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Product Range of Advanced Processing & Imaging
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Product Range of Advanced Processing & Imaging - May 20th, 2011

Advanced Processing & Imaging (API) is a software developer of electronic document management (EDM), enterprise content management (ECM), records management, workflow and business process management (BPM) solutions for public and private organizations across a range of industries [1]. API is headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The company is a certified IBM Business Partner [2] and Microsoft Gold Partner [3], and maintains relationships with other leading technology companies to provide customers with complete document management and content management solutions.

OptiView ECM

Industry Solutions

API’s versatile electronic document management, report management, workflow, agenda management and report auditing solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different industry sectors. With their traditional reliance on paper-intensive processes, government agencies, public utilities, educational institutions, law practices and healthcare providers can achieve particularly impressive benefits from conversion to electronic document management.
State and Local Government

Implementing an API electronic document management solution enables government agencies to reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance services to the public. Key focus areas include finance, human resources and community development. For example, management of building permits for new construction and renovations is a labor-intensive process, involving filing blueprints and handling multiple project documents. OptiView®, API’s document management software, can be used to efficiently manage and quickly retrieve all the documents and records associated with construction projects. OptiView, which links to GIS software, can provide engineers with immediate access to blueprints, and give police officers or firefighters the latest details on hazardous materials, building renovations and other critical information so they are prepared in case of an emergency.

API solutions streamline all types of government paperwork, from routing and answering simple correspondence to preparing complex agendas for meetings. In addition to accelerating responses to citizens, electronic document management can significantly reduce the costs of supplies, paper handling and transport, and storage – helping agencies stay within budget constraints.

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Public Utilities

By converting time-consuming paper-based billing and collection processes to an electronic system using an API solution, water, natural gas, electric, waste disposal and other public utilities can benefit in multiple ways. OptiView allows utilities to create electronic bills for e-mail distribution or send them to printers. The solution also makes these electronic documents instantly available to customer call centers for fast response to queries. For instance, the water utility for the City of Aurora in Colorado modernized its billing and customer service operations with OptiView and OptiSpool®, saving more than $130,000 annually and accelerating the payment process.

When remittances are received, the payment stub and customer check can be scanned into OptiView and added to the customer’s electronic record in the utility’s business system. For fast retrieval, the electronic documents are searchable using OptiView. This process avoids the need for data entry and helps to ensure a complete customer billing history.

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To meet federal and state reporting mandates, public school districts process a huge amount of paper, making electronic document management an ideal solution for improving efficiency and reducing expenses. School districts can achieve rapid ROI and cut costs by converting onerous paper reporting processes such as attendance rosters, bus route audits, free/reduced lunch utilization, and state and federal reports to an API electronic document management system. Entering data directly into OptiView simplifies and accelerates all these processes and simplifies auditing. It also frees up teachers’ valuable time. Within a district, individual schools can use OptiView to create durable and secure electronic student portfolios of work samples and other records.

API’s OptiSpool, a robust report managment solution for the AS/400 also eliminates reams of paper by automating report dissemination. Florida’s Broward County Public Schools uses OptiSpool to make end-of-month reports immediately available online to all schools in the district, a process that previously took up to 10 business days.

For colleges and universities, API OptiView can streamline admission and financial aid processes by providing a secure, searchable electronic repository that consolidates myriad documents, including transcripts, references, essays and test scores, which are being submitted by prospective students. OptiWorkFlow and OptiReports® expedite application processing and report generation.

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The drive to implement electronic health records (EHRs) is prompting hospitals and medical practices to look for ways to ease the transition from traditional paper files, particularly for physicians. Electronic document management supports adoption of an EHR in several ways. First, API solutions complement EHRs by converting and managing all paper-based documents, including diagnostic images, that round out the core EHR database. For example, Florida’s Neighborly Health Care, a provider of health and wellness services to seniors, implemented OptiView to integrate with its case management system to provide a complete EHR. OptiView stores and manages clinical documentation, images and labs, consent forms and advanced directives.

Further, API solutions can be used to gradually transition physicians and staff onto digital systems by allowing them to continue writing orders and reports on paper, which are then converted to electronic format. This process can make it easier to achieve physician buy-in to electronic records.

