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Branding brings benefits
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Branding brings benefits - September 16th, 2010

Branding brings benefits

Get it right ,however and company can enjoy tremendous benefits that a powerful brand can bring:

like increased sales(,maximum exposure and awareness of your product or service, a loyal and long term customer base, perhaps even premium pricing, depending upon market company is into.

And last, but by no means least, dedicated employees who come to work because they understand the brand, believe in it and feel a part of it.

That’s not all. When a brand is strong, it’s actually worth something and become part of the intellectual property on your balance sheet.

A company's brand is its definition in the world, the name that identifies it to itself and the marketplace.

A model may be beautiful, but without a name, she's just "that girl in that picture." Where would Norma Jean be without Marilyn Monroe, or who would imagine Coca-Cola as just a soft-drink manufacturer

A brand provides a concrete descriptor to customers and competitors alike, a name for a product or service to distinguish it from anything else.

Bob may run a hobby shop, but trying to advertise as "The hobby shop a guy named Bob runs down the street a ways" is financial suicide.

Each customer will have to describe the shop, who Bob is, and what the shop does every time someone asks about it.

This makes the process of recommending a good hobby shop too much work for the average customer, and far too much work for a user looking for hobby shops on the Internet.

A customer looking up Bob's hobby shop will have an easier time of it if he or she knows to refer to it as "Bob's House of Hobbies," and the customer can then refer others to Bob's hobby shop by name, increasing the potential .

“A brand takes a long time to build, and a long time to

destroy, and both happen as a result of lots and lots

of small actions. If you want to be strong, each point

along the way has to be as close to perfect aspossible.“

Michael Eisner, CEO Disney, 1999

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