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Re: Indian Share Market
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Re: Indian Share Market - December 29th, 2008

Originally Posted by ankitgokani View Post
Hello MPites all of us knows that India Share Market is thru its tough times u can say the most volatile period in its history.
Where no predicton of any experts are working.Its not happening in India only but all over the world.

So whats next now

The FM says our fundamentals are strong we need not worry
some say wait for a year everything will be normal
some say its gonna be recession 2008
The global financial hurricane has swayed China and India only slightly, but the emerging Asian giants are not yet strong enough to drive a revival in world economic momentum, analysts say.

Different people have there different opinion so i want to know wats ur views and wats ur take cos we have many experts on MP who would like to comment on it

Plz Note: Dont put ur ans in 1-2 Lines eloborate ur thought and if any prsn uses any technical terms than plz explain it as others wud also undstd its meaning

And plz dont request for project in this thread as it is a discussion thread
thanks for your views on the indian share market for the business students will definetly helpful
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