For health systems and multi-location practices, an API solution means clinicians in any location can quickly access a patient’s records. This is critical in emergencies; however, it also enhances routine care because it gives the patient the option to visit any location that is convenient.

Another important benefit of electronic document management is the elimination of rooms full of paper charts. The additional office space can be used for examination rooms or new services to generate additional revenues for the practice or hospital.

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For law practices, API solutions simplify management, storage and retrieval of the extensive documentation at the core of any case. Powerful search functionality allows staff to locate specific documents and references quickly, and makes electronic information immediately accessible to attorneys while in court or traveling. API’s scanning technology, which uses the TIFF 6 standard, complies with federal and state requirements for presentation of electronic legal documents in an unalterable format. The API solution also facilitates compliance with document retention/records management regulations.

Report Auditing Solutions - OptiReports

OptiReports is your On-Demand Reporting and Auditing Tool

OptiReports® is a fully configurable audit trail tool that allows the administrative staff at your organization to run reports in an instant. This is a requirement for many organizations responsible for maintaining an extensive audit trail of information flow and access.

OptiReports provides a series of standard pre-configured reports, but also invites users to define their own reports with a user-intuitive report-building wizard.

Read the OptiReports Product Brief to see how API keeps track of your data and users. With OptiReports you can conduct audit reports in an instant. PDF - 217KB

OptiReports can also be used for other organizational needs, too. This software is customizable to virtually any other database that your business uses.

Conduct forensic audits quickly and easily
Track when employees are online and using the system
Available securely via the Internet or an Intranet
API’s Enterprise Version will work with any database
Simple point-and-click interface
Consider upgrading to OptiReports Professional if you wish to work with virtually any ODBC-compliant database, including DB2, DB2U, ProgressSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, Informix, MySQL and more.

Agenda Management Solutions - AgendaMaker

Collaborate on a complex agenda with AgendaMaker!

AgendaMaker® is a document management software program designed to allow multiple people to collaborate on the creation and management of a complex agenda—without the need for paper!

One person (an administrator) is in charge of setting up the agenda outline and other users are given the ability to add supporting documentation to the agenda via templates. All forms, staff reports and back-up materials can be attached to an agenda item using OptiView.

Read the AgendaMaker Product Brief to learn more about how our collaboration software solution, makes managing your agenda creation and distribution a pleasure. PDF - 312KB

Here’s how AgendaMaker works:
Once an agenda item is created, a review process begins.
An administrator grants approval, then items can be officially added to an agenda.
Once that agenda is completed, the administrator can create a hard copy, export to a CD, an external storage device, or publish the finished agenda to Microsoft Word or onto the Web.

Business Process Management - OptiWorkFlow

OptiWorkFlow is your Fully Automated Workflow Solution

When integrated into the OptiView® system, OptiWorkFlow® provides automated business process management (BPM). This includes the intake, notification, routing, distribution and reporting of electronic documents, including expense reports, purchase orders and more.

Processes can be set to electronically follow the same path that the manual shuffling of paper across an organization accomplishes today, but in a faster, more efficient and reliable way; OptiWorkFlow monitors the status of every document and its related approvals, and notifies managers of documents that have not been approved in a timely manner.

Read the OptiWorkFlow Product Brief on API's automated business process management software. PDF - 213KB

Human Resource professionals, for example, greatly benefit from OptiWorkFlow document management software. They use it to support job application submittal and the secure routing of application materials to the appropriate hiring manager for review, dramatically streamlining recruitment efforts. And as for ongoing HR processes that require completion of online and paper forms (benefits, enrollments, insurance, payroll, et cetera), OptiWorkFlow can automate the submission process, helping to reduce the staff’s workload. It’s like extending your business hours without paying for labor or additional overhead!
OptiWorkFlow provides customizable workflow processes, whereby administrators can easily design and deploy new workflows using a graphical workflow diagram design tool.
OptiWorkFlow helps reduce the waste associated with printing, storage and, more specifically, manual processing of paper-based business forms.
API’s document management software helps raise employee productivity by introducing automated business rules when processing, thus eliminating redundant tasks. Since every step can be tracked, the result is increased accountability from everyone involved.
OptiView with OptiWorkFlow will shorten cycle times for document reviews, approvals and collections, thus providing a fast return on investment (ROI).

