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Re: Why are MBA Finance Students offered sales profile?
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Re: Why are MBA Finance Students offered sales profile? - May 12th, 2012

Hi Shrusti...its a very relevant and important question which most of the MBA's have it in their mind. Let me reach you out with some few points which might help you to get the answer.
1) Any student who does an MBA without experience stands out to be in sales itself.
2) It also depends on the college which any student is passing from. It has to be a tier 1 college to get relevant placements or else tier 2 and 3 colleges tend to have sales more than any other profile. The kind of companies which college has tie up with that also matters a lot.
3) Since more and more number of private MBA colleges are opening up the relevance and importance of MBA degree is reducing drastically and id only left with some of the tier 1 colleges.
4) The data reveals that those who pass out from tier 1 colleges are either engineers who possess MBA or students with certain years of experience.
5) MBA degree is not technical in nature. If you see in about the curriculum of engineering or even a CA their study material is objective and in depth where as an MBA curriculum would be subjective in nature hence its said that it is difficult to get an entry into MBA college but very easy to pass out where it is easy to start a CA but very difficult to pass out.
6) Marketing and sales are two different things. Marketing is not a direct step to earn revenue for the company where as sales is a direct step to earn revenue. You can market a product but that could not get converted into sales but selling would earn revenue for you.
7) Finance is a very vast field. If you ask any student today that what are you specializing in he or she will answer finance. But there is no such subject as finance. Its a title which has lots and lots of branches attached to it.
8) The issue with most of the aspiring students from tier 2 or 3 cities is that they are not able to streamline their career in a manner which is specific and then work on to achieve specializing in it. For eg. if you are interested in Mergers and Acquisitions in finance then you will have to streamline the subjects which need to be majored then the companies which are best in M&A and then what will require you to be a part of that company. Instead of streamlining we tend to take the subject finance as a whole and say i will go anywhere depending what kind of finance company comes for placement.

I hope i would have made an effort to answer your question a bit if not completely. Have fun.

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