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Availability and variety in Games
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Availability and variety in Games - October 11th, 2010

Availability and variety

Another criticism levied upon the retailers that they don’t stock titles that sell badly in India. The Indian market loves sports, racing and action in that order.

Strategy and RPG titles are ignored. Business works on the basis of supply and demand, both pirates and sellers stock those titles that sell well. In fact, if you wanted copy of Imperial Galactica, you won't find any pirates selling it. To bring down the high prices of games, distributors have released Classic and Budget games, and bundled

be CD's together in Gamepacks. Though most of these titles are at least a year old, it doesn't bother the casual gamer who usually has a low-end system to complement these games.

Games are available at -Rs. 299, 399, 499, 699 & 999. Many of these gamepacks feature unheard of games like "Evil Kneivel

3D" and antiquated DOS based games like "Screamer". Budget games may not appeal to the hardcore gamer, but it gives the casual gamer an opportunity to buy legal copies of his games at competitive rates.

And its all for a good cause. An excess of software piracy leads to higher priced software.

In turn, the higher the price of software, the more likely people will attempt to obtain pirated copies. A vicious cycle is set in motion, so intervention is necessary to help a prosperous, fast growing industry to maintain itself.

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