Report Management - OptiSpool

Control Spool Files with OptiSpool Report Management Software!

Seeking report management software that does it all? OptiSpool® automatically captures spool files from your iSeries system and quickly processes them silently in the background while performing many other important tasks. It also automatically parses and distributes the reports electronically, and archives them for future use.

OptiSpool is a completely paperless report management and archiving system with immediate desktop access to spool files. When you and your co-workers utilize OptiSpool report management software, searching for internal spool file reports will no longer be a time-consuming task.

Are you ready to Reclaim Control Over Your Spool Files?
Watch this recorded webinar to learn how. TRT:00:25:27
Read the OptiSpool Product Brief and learn how you can reclaim control over your spool files and disk space. PDF - 200KB

OptiSpool enables users to securely store, retrieve, parse and distribute internally generated documents. Plus they can annotate the date that a document was received, flag it for deletion, and purge it when its retention date expires.
With OptiSpool, spool files become safeguarded by iSeries backup routines, so they no longer need to be printed. And OptiSpool compresses files to one-third of their original size.
OptiSpool includes report security, mail, direct faxing and scheduling options.
Find specific information instantly with OptiSpool’s keyword search capability.
You can even customize the presentation of your spool files to include graphics and form overlays.
OptiSpool automates document retention and purges reports based on compliance regulations, essentially eliminating much of the cost of paper and forms, storage, labor for handling, microfiche, warehousing, et cetera.

Document Management - OptiView

Get a paperless office with OptiView - Document Management by Advanced Processing & Imaging

Imagine being able to manage and retrieve all your internal and external documents with just a few clicks of your mouse. With OptiView® ECM, users are able to incorporate new information and access archived materials, anywhere Internet access is available. It’s easy to learn and even easier to use. Are you ready for a paperless office and a highly efficient and effective electronic filing system?

All you have to do is let OptiView automatically find your documents based on information from your application software, or you can manually search by index, description or text and you’ll immediately find the invoice, receipt, spreadsheet or other paperwork you filed electronically. You can also annotate or redact any image without affecting the original document. Fax, e-mail or print the document with or without those remarks or redactions.

Read the OptiView ECM Product Brief of our document management software solution, makes image and document retieval a snap. PDF - 211KB

Read how OptiView ECM leverages the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 platform in this solution brief. PDF - 914KB
Watch EMR + Business Documents = ECM
See how Neighborly Care Network extended their EMR solution with ECM. TRT:00:50:43
Watch Why ECM Matters - Drivers, Benefits and Alignment to Your Business
Learn how enterprise content management impacts your business. TRT:00:59:34

Plus, API’s document management software automatically integrates with any database application software—without reprogramming! And it works in both iSeries (formerly called AS/400) and Windows environments.

Not only will API’s document management software help reduce the amount of paper you handle, but it can also save your company thousands of dollars, since it eliminates the need for printing, storing and mailing.
Valuable office space becomes immediately available when overflowing, messy file cabinets are removed. Your paperless office may actually save you money!
Without files being mishandled, your customer service and internal communications will be vastly improved. And you’ll be amazed how many hours you and your co-workers will recover when you no longer have to search through stacks of paper.
And there’s no need to panic if disaster strikes; your paperless office is backed up as often as you’d like to locations on- or off-site.*

Advanced Processing & Imaging (API) has developed document management software solutions that help organizations save money, save time and save trees.

API offers a suite of document management software solutions that are cost-effective, intuitive and easy to implement. API’s solutions enable your organization to run more efficiently by seamlessly integrating into your line-of-business applications and databases, thereby eliminating the need to buy additional costly equipment or endure long training sessions.
Imagine all the costs —realized and hidden— that are spent on printing, mailing and storing of your unmanaged data. Add to that the wages paid to employees to handle and sometimes mishandle your company’s unmanaged data and important documents. The sad reality is that 95% of most company’s unmanaged data is stored on paper and over 25% of those paper documents are lost or misplaced forever.
API provides state of the art enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) solutions that reduce costs, boost productivity, enable compliance, exceed auditing requirements, strengthen disaster prevention plans, while ultimately conserving forests.

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