate! On and on.

I hope every student who wish to study business can be accommodated in that top MBA institute! Let that top institute become as large as Mumbai city and become the top among one institutes because every institute should be top for the students (all of whom will be leaders) to join that institute! And I hope everyone of us will benefit through inflation!
General b-schools cannot afford international faculty. Their fees is not as much as elite b-schools either.

We're discussing about top b-schools who are paying a premium to get A list academicians on board.
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