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Re: VERBAL ABILITY : CRACK THE CAT - September 6th, 2006

Answers in bold

1. Since it is now ___________ to build the complex central processing unit of a computer on a single silicon chip using photolithography and chemical etching, it seems plausible that other miniature structures might be fabricated in _________ ways.

1] unprecedented ... undiscovered
2] difficult ... related
3] permitted ... unique
4] routine ... similar
Since we are tlaking about something becoming easier, only option 4 is right

2. Given the evidence of Egyptian and Babylonian __________ later Greek civilization, it would be incorrect to view the work of Greek scientists as an entirely independent creation.

1] disdain for
2] imitation of
3] deference to
4] influence on
We narrow down to 2 and 4 by elimination. And then only 4 makes sense

3. Laws do not ensure social order since laws can always be ____________, which makes them __________ unless the authorities have the will and the power to detect and punish wrongdoing.

1] contested ... provisional
2] circumvented ... antiquated
3] repealed ... vulnerable
4] violated ... ineffective
If you look @ the first blank, you can narrow down your options to 2 and 4, but when you consider the 2nd blank, then 4 is the correct one

4. Since she believed him to be both candid and trustworthy, she refused to consider the possibility that his statement has been ____________ .

1] irrelevant
2] facetious
3] critical
4] insincere

5. Ironically, the party leaders encountered no greater ____________ their efforts to build a progressive party than the ____________ of the progressives already elected to the legislature.

1] support for ... advocacy
2] threat to ... promise
3] benefit from ... success
4] obstacle to ... resistance
Not sure abt this one. Frm 1st blank narrowed to 2 and 4 and then going with 4

6. It is strange how words shape our thoughts and trap us at the bottom of deeply __________ canyons of thinking, their imprisoning sides carved out by the _______________ of past usage.

1] cleaved ... eruptions
2] rooted ... flood
3] incised ... river
4] ridged ... ocean

7. That his intransigence in making decisions __________ no open disagreement from any quarter was well known; thus, clever subordinates learned the art of _____________ their opinions in casual remarks.

1] elicited ... quashing
2] engendered ... recasting
3] brooked ... intimating
4] embodied ... instigating
Again not very sure about this, But going with intimating after looking @ the 2nd blank

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